The Girl Amongst The Wolves

Description: Hermione Granger is taken to Fenrir Greyback's Pack as a child and grows up with the ways of the wolves. But childish innocence and naivety can't last forever.


Hermione should have been in nearly an hour ago. But the light cast by the full moon illuminated her and the empty park enough so that she could see where she was playing. She always loved going to the park after all the other children had gone in. It meant that it was just her and the swings and the slides and the seesaw. And the moon, of course. Everyone told her that the moon was made of cheese; but she knew differently. It was rock - she'd read that in a book.

Hermione loved books. In the small town where she lived, there wasn't a single bookstore or even a small library. So whenever she and her parents decided they needed new books, they drove to the nearest shopping centre, which had over half a dozen bookshops on the same street. She loved books. She loved to hide among the bookshelves and take deep breaths of the old musty smell of paper and ink. She loved to just learn new things. Stuff she never knew. She could ask a question about anything. She thrived on knowledge. It was one of the reasons why she didn't have many friends.

All the other children were happy playing with sticks or climbing trees, and they always mocked how Hermione would sit under a tree and just read for hours on end. They liked to throw grass or mud at her, take her books and even push her over. One boy, Toby Mackintyre, liked to pull her hair while stomping on her books, dirtying the pages under his muddy shoes, ripping the paper. She'd soon learned to stay inside during the day and only go out to the park when all the other children had their dinners or had to go out with their parents.

At the moment, she was swinging gently on a swing, mumbling difficult timetables which she was trying to learn.

"One twelve is twelve, two twelve's are twenty-four, three twelve's are thirty-six, four twelve's are-" A twig snapped behind her. She looked round but couldn't see anything in the darkness. "Four twelve's are-" Something snarled behind her. Scared, she jumped off the swing and started running home, most likely to a punishment but she didn't care - she was scared. As she was about to leave the park, something growled and tackled her to the ground. She screamed and tried to crawl away but whatever was on her was heavy. Something pressed against her back and turned her over. It was a wolf. She screamed again and tried to bat its snarling muzzle away from her face. It worked once but when she tried it again, its teeth sunk into her wrist. She cried and thrashed, only serving to make the wolf bite harder, blood dribbling down her arm. She passed out.