Day After with Dave

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'We are always the same age inside' Gertrude Stein.


"Reid! hey Reid wake up!" Derek Morgan snapped his fingers in front of Reid.

Reid blinked and smiled at his co-worker. "Sorry, just a little tired, had kind of a late night."

"Ooh, my man." Morgan winked at Prentiss; teasing Reid was an irresistable temptation Morgan could not pass up.

"And what keeps the young Dr Reid up into the wee hours? I called you around ten and there was no answer?"

"I was out having dinner with David" Reid stated matter of factly.

Morgan frowned. "David? you mean Rossi?"

"Yeah, we went to 'Jacques Select Bistro' It was real nice."

Morgan raised his eyebrows 'Jacques Select Bistro" He repeated.

"My mother has been trying to get a reservation there for months, she's on a 4 month waiting list." Said an impressed Prentiss.

"Next time tell your mother to mention my name" Said an amused voice. Prentiss looked up and saw that Rossi had entered the bullpen.

"Rossi, Reid here says you two had dinner together?" Said Morgan, still not finished in playing his little game of cat and mouse with Reid.

Rossi gave an affirmative nod but his eyes were mainly on Spencer. He felt a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. Reid made eye contact, then bit his lower lip in an effort not to laugh. He quickly looked away, Rossi did the same. The memory of the accidental proposal came flooding back and neither one of them wanted to lose it.

"Ah, it looks like there's a fresh pot of coffee over there, excuse me." Rossi said and left for the break area.

"Coffee sounds good." Reid stood up and followed David.

Both Morgan and Prentiss looked at each other with puzzled expressions.

"Did you see that?" She asked Morgan.

Morgan nodded."You don't have to be a profiler to know that was wierd." Morgan held up his coffee cup." Feel like a refill?"



Rossi and Reid stood side by side in front of the coffee maker.

"Thanks again for dinner." Reid said as he poured a generous amount of sugar into his coffee.

"Don't mention it, you're good company." Replied Rossi.

Reid was flattered "Thank you, your're good company too" He noticed David wincing slightly.

"What's wrong?" He asked concerned.

Rossi looked rather sheepish. "Oh, old age really, I kind of hurt my knees when took a nose dive off my chair last night; I'll be fine. By the way I want to apologize for yelling at you to swallow the stupid osyster, it was a bit rude and.."

He was interupted by Morgan suddenly pushing between them to reach for the coffee pot.

"Excuse me, just getting a refill for us." Morgan stepped in and refilled two coffee cups. He handed one to Prentiss and they both sat down at a nearby table. They made small talk and pretended not to listen to the conversation behind them.

Reid waved his hand. "No, don't apologize, when you told me to swallow I should have swallowed. I tend to over analyse things when I'm trying something for the first time."

"I can get a little bossy and overexcited sometimes." Admited Dave

Reid smiled "I bow to your experience."

All pretence at making small talk stopped. Prentiss and Morgan were only listening now.

"So" said Dave. "You never did say if you liked it."

"Not sure, I think it's something I'd have to try again."

Rossi winced again.

Reid looked at him sympatheticly. "Really sorry your knees are so sore"

"My own fault, I tend forget I'm not 25 anymore."

"I'll buy dinner next time"

Rossi smirked at him."Great, just next time we'll make it a steak place. No flowers, no music and definitely no marriage proposals."

"Reid Laughed, "It's a deal"

The two men parted and headed back to their desks. Morgan and Prentiss remained at the table speechless. They barely noticed when Garcia, the brightly dressed blond dynamo sat down at the table with them.

"Wanna hear some good gossip?" She said with a big grin on her face.

Prentiss and Morgan merely stared.

Taking no notice of their silence she continued."My friend Macy works as a hostess at Jacques Select Bistro during the lunch hour and she told me that a few days ago she took a reservation from our very own David Rossi. She said he went to great pains to make sure everything was terribly romantic: it was, he said 'For a very special person'. Either he's in love or he wants to get laid really bad."

Their expressions did not change.

"What's wrong with you two?" Demanded Garcia. " It's just a little harmless gossip"

"Fine!, I get it, now you're above gossip, no profiling, no gossip. you two are starting to act like Hotch" Penelope got up and flounced off to her lair.


It was mid morning and Morgan couldn't get the conversation he overheard between Reid and Rossi out of his mind. He knew Spencer would be leaving to go to court with Hotch soon. If he was going to talk to him he'd better do it now. Prentiss was off with JJ somewhere ,so they had a little privacy. He casually walked over to Reid's desk. Reid was busy organizing his messenger bag.

"Hi Kid, I just wanted to talk with you for a minute."

Spencer looked up at his friend. "Ok, but I have to go soon"

Morgan looked very serious.

"I kinda overheard your conversation with Rossi this morning."

"Oh yeah."

"You were talking about trying new things." Morgan said. He felt slightly uncomfortable.

Reid immediately thought of the raw osyters and scrunched up his face."Oh that, well between you and me it wasn't really my thing."

"What! why did you do it then?"

"I didn't want to hurt David's feelings and spit it out, it's something he really liked and hey, he did pay for dinner and let me eat the whole dessert"

Morgan had to take a step back, he was shocked.

"Kid, you can't think that way, if it was something you didn't want; you should of said so!"

Reid looked at his friend completely perplexed, since when did Morgan get so upset over appetizers.

"Morgan, it's ok, though I admit I practically had to drink an entire bottle of wine just to get the taste out of my mouth." Reid looked up at him with large innocent eyes. He wondered if Morgan might be a little jealous. Perhaps he secretly yearned to eat dinner with Rossi. Maybe he should invite Morgan along the next time they ate out.

Morgan took him by the shoulders."Reid do you want me to talk to Rossi?"

"What, about that? don't bother him, he was on his knees last night and he's a little sore."

Morgan almost felt like crying. How could a genius be so clueless?

"I think you should talk to Hotch."

"Talk to me about what?" Hotch asked as he walked up to the agents with several files in his hand.

"My night with Rossi." volunteered Spencer.

"Ah yes, Dave told me all about it." He smirked at Reid. "I told him next time I want pictures."

Reid laughed.

"You ready to go Reid?"


The unit chief and young agent walked out of the bullpen together. Morgan sank down into the nearest chair and put his head down on a desk. The world was not making sense today.



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