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Bella POV

"Hey Jake could you please pass the chips?"
I was hanging out with the Quileute werewolves down at La Push beach, as I did whenever I possibly could. They were good for a quick laugh and Emily had proven to be a good friend in the time since they (A/N: The Cullen's) left. Obviously it had been a while since I had showed up on Jacobs porch with two motorcycles and a broken heart, and I liked to think that I was getting better although I had a long way to go. Lately though I had found that my pain was turning into a raging anger.
"Bells what's wrong?" Jacob leaned over me with a worried expression on his normally happy face, I guess I had let my thoughts show in my expression.
"Nothing at all, Jake I was just…thinking…about how I have to go cook Charlie dinner and how much I wanna stay here," I pouted to further prove my half-truth.
"Well Charlie could come for dinner at my place couldn't he?" Jake asked, not entirely convinced by my poor acting skills.
"Again?" I asked laughing, "I think he's getting a bit tired of pizza." Jacob got up then to walk me to my truck, and I waved goodbye to my friends. Paul yelled a swift goodbye as he ran away from a angry ketchup-covered Jared. I laughed out loud again before I started up the beach, pulling my keys out of my pocket as I walked. As we approached my truck, Jake turned and said,
"Bye Bells, you coming tomorrow?"
I nodded "Yepp."
He groaned, "Will I ever get rid of you?"
"Not if you're lucky," I hopped into my truck and drove away laughing.

The next morning I dragged myself down the stairs and grabbed a blueberry muffin as I headed out the door tiredly. I hadn't been sleeping good again, plagued with nightmares of the day he left me. School was the worst part of my life right now. I got good grades and everything but school included me being social and I hated having to talk to people when every corner held unwanted memories. Why did all my Quileute friends have to go to the school on the rez?
As I parked my truck at the school, Angela came rushing up. Odd, I thought. Normally she would wait inside, though I had to admit it was a peculiarly sunny day for Forks.
"Bella guess what? We're getting new students today!" Angela exclaimed brightly.
"Really," I mumbled not caring, Angela didn't usually get worked up about these types of things and I couldn't care less, but Angela looked a bit hurt so I spit out a sentence for her sake.
"Well I feel sorry for whoever they are I remember my first day here" I shuddered.
Angela started laughing, "Not everyone hates the spotlight as much as you do"
"Not everyone is as clumsy as I am either" I stated.
"No one is as clumsy as you are" she corrected and we both started laughing. It wasn't as real and carefree as it was with Jacob, but it still felt nice. Ben and Mike walked up then."What's so funny?" Ben asked and as Angela gave him a quick kiss and preceded to explain it to them, I headed for my first class. Mikes loud shout of "No PDA!!" trailing behind me.

Classes had gone normally and now I was headed for the parking lot with Angela, who was majorly disappointed about the new kids who had turned into no-shows.
"I feel bad for them really," I said "Now the staring is only going to be worse tomorrow."
She nodded "I guess I was just hoping to make some new friends," she shrugged and that's when I saw Jake with his motorcycle parked next to my truck.
"Got to go Ang, I'll see you tomorrow morning okay?" I said. She nodded, as I hurried to Jacob who was shaking uncontrollably.
"What's the matter?" I asked worriedly. "Did something happen to one of the pack? To Charlie? Is Billy ok?" I stuttered out questions worriedly.
"Nothing happened. Not yet, " he said as he lifted his bike into the back of my truck easily as if it were no more than a tricycle, and hopped in the drivers seat.
"Jake what do you mean? What's going on?" I asked desperately, searching for answers as to why he was here, as I scrambled in to the truck, not even complaining about him driving my truck.
"Vampires." he said.
My heart skipped a beat.

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