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Claudia: The last time I was in Port Charles I was in a body bag, faking my death, that was about two years ago. I was only two months pregnant then and no one knew, not even Johnny, or Lukas's father, Sonny. I wanted my baby safe not in the line of fire like Michael had been. Faking my death was the only way I could do that.

My plan was brilliant. Pay a cop to tell everyone that I had been brutally murdered, place me in a body bag, and take me to the morgue where I would get out and leave to go to Italy. Uncle Rudy had no real contact with Sonny or Johnny so it was perfect.


The body bag was hot and stuffy. I understood now why they were made for dead people. I heard Johnny's voice coming closer. "What happened?" He was on the verge of tears. I wanted to call out to him, tell him I was alright, but I couldn't do that. I couldn't risk my child. I heard Sonny's voice next.

"What happened to my wife?" He asked his voice was shaking too. My 'death' had the opposite effect I thought it would have on people. "She brutally murdered, two to three bullets, she was also beaten up a bit. I can't let you look in the bag, but you can say goodbye if you want." The cop I had paid told them.

Sonny cleared his throat. "Claudia, I will miss you. People don't see the true you, the one that's honest and decent. I have though and I know you're a good person. I will get revenge for you, I promise" He put his hand on the bag for a split second.

"Wow Claudee I didn't think I would ever have to do this. I want you to know that I love you and will miss you terribly." I heard his tears hit the ground as he walked away. "Bye John." I whispered as the cart was pushed away.

End Flashback

I felt horrible about leaving John, but what choice did I have I had to protect my son at all costs. Sonny and Johnny held a very private funeral for me, which I attended(hiding on the balcony). Uncle Rudy even told me Sonny killed the man he had thought murdered me.

Nine months later I had my beautiful baby boy, Lukas. He was the perfect combination of me and Sonny. The blackest hair you've ever seen, brown eyes, Sonny's dimples and my nose. He slept soundly in my arms, now on the plane.

I looked out of the plane window. I couldn't believe what I was doing. When I saw it in the newspaper that he had been shot, I knew I had to. No one cared about him anymore. Olivia was completely into Johnny now, which was really disgusting, anyway Jason was with Sam, and Carly just had a baby girl. He needed me.


I flipped through the newspaper, like I did every morning. Uncle Rudy humming a tune to himself and Lukas was still in bed. Then I saw the article he had been shot. "Uncle Rudy did you see this?" I pointed to the article. "Yes, I didn't think you would care." "How could I not? He's the father of my son! No one cares about him anymore. I'm going back to Port Charles." Lukas ran down the steps as fast as his two year old body could take him.

"Momma where are we goin?" He asked, hoping into my arms. "Good morning to you too, sleepy head. We're going back to Mommy's old home to see some friends. Do you wanna go ask Isabella to help you pack?" He nodded his vigorously, he jumped out of my arms onto the floor and ran up the steps. I laughed and smiled under my breath.

"Claudia you can not go back there, you will ruin everything we've hid. You faking your death!" He yelled. "Shhh, Lukas is going to hear you. Uncle Rudy he was shot, my sons father was shot he needs me." I stomped off up the stairs to go pack.

End Flashback

I can't believe I'm going back to the man who treated me like crap, who would've probably treated my son like crap if I had stayed around.I don't know why I felt so compelled to come here, to reveal my plan, reveal my son to the world that could hurt him.

Lukas moved around and looked up into my face. "Momma we get out of plane?" He asked me. "Not yet baby soon. Why don't you go back to sleep." "I don't wanna. Can I listen to the ipod?" "Sure." I pulled the ipod out of my back pocket and gave it to him.

Finally we made it to Port Charles Airport. Lukas had fallen back asleep after two minutes with the ipod. "Come on baby wake up." "Why mommy?" "Because we're here." He jumped off my lap and into the aisle. "Lukas Michael Zacchara wait for me." I yelled excusing myself as I ran in front of people. I caught up with him and picked him up, placing him on my hip.

"Okay Lukie we have to get our bags and then go to the metro court to get a room." I told him, keeping him on my hip so I wouldn't lose him in the crowd. After many minutes of waiting for our two suitcases, we got both of them. I told the taxie driver to go to the Metro Court and he took us there. I handed him a large sum of money and me and Lukas walked put of the cab.

I waited for the gasps as people saw that Claudia Zacchara was still alive. So far no gasps, thank God. That was all gonna change though, Carly Jacks stood at the check-in counter. She looked at me and her jaw about hit the floor. Then she looked at Lukas and her jaw did hit the floor. I approached the counter slowly.

"Claudia?" She said in a whisper. "Yea can I just check in please Carly? If you want to know you can come in my room and ask, but not here." She nodded and handed me my room card. I set Lukas down to sign the paperwork. "I'll be up there in a little." Carly whispered.

"Lukie, baby, why don't you go press the up button?" "Okay momma." He ran ahead of me and pressed the button. I held his hand as we walked into the elevator. "Ok baby this way." I directed as we got off the elevator. I opened the door to the suite, Lukas ran to one of the beds and plopped on it. "Is it comfy?" I asked him, as I put away the clothes we had packed.

Someone knocked on our door, it was Carly. "Ok you seriously need to tell me what this is all about." She pointed to me and Lukas. He looked at me quizzically. I pulled Carly into the other room. "Look that is my son, his name is Lukas and he's mine and Sonny's child. I faked my death, because of what happened to Michael. That couldn't happen to my baby. I heard Sonny got shot so I came back." I explained. "Wow, you're gonna have to explain a lot to Sonny."

"That's okay. Look do you know his room number?" I asked. "No I'm sorry. Um I have a meeting, bye." When she hit the door she looked back at me. "Claudia I'm glad you're back." I smiled. I finished unpacking and then looked at Lukas. He was siting completely still on the bed, smiling one hell of a devilish smile. "What are you staring at Mr. man?" I asked him. "Nothing." "Really would that be different if I tickled you?!" I ran toward him and started tickling him. His laughter filled the entire room.

Once we were finished I got up and looked at the time. Visiting hours were over, so I guess I should go see John. "Lukas do you want to go meet your Uncle Johnny?" "Sure momma." He walked up to me and put up his arms, signaling he wanted to be picked up. He laid his head on my shoulder. "I love you momma." "I love you too my little prince."

I could walk to John's apartment from the MC so I did. We walked all the steps and I knocked on the door.

"Who is it?" Johnny questioned from the other side of the door. He opened the door and I waved. "Hi John." A fork he had in his hand hit the ground along with his chin. "Claudia is that you?"