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Unspoken Question

Her fiery red hair
Was drawn up
In a loose ponytail.
Her head thrown back
In mirth. A laughter like bells
Flowed across the great hall
Reaching his ears, and
Causing his breath
To catch in his throat
From the sound of it alone.

As her laughter came to a close
A smile took its place,
Playing across her lips.
And in that moment her warm
Honey-brown eyes
Flickered across the room
To his steely gray ones.

Seeing him gaze, at her
With his thoughts
Painfully obvious
Across his face.
A calculating smile,
Pulled at the edges
Of her mouth.
A plan forming in
Her mind.

A sly smile
Crossed her face,
As her eyes darted
To the Great Hall doors, and
Then back to his own eyes
Once again.

Unspoken question
Left hanging in the air,
She purposefully
Grabbed her bag and walked away,
Without one glance back.

She was no
Ordinary Weasley,
he thought.
As a smirk
Pulled at his lips
And he followed
Through the doors.

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