Title Needed (Desperately!)
Chapter 1: The Aftermath

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"Ron, where is he?" a petite red-haired girl went running up to a much taller man with similar features. He started at her blankly for a moment, then recognition sank in.

"He's gone... Harry's gone," Ron replied, his voice sounding empty, lost. The girl started sobbing. "Ginny, I'm so sorry," Ron said, comforting his younger sister.

"Ron, Ginny! Where's Harry? Is he okay? What happened?" another girl came running up, pushing her bushy brown hair from her face. She saw how distressed Ginny was. "Ron, what happened? Please? Where's Harry?" she asked, sounding more and more worried every instant.

"He's gone, Hermione. Just like that. There was a giant flash of light, and then there was nothing. No Harry, no Vold-, You-Know-Who, just nothing. Nothing except burnt grass. He's gone," Ron said, trying to hold back tears to no affect.

"No! It can't be true! Harry can't be gone! He has to be somewhere! Did you even look?" Hermione asked hysterically, tears flowing down her face as well. Ron could only nod as he held the two sobbing girls, trying to comfort both of them and himself at the same time. Just then, a man walked up to them. He seemed to become more and more anxious as he saw the three sobbing teenagers.

"Ron? Hermione? Ginny? Where's Harry?" his voice full of fear. His eyes darted towards the smoking crater a short distance away. "Oh god," he whispered.

"I couldn't stop him Sirius. I tried, but he wouldn't listen. He said it was the only way," Ron said, his voice hoarse. Sirius fell down to his knees, his face buried in his hands.

"Not again. Not Harry. Please, god, no! Why him? Why of all people did he have to die?" Sirius screamed the last part, totally loosing control of his emotions. Hermione had calmed down enough to go over and try to comfort him. He continued to sob, and Hermione just sat next to him, telling him everything would be okay as she wondered to herself if it really would be, or if it even could be.

"All of you, come with me," a strong, comforting voice called out to the four sobbing people. They looked up into the face of Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. As old as he really was, none of them had ever seen him look as old or worn out as he did at that moment. Wiping their tears away though, they followed him across the lawn of the school up to his office where they all sat down in chairs facing Dumbledore.

"Could someone kindly tell me what happened?" Dumbledore asked, his voice weary yet full of power. Ron gulped, and began.

"Harry's scar had been bothering him for the last week or so. I told him to write Sirius and you, I don't know if he did or not. He said he would, but he had been acting really weird. Hermione and I decided to let him write if he was going to, and we wouldn't interfere. He had been getting really testy about people 'interfering' with his problems. We tried to act like nothing was wrong, but as the week progressed, he seemed to become more and more agitated. Yesterday, Hermione and I confronted him, but he said nothing was wrong. That's when we wrote you two to tell you what had been happening. I knew he hadn't been sleeping at night, but he denied it when I asked him. He just seemed so cold and distant to us," Ron said, a few tears running down his cheeks. Sirius seemed to be staring blankly into space, and Ginny was sobbing again.

"It was all my fault!" Ginny cried out through her tears. Three pairs of eyes looked at her. "I told him I didn't want to go out with him any more. How could I say that to him? I didn't mean it, really!" Ginny sobbed into her hands. Hermione got up to comfort her.

"It wasn't your fault Ginny. You didn't know his scar had been bothering him. Calm down," Hermione said to her friend. Ginny continued to sob.

"How about you, Hermione? Did you notice anything different about Harry?" Dumbledore asked her. She nodded, then gulped as well.

"Ginny had come to me when she broke up with Harry, on Sunday. Even before she had broken up with him though, Harry didn't seem to be acting normal. He hardly ate anything, and he was always rubbing his scar. I think he knew You-Know-Who was coming, but didn't want to worry the rest of us. He seemed so sad all the time, like he knew that he was going to..." Hermione couldn't bring herself to finish the sentence, but everyone knew what she was going to say. Dumbledore just nodded his head.

"Sirius, you have to listen. Did Harry say anything to you? Anything at all that might help us out?" Dumbledore asked Sirius. His brow furrowed in sadness and concentration. He cleared his throat before he began to speak.

"He sent me a letter this morning... I didn't understand it then, but now I do. He said he was going to miss me, and he wanted me to look after Hedwig. I thought that it might just be because he wouldn't get to see me during the summer, and if he sent me a letter, he wanted me to take care of Hedwig. Now, though..." his voice trailed off. Tears started falling down his face once again.

"Thank all of you. If you three could please return to your common room? Sirius, I'll show you to some private quarters," Dumbledore said, and everyone stood to go their way. Ron, Hermione, and Ginny made their way to the Gryffindor common room, Ron in the middle with Hermione holding one hand and Ginny the other. They were the only ones there, since they were supposed to be going home that day. The three friends sat on the couch, holding each other close and crying.


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