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The sun filtered from the window, landing on the still form of Hermione Granger just as she was waking up. She could hear the birds chirping, and smell the fresh spring air drifting through her dorm.

She stretched, smiling at the wonderful day.

And then she remembered.


She groaned, and suddenly didn't want to get out of bed. Who could blame her, no one would find it very pleasant to follow whatever orders the Potions Master had in store for her. At the thought of pickling some sort of animal brain Hermione grimaced. Flinging her cover off her she swung her legs over the bed and buried her head in her hands preparing herself for the day ahead of her.

And then she had an idea.

She was going to do everything he told her perfectly and without a fuss, a smile slowly spread across her face. He was going to be so frustrated by the end of the week, or who knew, the end of the day, that he might cancel the whole thing off.


Severus was getting ready for the day to begin. But not in the way you'd think a teacher would prepare. He was not checking his lesson plan, he wasn't writing directions on the chalkboard and nor was he plotting his terror of kids, but he was plotting something.

Yes, the beautiful Miss Granger, he would have her wanting him be the end of the week.

But what to do today? Hmm… an inadvertent light touch maybe, a brushing of the robe to make her aware of his body, maybe even an inadvertent kiss? No, that was too much.

And then he had it.

He was going to be nice, or at least not cruel, yes, that was perfect, not to much not to little, but just enough to make her see that he wasn't always a surly git and maybe open her up to him a little bit (in a wow he's human sort of way), and then maybe she would see him a physical way. And by the end of the week he'll have her tied to his bed while he fucks her senseless.