"Hunny, you're moving to Forks." That's when i woke up with a sweaty forehead. Stupid dream. AGAIN! I've been dreaming that line for a week now.

I am Isabella Marie Swan, daughter of Renee and Charlie Swan. All I ever wanted to be was normal.

I Always thought I was.. an average young girl. Somebody who was invisible to other people, so normal that they didn't even know she existed. But things changed.

When I was twelve I dreamed for a week or longer about a big car accident in the neighborhood. Guess what, it came true. On the exact spot I dreamed it.

Sighing, I hope my latest dream wouldn't come true. I hated Forks Washington , no wait, I detested it. It was way to rainy for me there.

After taking a shower I headed downstairs with my Ipod in hand. I Got a Feeling by Black eyed peas was playing. 'Yeah I got a feeling something bad 's going to happen today' I thought sarcastically.

"Where's mom?" I asked Phil, my step dad.

"She's out with Babs."

Babs was our family dog.

"Oh okay" I said lamely. I liked Phil He was sweet and I could talk to him about stuff. Mom sort of hated me but, I have no idea why.

"Um.." Phil started "Renee wanted to talk to you about something..... so don't go too far.."

"Okay" I mumbled.

I really hoped my dream wasn't going to come true. Please, please god don't do this to me!

Xxx Later that day xxX

"Hunny, you're moving to Forks." Falling off the couch, the words repeating themselves in my head, I woke up. But this time, my whole body was sweaty.

"Hunny, You're moving to Forks" I heard my mom say.

I mentally groaned, she only used "hunny" when she didn't want to get into a fight.. agaaaaaaain.

Then, the words she spoke registered in my head.

"Eh.. Huh ? Why?!" I practically yelled.

"Well.. eh.. because we almost fight all the time, I miss Phil when he's gone, and can go with him when you're in Forks, and eh.. You can get to know Charlie a little better then."

I knew the only reason was because she wanted to go with Phil. Why is she so selfish?!

"Ugh! Don't lie I know you just want to be with Phil! And by the way we always fight because you don't care about me for some unknown reason!" I yelled, real loud this time before I ran to my room and started packing. I knew I would have to go fight or not.

While packing my stuff I can across a picture of me and my ex-best friend. I told him about my dreams once, and he thought it was really cool and all that stuff.

But he didn't even remember who I was a week after that.. it broke my heart.. 'I wonder what I'm going to dream tonight.. I hope I don't dream anything' I thought bitterly.

I put on my favorite pair of shoes. My Pink Jimmy Choo Shoes, light blue skinny jeans and pink top, took out my purple sweater and put it in my handbag for when I was in forks. T

he way to expensive Jimmy Choo shoes where a gift from my ex-best friend, he was rich and saw me looking at them in an online store. He got it for me for my birthday. I won't leave them here I barely walk in them cause I'll break my necks sometime but I love them.

I'm so clumsy that it's dangerous for me. 'Tehe I need somebody to catch me every time I fall' I thought wryly ..


Going to the airport and getting on the plane didn't take as long as I thought it would, so here I was, a nervous wreck, waiting for the plain to go down. I decided to take a little nap until the plane was going to go down. Since I forgot to take a book with me. I closed my eyes, and hoped I would have a dreamless sleep.

"Hi there!" A little to happy voice yelled at me. Turning around I saw the most gorgeous little pixie face I ever saw. With a pale skin that was a little whiter then mine and huge golden eyes. She looked adorable . "Eh.. hey ?" It sounded more like a question..

"Hello? Ma-am it's time to wake up we're going down" A little groggy from my nap, I looked at the women who was glad she got me up. I noticed the seat belt light on and put mine on.

I waited until the biggest part of the people where gone until I got my bags. But being clumsy me I fell right into the arms of a gorgeous pilot. "Um.. Sorry.. Thanks!" I said Blushing deep red.

"My pleasure " He replied with a sweet accent.

I got of the plane, still blushing deep red and was about to look for Charlie when I heard my name

"Bells! I'm here, right here! " He yelled with a big sign 'Isabella Swan' written on it. Ugh he knew I hated that nickname!

"Cha- Dad!" I had to call him dad but I always called him Charlie. Hey I did my best! " You know I hate that nickname!" I said angrily, apologizing when I saw his hurt face.

"Sorry dad just a little teenage outburst" I said with a small smile, trying to make everything a little less awkward .

He tried a few times to make small talk, about what I thought of forks so far, that my hair was longer then last time and all that lame stuff.

At least he was trying?

To be honest. I was already depressed by the weather. Ugh I hated it, everything was green here!

After unpacking and eating dinner I made a note to go shopping for supply's and took the cooking on me. All Charlie could make was breakfast....

I excused myself to go to bed early. I didn't want to break down in front of him. That wouldn't be a very good impression.

At last I cried myself to sleep. Tomorrow was going to be a terrible day.