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His scornful gaze landed on the quivering girl in front of him. "You are weak." His voice was void of emotion, save for distaste and what seemed to be hate. "You are weak, and the Hyuugas have no need for weak heirs. Get out of my sight." He watched her stumble off, away down the hall, before turning around, talking to himself in his head.

"You were too harsh."

"No I wasn't."

"She is only seven."

"Age will not stop people from attacking her. Or the Hyuuga clan, for that matter. She needs to be strong. Anyway, Neji is only a year older than her and look how far he has gotten with his training."

"I give up, Hiashi, you cold bastard. You stupid clan leader who finds excuses to hate your poor sweet little daughter. You know you really love her, so---"

"Shut up."

"Fine. But don't say I didn't warn you when your precious little child starts hating you and don't come crying to me when that happens."

Still grumbling, the voice inside his head withdrew to give him some peace. Hiashi ignored all the weird stares the branch members were giving him and hurried to his room. Poor Hiashi. Everyone thought he was crazy because he talked to himself. Thinking a nice, cold sake would help him, he hastened his pace, all the while thinking, maybe he had been a little hard on the poor kid. Anyone could see that she was trying.

But that didn't matter now. If he was still regretful tomorrow, he could make it up to her then. It wouldn't be too late.

Or would it?

Hinata stumbled out of the building and towards her team's training grounds. More specifically, the flower patch next to it. The scent always helped her to think. She sat there for nearly an hour, before she noticed the sun had moved towards the centre of the sky and it was already lunch time.

"Ne, Hinata-chan. Is something wrong?" The tall twelve year old male sat beside her, his voice laced with amusement.

"Itachi nii-san." There was no hint of stuttering as she acknowledged his presence. "Nothing unusual, just otou-san and his lecture on weakness."

Itachi looked quizzically at her. "Weakness? But you are not weak. In the few times I have sparred with you, I have seen your potential. In time, you may outshine me." His eyes darkened. "Even the sannin and Akatsuki. The whole world could be yours! Why do you not show how strong you truly are?" You could hear the anger in his voice, but Hinata was unfazed.

"I know my potential." This was said without even a trace of ego-ness. "But I have seen the way they treat genii. Genii like Neji-nii, genii like you. I have no wish to be treated as a tool or have everyone respect me or act like they like me because of my abilities. I want them to like me because of who I am. Other people, they don't care whether you're an egoistical bastard or something. They only care about how strong you are, how rich you are and whatever."

"But I cannot keep training you, Hinata. The trainings will be few and far between. It will take a long time for you to progress…. However, if you showed how truly powerful you are, you would get there much more quickly. The more powerful you are, the better you can help Konoha. Don't you care about that?"

"Not particularly. I would still be betraying…me. But I do want to leave. I want others to help me grow stronger. Maybe when I am strong, then I will come back to Konoha. And I will see everyone's expressions when they realize that; maybe, their weak heiress was not so weak after all."

Seeing she was deadly serious, Itachi nodded. Then he said, "What if I brought you with me when I leave? We will join the Akatsuki, and next time, we will return."

Noticing her interested gaze, he continued, telling her about the Uchiha massacre which was to take place that night. It took only a nod for the plan to be settled.

That night, when Itachi appeared outside her window, clothes torn and blood smeared all over, she grabbed her packed bag and left with him without a second glance.

Leaving only a hastily scribbled note and a lock of her hair on her desk fluttering in the breeze.


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