Severus Snape could remember exactly when he fell in lust with Hermione Granger (he would never say love). It was around the end of her sixth year and the class was in the middle of brewing when he looked up from his desk and his eyes locked on a bushy head.

God couldn't the girl ever do something with that rats nest.

She turned a little bit and her hair went from behind her head to an inch away from the surface of the caldron, if it touched, her hair would burn like a torch.

"Miss Granger!" her head shot up, so did everyone else's, but he didn't notice this because all he could do was stare at her lips. Or to be more specific her bottom lip being lightly chewed on by her teeth, everyone was waiting for him to speak, but all he could think about were those twice-dammed lips, red and plump from their abuse. Oh how he wished he could just-

"Yes professor?" her lip was released from its confinement, but still red and abused, he let his eyes travel upwards to her curious whiskey colored eyes, he had never noticed them before but they were beautiful too.

He suddenly snapped out of it.

"Miss Granger, the next time you come into my class room it will be with your rats nest tamed and pulled back, if not it will come to a very tragic end." He said between his gritted teeth.

The whole class was shocked, Snape was a bastard, but not that much of one, especially now since the war was over.

No one looked as shocked as Hermione was at that moment though, she blinked back tears, she decided not to cry and instead did something much worse, she answered back.

"Well at least I wash my hair!" She was so furious that her eyes were on fire and her hair seemed more like a lion's mane than a rats nest.

It was like all the air was sucked out of the room, no one dared to breath.

It was broken by a very quiet, very dangerous,


It was Snape, he repeated it "Out" and again and again and again, louder and louder,


"OUT" he stood up, crossing the room in three strides and shouted in Hermione's face.


She didn't even have time (nor did she think) to pick up her things, she just left.


On her way toward Gryffindor Tower she spotted Ginny talking to a bunch of her friends, she approached them quickly and before Ginny could even greet her with a simple 'hello' she had grabbed her by the wrist and was dragging her to the tower, disregarding the evil stares Ginny's friends gave her.
When they were in their dorm Ginny turned to her.

"What the hell was that about!" not really angry, just frustrated

She told her.

She was silent at first, as if not processing what she'd said, and then it dawned on her "My…God, your dead" Hermione put her head in her hands and groaned.

"I know, I don't know what came over me, if he wasn't such a bastard it wouldn't have even happened, the whole thing is his fault." She lifted her head up to see Ginny looking thoughtful.

"Well why don't we do some studying to keep your mind off it?" Hermione sighed in relief. "That sounds great…No…." she buried her face in her hands again, making a sound close to a scream. Ginny was worried, "What's wrong, you love studying?"

Hermione's voice came out muffled though her hands.

"I left my bag in Snape's class room."