Like a Phoenix
Ch. 20- Dust to Dust

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"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to recognize the passing of a great man. A son, a husband, a friend. James Turner will always be remember by those whose lives he touched," Dumbledore's solemn voice drifted out across the frozen grounds of Hogwarts.

Hardly what you would call a crowd was there that day. Not too many people had known James Turner. Of course, if most people had known who James Turner had really been, the turn out would have been much larger. But it had been decided not to reveal his true identity, out of respect for the one wish he always wanted to have.

Most of the people attending the funeral were his co-workers and friends of old. Ron Weasly and his wife Hermione, his younger sister Ginny and her husband Frank, and of course, James' wife, Jenny. She sat in the front row, wearing a long black dress, her face hidden behind a lacy veil. Next to her sat Hermione, trying her best to comfort the distraught woman she had never met before. Sirius and Remus sat on her other side, neither saying anything, their faces blank.

A few of the older students had come out for the ceremony. The ones who had gotten to know their professor better, and were sad to see his final departure. The sun was hanging low in the cold March air, casting it's weak light where it could.

There was a brief silence as Dumbledore stepped away from the podium, but it was shortly broken by the sobs of Jenny. It was over. Her husband was dead, and the funeral was over. Now it was time for them to pay one last respect to James.

A line formed, students going first. The line moved slowly, but people left enough room so those at the casket could have some privacy. Everyone had decided to let Jenny go first. It was cold out, and she seemed far too upset to be left outside. After she had sobbed onto James' casket for a few minutes, one of the students led her up to the castle. Next, Ron walked up to the dark wooden box.

"Hey mate. Never thought I'd have to go through this twice. I'm going to miss you even more now. It was good to see you though. I hope you'll be happy. You finally get to be with your mum and dad," Ron managed to get out, before his voice broke. He put his hand on the coffin for a moment, then turned and stepped aside, waiting for Hermione.

"You deserved so much more than this, but no matter what, you always made the best of everything. Thank you for letting me be friends with you. I will never forget you, no matter what," Hermione said through her tears. She placed a white rose on the casket and walked up next to Ron. Together, they made their way to the castle as well.

Dumbledore stepped forward next, his face tired and old looking, the gleam from his eyes vanished. "You were a true Gryffindor, all the way until the end. The world will miss a man as great as you," Dumbledore stated simply. Then he turned and followed after the others. Frank stepped forward and placed a flower on the casket.

"I didn't know you very well, but for that short time, your presence was amazing. I'm sure you'll keep all the angels in heaven smiling for a very long time," Frank said. He then turned to wait for Ginny, who was slowly making her way towards the coffin.

"Your wife is nice," Ginny said softly, talking like Harry was standing right next to her. "I'm glad she made you happy. You made her very happy. I can tell. She's pregnant, you know. It was going to be a surprise when you came home at the end of the school year. We'll help her, don't worry. I think Ron will try to cling to any piece of your life he can find. But I guess you don't have to worry about anything any more. I'd better go inside. Frank is waiting for me. And Remus and Sirius still have to say goodbye. I just... want you to know... I love you, and I always will," Ginny said, placing a red rose on the dark wood, a tear falling next to it. She turned and caught up with Frank, who helped her to the castle. Remus walked up next.

"Things are going to be interesting, that much I can say. You always liked to keep us on our toes. Tell Lily and James hello for me, okay?" Remus said, wiping away a tear as he too added a flower to the pile. Sirius was the last person in line. He seemed hesitant at first, but he finally made his way over.

"I don't know what to say. I guess I'm still in shock. It was all so sudden. I think I used up all my hysteria last time we thought you died. I'm not sure how things are going to be from now on. I guess we'll all just make ourselves busy helping out your wife. You would have made a good father though. Don't behave yourself too much up there, otherwise it might get too boring. I guess that's it then. I'll just go now," Sirius said, not moving from his spot. Tears had blurred his eyes, and he couldn't find the will to move. After a few minutes, Remus came back over to his side.

"Come on. Let's go inside and warm up a bit," Remus said, carefully leading Sirius across the grass into the Great Hall where the others were speaking quietly among themselves.

Together everyone stood in the Great Hall, letting the tears flow down their cheeks. Ginny, Ron, and Hermione were comforting Jenny. It gave them comfort to be able to help her mourn the loss of someone that meant so much to them.

The ceiling of the hall reflected the blazing colors of the sunset, bright reds, warm yellows and oranges, slowly fading into purple and finally a dark blue. It was the end of the day, and the end of a part of their lives that none would ever forget.


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