This is a True Story.

It was six. Six in the morning on Wednesday. She picked herself up and yawned big. Her room was small, just big enough for a small bit of carpet from the wall of her room that led outside to her sliding door. She was small too, only seven years old and who-knows-how-tall. She put on some clothes, and then went into the rest of her house.

Her house was small, just like her. There was only one row making a T from her bedroom to the rest. Her mom was to the right, or maybe the left, she couldn't remember; the way most people knew right from left was with their "right hand", and she was Left-handed, of her room, in the living room. That was where the TV and the Computer was. She would be sleeping on the couch-bed.

The other way was her dad. If she just kept going she would get to his open door, where he was asleep. She walked to her dad, knowing that mom would be cranky if she woke her up at this hour. Walking up, she closed the door and nudged her dad's arm. He woke up a bit, and told her to come up to his bed. She crawled up to his other side, the side closest to the window. This room wasn't much bigger than hers.

Her dad turned on the television in his room. It was on channel nine, but all she caught was some old man talking about China. She wasn't really much of a fan of China. He changed the channel to her favorite; channel 54. It was Cartoon Network.

They had tuned in just in time for the talk between Starscream and Alexis. It was a rerun, sure, but it meant no difference to her. Starscream was a red Jet-thing. Alexis was a human girl. They were talking about something, but she wasn't paying much attention. Her dad started talking.

"Y'know, I think those two make a good couple."

After watching Chalk Zone, the new show, for a while on channel 53, Nick, Mom walked in. She opened the door, and smiled at me, being all dressed and ready for the first day of First Grade.

She was at a friend's house now. He was nice, but he knew a lot more about Sonic than she did, wich made her angry. She was playing a video game with him, Maybe Kingdom Hearts or somethin'. She wasn't even trying, though. She asked if he could turn off the video game to watch cartoons.

He turned it off and stuck in a DVD. She wasn't paying much attention. At least, until she saw the giant transforming robots. They turned into animals, she saw.

It reminded her of her dad, so she watched it.

She was home now. She walked inside, and saw two doctors and her dad in the living room. It was like walking into a hospital; there he was, her dad. Old and sick. He was going to die soon, she just knew it.

And tomorrow was Thanksgiving.

She walked up to him and smiled. She grabbed his hand, and woke him up. Just like she used to at 6 in the morning. She told him she was there, it was her. His daughter, his little girl. She told him she would never forget him, and that he would always be inside her heart. She told him that she loved him. He opened his eyes, and she knew she would remember this moment for the rest of her life. She smiled, and tears started to well up in her eyes.

This would be the last time her dad opened his eyes. And she was the last thing he saw.

It was February now, and it had been a while since her dad went away. It was Saturday morning, so she turned on the television and set the new Dish connection to Channel 176—Cartoon Network. She had come just in time for a welcoming commercial.

"Up Next: TRANSFORMERS ANIMATED!" the television blared. She lowered the volume a bit, and decided to watch it. She saw a title sequence: Transformers. There were transforming robots in it. And there was a character named Starscream.

It reminded her of her dad, so she watched it.