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Summary: Cepheus Malfoy was kidnapped as a baby and grew up as Harry Potter. However when he comes into his inheritance at sixteen the suspicions he'd already had about Dumbledore and his band of merry men are confirmed and Harry joins Tom Riddle's side in mere moments of discovering this. The fact that the older Wizard is Cepheus' mate might have had something to do with that though. Harry/Tom

Cepheus Eridanus Malfoy

Chapter 3:

House-elves and Homecoming


Cepheus woke in what had to be the most comfortable bed he'd ever had the good fortune to sleep in, far more comfortable than the one he'd become accustomed to in 'The Leakey Cauldron', a fact that brought the events of the previous night crashing through the sleep induced fog to the forefront of his mind.

Last night's reunion, nice as it was, and far different from what he'd expected from the usually stoic and calm Malfoys, was just that, a reunion, and Cepheus didn't kid himself that emotions would be so freely passed between their family, and to be honest he didn't really want them to. He wanted at least one thing in his life to stay the same, and as a Pureblood family, although not cruel or cold to each other, they would not be hugging at each given opportunity, not like the Weasleys with their matriarch squeezing anyone she could get her hands on to death with her overbearing displays of affection.

Cepheus had to say that it was not something he would miss and luckily he'd had practice at this 'mask' malarkey, although usually a mask of emotions rather than indifference, that hid his weariness from those around him.

No, he was sure he wouldn't find it hard to adjust to life as a Malfoy, but he also knew it would be awkward between him and his family for the next few days, if not weeks, as they overcome years of dislike and actually got to know each other, passed the ideas they'd formed about each other from a distance.

Cepheus rolled out of bed, thankful yet again that he didn't have to wear his hideous glasses any longer, and made his way over to a door that he assumed was his bathroom. He spotted his trunk at the foot of his bed and made a mental note to thank his family for having his things sent over from the Leakey Cauldron.

Upon reaching the door Cepheus was surprised to discover that it wasn't in fact a bathroom as he had originally thought, but rather a very big and very empty walk-in wardrobe, probably around the size of his room back at the Dursley's house. Frowning he closed the door again and turned to look around the room, shaking his head at his own stupidity as he saw the other door on the far wall, just inches from his bed, but realised that he hadn't really had much time to look around the room, black and blue in colour, but had instead fallen on top of the covers, fully clothed, and been asleep instantly.


Glad that he'd at last found the bathroom Cepheus made quick work of getting cleaned up and changed into some fresh clothes and was just about to open the door when the thought finally stuck him. He had absolutely no idea where he was supposed to go this morning, either to see his family or indeed to have breakfast.

Just as the thought came to his head a crack sounded behind him and turning around he found a small house-elf dressed in a green pillowcase staring up at him meekly.

"Master, Lord Malfoy asked Twinky to comes and finds master and shows him to the dining room for breakfasts," Twinky stated.

"Thank you Twinky, lead the way," Cepheus replied smiling at the look of shock he received, obviously unused to any word of thanks from the family she served.

"Master Malfoy does not need to be thanking Twinky, sir; it is Twinky's job to look after Master as it has been since you was being just a baby. Twinky was very upset when young Master disappeareded and is very glad that you is being returned safely."

Cepheus smiled kindly at the timid house-elf, holding out his hand for Twinky to take, which she did shyly before pulling him along with her to the dining room.


The room was silent when he entered, the four of them sat around the table glancing up at him as he pulled his chair out to sit down. Cepheus fidgeted under their scrutinising gazes, looking down at his plate as he ate his breakfast, never once looking up at his family, not sure if he could cope with the situation he found himself, scared of rejection from people who were once his enemy, despite what had happened the night before.

"I trust you slept well," Narcissa said, finally breaking the silence that had threatened to consume Cepheus and he felt a wave of gratitude for his mother's question.

"Yes thank you, probably the best night's sleep I've ever had," Cepheus replied with a tentative smile that broadened as she smiled slightly at the compliment. It was so odd to see them away from the public sphere, to watch them actually showing an emotion that wasn't disdain, to see them smile and laugh as he had last night and then again this morning.

It was if they were different people, and Cepheus realised that this was probably the case, at home they didn't have a reputation to withhold and even though it was clear that they weren't as free with their emotions as perhaps the Weasleys were, even at home, it didn't mean they were statues, completely unfeeling and cold even to each other.

"I'm glad you are comfortable here," She continued, "We realise that your...transition will be difficult and hope to assist you in any way we can."

"Thank you...Mother," Harry replied, the word feeling odd yet pleasant on his tongue.

"We want you to feel at home so if there is anything you need, don't hesitate to ask. We also took the liberty of making you an appointment at Twilfit and Tatting's, as long as you have no issue with it, so that you can be properly attired, I realise that you have already visited the shop, but there are a few items you are still missing, and it is custom to have a set of robes and a cloak made with the Malfoy crest on for important occasions."

"Of course Mother, I have no issue with this, when is the appointment?"

"It has been made for the Monday of next week, so that you have enough time to properly settle in to life here before we face the public, the appointment is a private one so only Mr Tatting himself will be there and he uses the utmost of discursions so we do not have to worry about this reaching the press until we are ready for it to do so."

"Thank you, I don't think I'm quite ready for yet another part of my life to be strewn across the front page of the Daily Prophet just yet. I take it there will be a presentation ceremony of sorts within due course this summer?" Cepheus asked.

"Indeed there will," Lucius answered, "We shall be holding a ball two Saturdays from now so as to formally welcome you back. This should give you enough time to adjust to life here and to properly acquaint yourself with Malfoy traditions."

"Yes Father," Cepheus replied respectfully, thankful that he already had a decent grasp on what was expected of him as a Pureblood heir, after all both Draco and himself will inherit the Malfoy estate as they are twins, although because Cepheus had already received the title of Lord Black Draco will take their Father's title, and a larger percentage of the estate as well, when the time came.

"Unfortunately your mother and I shall not be here for most of the day, I have some business to take care of at the Ministry and Narcissa has a lunch arrangement with some of her acquaintance this afternoon and then we have a meeting with the Dark Lord later today where certain things will need to be discussed regarding our family's latest development."

And there it was; the big one, the one thing that Cepheus knew he would have a hard time adjusting to and that was his family's part in the upcoming war. Even though he was no longer one of Dumbledore's little pets, blinded by the 'light', he wasn't exactly comfortable about some of Voldemort's ideas, 'eradication of all muggles, Muggleborns and blood traitors? Me thinks not.'

But he couldn't deny that since reading the many books on pureblood history, all of which spoke of the loss of magical power and the possible extinction of magic if Wizards continue to intermingle with the muggles, and the potential loss of the Purebloods' way of life, that he did see their point of view, hell he loved being able to do magic and would hate to have the Wizarding community completely die out, but he thought that education rather than eradication was the way forward.

Get rid of Dumbledore and his crazy ideals and make the Muggleborns see the threat to their existence should they continue to mix with the muggle community. Call for complete segregation with the Muggle world, except for with a Muggleborn's family and educate those Muggleborns in the Wizarding way of life so that they act accordingly, rather than bringing their muggle attitudes where they are not welcome.

But it wasn't likely that he would have much of a choice, as a Malfoy it would be expected, he was sure, that both he and Draco would join the Dark Lord's ranks, especially if his latest discoveries or more specifically what Ollivander had told him, turned out to be true. There was no way he could go against his soul mate, especially a dominant mate, even if he was Voldemort.

Perhaps his place as Voldemort's mate would lend him some leverage with the Dark Lord; perhaps he would be able to convince him to change his regime...

Cepheus shook his head, pushing those thoughts for a later time as he returned his attention to his family. Lucius and Severus it seems were discussing the best way in which to tell Voldemort of his return, or more specifically his previous identity, without losing their lives in the process. He chose that moment to cut it.

"Father, if I may, I believe it would be better for you to leave out the part about my previous identity when you speak to the Dark Lord. I have some information that may lend itself to this situation but it will only work if I am the one to tell him of my...predicament. I believe he too will have some notion as to what I speak of and will be welcoming to what I have to offer. It will require however that I meet with him as soon as possible, but I doubt that will be a problem, after all he will likely want to meet the recovered son of one of his most loyal servants, no?"

"I too believe this to be a good idea Lucius, I think I know what Cepheus is alluding to although as I am sure you will understand it would be improper for us to reveal such a thing until we have confirmation. However I think it a good idea that will tell our Lord of Cepheus' return and later we shall bring him to meet the Dark Lord, perhaps before the ball on Saturday." Severus stated, looking at Cepheus meaningfully.

Cepheus' eyes widened as he looked at his Godfather in complete shock. How in the name of Merlin did he know about his possible status as Voldemort's mate...of course, how could he have been so foolish? No wonder he had been so ready to accept him as Cepheus; cunning as ever of course, using legilimency on him the day before just for validation.

Cepheus locked eyes with his Godfather and with a small nod simultaneously confirmed what the older man already knew and respectfully acknowledged Severus' skill in mind magic.

"Severus, I wonder if perhaps you would be so kind as to teach me occlumency this summer, after all you know how I struggled so with it last year and I believe that perhaps it is even more important that I learn it now than ever before."

"Yes of course, I apologise that my teaching skills were somewhat lacking last year." Severus replied; regret shining through normally guarded eyes.

Cepheus smiled softly at the man, feeling somewhat more comfortable around Severus that even his parents in that moment, after all Severus was a more familiar constant in his life, even if they had never exactly had a friendly relationship before now.

"It's settled then, I will inform the Dark Lord of your return to us this evening and a meeting shall be set, although I warn you it may come sooner that are comfortable for us all. I hope you enjoy your day here at the manor Cepheus, I'm sure Draco will be more than happy to give you a proper tour of the manor and the grounds." Lucius stated as he stood from his seat. He placed a hand on Cepheus' shoulder as he made his way to the door giving it a small squeeze, before repeating the action with Draco and placing a kiss on Narcissa's cheek.

Cepheus couldn't help the small smile that spread across his face at the small loving gestures and realised that this was how their family worked, having seen him use these very same gestures with Draco before in the few times he'd seen them in public.

"Well I too will have to bid you all goodbye; I have a potion that needs to be completed for the Dark Lord before tonight's meeting." Severus stated as he too stood from the table, quickly followed by Narcissa.

"I'll see you out Severus, I have a letter that I need to write before I venture out this afternoon," She stated moving around the table to kiss each of her sons on the cheek before walking with Severus to the entrance hall.


"I guess it's just you and me then," Cepheus stated with a small laugh as he looked at his twin, wishing that he knew him better than he did.

"Well, let's get on with the tour then, it's going to take us all day as it is without you dawdling," Draco replied with a laugh of his own as he grabbed hold of Cepheus' hand and practically dragged him out of the room like an excited child, and Cepheus realised that he probably was quite excited and happy, as he himself was, to finally have his brother back.

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