Authors Note: This is taking place at Koichi's for the this fic it will consist of events that happen to the twins like fighting illness cute adorable stuff etc...and as you will read in the end if you got an idea or something that you would like me to write about here feel free and send them to me...we might as well end up writing one together. Some events might be as long as 4 chapters or even more depending on the situation and some might be short funny chapters...Boring ya to death? Just read and review...



"When does mom usually come back from work?" asked a very bored Kouji.

"Around 10 pm I guess, why?"

After a moment of silence Kouji finally said " well I was thinking maybe we can give our mom a surprise."

"By doing what exactly?"

Kouji shrugged "cooking her a fancy dinner?"

At that very moment Koichi couldn't help but crack up, he remembered what Bokomon and Neemon have told him about his younger brothers cooking.

"Whaaat?" Kouji mumbled as he eyed his older twin not knowing why he was laughing hysterically, surly he hadn't said a joke.

Or so he thought…

Until Koichi finally managed to say while chuckling "y-your joking right?" and continued to laugh.

"Do you see me laughing Koichi?" Kouji asked dryly.

Koichi examined his twin carefully and noticing that he was very serious about what he has said earlier calmed down a little and so he "very politely" stated "But Kouji you can't cook".

"Who said?" Kouji snapped.


"How's he to know?" he hissed.

"The burgers you made back in the digital world?"

"Those burgers were by far one of the best burgers ever made"



"FOR HEAVENS SAKE YOU MADE A FRUIT BURGER WITH GINGER AND AN UNDERCOOKED SQUID BURGER WITH YOUGHURT, are you really planning on food poisoning me and mom?" Joked Koichi.

Kouji being Kouji took this more seriously than it was ever meant to be, for this statement has just wounded his pride and dignity. And no one was to make fun of Kouji Minamoto the great and his older twin was a no exception…or for now at least.

Koichi watched as his younger twin got up quickly and was making his way to the door. Feeling confused all he got to say was "Where you going, Kouji?"

"Home" replied a very angry Kouji.

"but why?"

"You just insulted me Koichi" pointed out Kouji while going down the stairs.

Authors Note: well I wasn't sure what to do next so I thought maybe I can get you guys to decide…should I get them to fight? Or should Kouji fall down the stairs? Or maybe get Koichi to apologize and let them cook their fancy dinner? This ought to be amusing…well but that won't be the end of the fic more cute and fun adventures coming up for the twins and hopefully the rest…Got any ideas you'd like me to write feel free to post