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Summary: Cepheus Malfoy was kidnapped as a baby and grew up as Harry Potter. However when he comes into his inheritance at sixteen the suspicions he'd already had about Dumbledore and his band of merry men are confirmed and Harry joins Tom Riddle's side in mere moments of discovering this. The fact that the older Wizard is Cepheus' mate might have had something to do with that though. Harry/Tom


Cepheus Eridanus Malfoy

Chapter 1: Wands And Wonders

Harry Potter is not Harry Potter at all, but rather one Cepheus Eridanus Malfoy, born of Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy along with his twin brother Draconis Abraxas Malfoy. However as a baby Cepheus was kidnapped and placed in the care of James and Lily Potter who thought him a war orphan in desperate need of a home.

Desperate themselves, for the child they could not naturally conceive, the Potters accepted joyously and adopted him as their own. The child took on features of his new parents, James' unruly hair and need for glasses and Lily's eyes.

Few knew of the Potter's inability to conceive, and those who did were dealt with, Sirius Black was sent to Azkaban a mass murderer, the Longbottoms tortured to insanity, Remus Lupin too stricken with grief to notice when his memories were tampered with and the Potters themselves dead and buried as Cepheus should have been.

But the Wizard behind these acts' plans faltered when the Killing Curse reflected off of Cepheus leaving his pawn barely alive and him with no choice but to clean up the mess and continue on as the loved and trusted man he was.

Cepheus was sent to live with Lily Potter's magic hating relatives where he was treated worse than a House Elf. He was kept in the dark about all things Wizarding until Hagrid was sent to fetch him and take him to Hogwarts. Cepheus' mind was manipulated and poisoned by those around him from the second he stepped onto the Hogwarts Express and met Ron Weasley.

The Weasley family were instructed to make Cepheus hate anything to do with his real heritage, including everything Slytherin. Ron took that first step, convincing him that Slytherins were evil and, wanting to keep the first 'friend' he'd ever made, Cepheus pleaded with the sorting hat not to place him where he truly belonged, but instead to send him to Gryffindor with Ron and the other Weasleys.


How wrong that choice had been Cepheus couldn't know, at least not until his Godfather died leaving in his will the knowledge that he had been adopted, and instruction for the Goblins to do a heritage test on him so that he could find his real parents, were they still alive.

That's when he'd discovered his true identity, when he realised that his whole life had been a lie, even more so when the Goblin who had performed the test informed him that Cepheus Eridanus Malfoy, for that was his real name, had disappeared on the 31st of July 1980, the day he had been adopted by the Potters, the day he'd believed to be his birthday for near on sixteen years.

Cepheus had been kidnapped, ripped from his real family, and placed into the care of the Potters, but who would do such a thing?

There was only one name that stood out, only one Wizard with enough power and influence, with as many followers ready to do as he commanded with the drop of a hat. Dumbledore. The shelves rattled as his magic lashed out because of that old coot, and not for the first time, as all his suspicions were confirmed.

Dumbledore was nowhere near as light as he proclaimed to be. He was controlling, manipulative and a kidnapper and Cepheus would have no more of it.

"Is there a way to remove the blood adoption?" Cepheus asked the Goblin, carefully reeling in his magic, bringing it back under his control.

"Yes, it's a simple spell, like that of emancipation spell but instead of transferring power to you on your own, guardianship will return to your birth parents." The Goblin replied.

"Good, is it possible for us to perform it now?"

"Of course Sir, if you would please hold out your hands..."

Cepheus did as requested and with a wave of the Goblin's hand the adoption was broken. However Cepheus wasn't expecting the pain that followed as his bones cracked and shifted, his skin stretched and fire spread throughout his body.

As soon as the pain had begun it was gone leaving Cepheus on the ground panting hard as if he'd just run a marathon. Cepheus opened his eyes and for a moment thought his glasses had come off from his thrashing as his vision was blurry, but touching his hand to his eyes he realised the problem wasn't that he'd lost his glasses but that he was still wearing them in the first place.

He was handed a mirror as he pulled the ugly spectacles away from his face and gasped in surprise when he caught sight of his reflection. He looked so different, so Malfoy, with a large dosage of Black that made him smile in memory of his beloved Godfather. Long gone were his green eyes, instead they were replaced with the trademark sliver eyes of the Malfoy clan, his skin had lightened considerably, taking on an ivory hue, his hair, although still black, had lost the unruliness of James Potter's rat nest and instead framed his face like Draco's. All in all Cepheus was rather pleased with his new appearance.

"The spell is not usually so violent but I think, knowing of the Malfoy's heritage, that you just came into your magical inheritance," The goblin stated taking the mirror from Cepheus' outstretched hand.


Not ten minutes later Cepheus was walking out of Gringotts a new person. He no longer had to deal with Dumbledore's manipulations and the knowledge that he had a FAMILY that was ALIVE. It was quite a lot to digest knowing that the people you viewed as you enemies for so long were in fact the people you should care most about.

He wondered if perhaps that was why he and Draco were drawn to fight each other so strongly whilst still not meaning harm to each other, or at least on his part.

Cepheus decided to book a room at the Leaky Cauldron before returning to Privet Drive for the very last time to collect his belongings. He would be able to blend in well enough for a time before he decided on a more permanent situation, perhaps after meeting with his parents?


His last visit to the Dursley household was nearly civilised. Vernon had still been at work and Dudley was off somewhere with his thug mates so he only had to deal with Petunia. It had given her quite a shock when I waltzed straight in to her home, having quite forgotten that she wouldn't be able to recognise him.

He convinced her in the end by showing her the scar on his forehead and telling her of the time Hagrid had come to collect him, something the Dursleys weren't going to forget in the near future. He also told her of his true identity which got her quite angry, not at him but at Dumbledore.

It was a pleasant goodbye, both keen to see the last of the other and Cepheus left in quite a joyous mood, using the direct portkey he'd gotten from the Goblin at Gringotts that would take him directly to the Leaky Cauldron.

Once there he decided that shopping was definitely a necessity. Tired off the oversized and overly worn hand-me-downs from Dudley and in desperate need of information pertaining to Pureblood traditions and way of life, after all he was one of them now.

He had some lunch in a small cafe next to Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions before heading into that very shop in search of some new robes and muggle clothing that the store offered. He spent just half an hour there, quite disappointed with the few things worth buying there besides his new Hogwarts robes so instead headed to Twilfit and Tatting's.

Cepheus smiled when he saw the high end robes and muggle clothes that were far better suited to both his taste and his pureblood status. He was fairly shocked to realise that he'd probably always been snobby and just never been given the opportunity before and decided that he quite liked having the freedom to choose something for himself instead of his every move being dictated by an old coot like Dumbledore.

He left Twilfit and Tatting's far more satisfied and his money pouch depleted some, but was far from finished. He spotted Ollivander's across the way and had an interesting thought. His curiosity getting the better of him he headed over to the wand maker's shop.

A bell jingled in the back of the shop as he entered, obviously alerting Ollivander to a new customer.

"What can I do you for?" Ollivander asked as he approached the counter.

"I had a query about the effect a blood adoption would have on the wand selection process," Cepheus stated.

"Very little I should think. Perhaps if I look at your wand...is it causing any problems?"

"Not that I know of, I was merely curious having only found out this morning that I am not who I thought I was," Cepheus replied as he took out his wand.

Ollivander's eyes widened as he recognised the wand he'd seen just a few months before.

"I'd appreciate if this were kept between us," Cepheus stated arching an eyebrow slightly.

"Of course Mr. Potter,"

"It's Malfoy,"

"Sorry?" Ollivander asked looking out the shop window as if to spot Lucius or his family.

"My name, it's Malfoy not Potter," Cepheus stated coolly. He had no idea why he was telling the man his life story but...

"You mean..." Ollivander trailed off putting the pieces together.

"Yes, I am Cepheus. Now, about the wand?"

"Ah, yes. Well the blood adoption would explain why the ones similar to Lily and James' wands didn't work well for you but it has no real bearings on the selection of this particular wand. As I told you before the brother of this wand belongs to You-Know-Who."

"Actually I had another question to do with that as well. What do you know of Priori Incantatem?"

"It occurs when two wands that share the same source for their core are forced to compete in combat. It is extremely rare because usually the wands that view themselves as brothers usually chose soul mates who, like the wands themselves, would refuse to fight each other. Priori Incantatem itself is a measure of protection for one or both wand owners in the case that they are unaware of their true bond and are for all intents and purposes trying to kill each other."

Cepheus' eyes widened at the explanation. It was definitely far more information than Dumbledore cared to reveal, just another example of the old wizard's manipulations. If what Ollivander said was true then it was quite possible that he and Voldemort were...

Cepheus frowned slightly, he wasn't sure what he felt about that particular thought but if it were true it may give him the advantage he needed with his supposed enemy especially when considering... He shook his head to rid himself of those thoughts for the time being.

"So the wand should still work, but it won't against The Dark Lord because of the Priori Incantatem?"

"That's correct," Ollivander replied.

"Then perhaps it would be a good idea for me to get another perhaps one similar to my real parents or my brother, if I am to complete my task?"

"Quite right, quite right; now if I can remember correctly, ah yes here we are," Ollivander muttered to himself before handing Harry three wands. Cepheus held them each in turn and while the first two were a lot stronger than James and Lily's had been the third worked as well as his original wand.

"Holly, like your other wand, but with a tail hair from the same Unicorn as your brother's. It's the same length as your other as well; quite lucky really, no one will notice the change." Ollivander stated looking quite proud of himself.

"Thank you Mr. Ollivander, you have been most helpful." Cepheus stated as he handed some money over to the wand maker, far more than the wand was worth he was sure, but enough for the man to keep this to himself.

"A pleasure Mr. P-Malfoy," Ollivander replied, his eyes bugging slightly.


Cepheus went to Flourish and Blotts and Obscure Books next intent on finding any books he could on Pureblood decorum as he could before taking one last stop at the Magical Menagerie. He smiled when he found what he was here for and a few conversations later and Cepheus was leaving with a baby albino snake which he promptly called Lily, for though she was not his real mother she still gave her life to protect him and would therefore have a place in his heart forever.

Having had enough shopping for one day Cepheus decided that he would venture out into Muggle London tomorrow instead.

Flopping down on his bed Cepheus began to think on what he'd learnt that morning. While it was hard for him to take in the fact that those he believed to be his enemies were actually his family it was made easier by the knowledge that he had a real enemy still in the form of one Albus Dumbledore. In fact he wasn't really sure he'd ever viewed the Malfoys as his enemies in the first place, sure there was house rivalry between himself and Draco that was as far as it went, and though he would never admit it to himself before, let alone anyone else, he rather agreed with some of the pureblood ideals.

That didn't mean to say he agreed with the way Voldemort and his Death Eaters went about securing these goals but still... His own experience of the prejudice Muggles held against magical folk was far worse than anything Purebloods held against Muggleborns, especially when they merely feel threatened by the loss of their culture and lifestyle to that of the Muggle.

No, Cepheus had no problem with the ideals but the technique left something to be desired. However, if the light could stoop so low as to kidnap a baby then could they really be considered good and Voldemort Evil? After all they do say that there is the ability to be both good and evil inside everybody.

If that were so would there be any possibility of bringing that goodness out in Voldemort? To make him see reason?

Cepheus knew there was only one way for him to find out. He had to meet Voldemort, not as an enemy but as a potential follower, but to do that first he would have to find his family and there was only one person he knew and trusted well enough to get the task done. Severus Snape.

He set about writing a letter to the Potions Master and hoped that the man would agree to meet him the next morning.

Professor Snape,

I realise this letter will come as a shock to you but you are the only person I can trust with this. I made a discovery yesterday regarding me and a family I know you are very close to. This is a very delicate matter that cannot be transgressed in a letter so I would be very grateful if you could meet me in the Leaky Cauldron tomorrow at nine o'clock. I do not look like myself so if you do decide to come just ask Tom for Mr. M and he will show you to my room.

Yours Sincerely,


Cepheus sent Hedwig on her way and prayed that Snape would come, even just to satisfy his curiosity.

It was an hour later when Hedwig returned with a reply.


I would recognise that scrawl anywhere you infuriating brat. I don't see why I should waste my precious time on someone as infuriating as yourself, but I find myself curious as to what was so important that it could not be written in a letter and just why you are writing to me instead of Dumbledore. I shall come at the agreed time but it had better be good.


Cepheus could practically hear disdain in his professor's drawl as he read the letter and smiled at the welcome familiarity after the upheaval he'd had in the past twelve hours.

Glancing at his watch Cepheus realised he should probably get some sleep in preparation for the day ahead.


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