The Stand: Lincoln's Revenge

By Jayovac

Chapter 1.

Larry Underwood waited at the mouth of the tunnel of New York.

He fighted with Rita Blakemoor earlier and she runs off. But Larry cries for her name, "Rita! Rita!" and she did not answer. He was sure she would but did not. Larry was sadly, but knew it was just him. He would apologize if gets the chahnce.

But now Larry stands by himself at the tunnel.

Cars were wreck and crash everywhere, and the dead bodies too. Smells badly, and Larry throws up because. The fear goes inside him but he cannot help it. But he tries and tell hisself that the fears are not real and there is nothing in the tunnel...but maybe he things the dead pepole will comes out and get him from inside the broken cars...

He looks the eyes up and rains start coming down, thunder exploders overhead like lightning. Then Larry knew he must either go to inside the tunnel or go find shelter and walk one hunderd miles to the other bridge tomorrow day. You are a coward, thinks his. There is nothing in there. But he knew there might be. But he decided go anyways.

Larry gotted his .30-30 Rifle Gun out and walk slow into the dark, blackness.

Chapter 2.

It swa too dark in the tunnel and Larry could not see.

"Hello!" he says and then echoe. It send cold shiver down him spine but he keeps go anyways, because he knows if he stopes then he will run outside and never return again. Waste the time. Larry keeps going and realization he has had not haven't bring the flashinglight. He has lighter, though, and he lights the fire until he sees.

Larry gasp.

The bodies were much too many in here, and some cars had fired. He knows the superflu did not kill them because he sees there blood and the bullelt wholes are chipped the tile. Larry wants to screams but couldn't and turned off. If he doesn't see, then he won't know, he thinks. But it was already too alte.

He already knows.

Larry start walk fast on the sidewalk now and the fear goes through him so terribly and well that he might run and shouts again some more but he didn't want too.

Just then, Larry gets the feel like someone is after him. "Who is there!" he shouts, but no one answer. "You better tell me!" he cries and unslungs the rifle. Larry keeps going now but the rifle is with him, then he hears footsteps or maybe didnt and just imagination. Larry almost faint but he takes the gun out and start shoot over and over. The bullets shoot out and sees things everywhere for small time.

He keep shoot until him runs out of bullets and he breathe heavy after.

Chapter 3.

Larry Underwoods was frightened. He hears the footsteps again but now he says, "Rita? Rita is taht you!"

But no answers.

He starts to walk slow and pulls out the lighter again. He flicsk on the light again was bright but there waws not enough time. Hands go on his throte, suddenly, till stop the breathing. Larry struggle and fight the bullets were no more and dropped the gun down with a loud noisy.

Larry looks up with the still lighter on.

"No, this cannot be!" Larry thinks and chokers out from.

Abraham Lincoln tightened him grip on Larry Underwood's and smiles.