It was the next day and finally I was being let out. I would be coming back regularly for treatment though. Normally cancer patients would stay in the hospital as inpatients but because I lived so close there was no need and I could be treated as an outpatient. I was scared though. I only had one or two months until Jason changed me. Originally it was my decision when I got changed and I could even wait a few years but now… not so much. Charlie helped me out of the hospital carrying my bag and leading me over to his police cruiser. We drove to his place in silence and I laughed at how much alike this scene was to the day I moved here. Charlie glanced oddly at me before clearing his throat,
"That Tray kid, is he your, your boyfriend?" I was shocked. Me and Tray? Wow.
"No, not at all," I replied shakily. Charlie made a Hhmmph noise before saying,
"He's very protective over you, and even Jacob can't make you blush like that anymore since, well you know." Yes I did know and he wasn't allowed to talk about it. I rarely thought about any of the Cullen's anymore but they were always in the back of my mind and I was afraid that something would slip and I'd become a zombie again. I just shrugged at Charlie and looked out the window as we approached the house. Behind us trailed Phil's car. I hopped out of the car and ran straight to my room. I called Anna and we talked for a bit. She laughed when I told her about my dad and the Tray thing and I invited her over for coffee with everyone else, but she declined and said she would be by later though.

A few minutes later I heard Jacob rolling Billy's wheelchair into the house.
"Where's Bells?" he asked casually.
"In her room I think," Charlie answered. I didn't hear Jacob coming up the stairs but I knew that he was. He walked into my room and very quietly said "Hey Bells," his face angry and in pain.
"Jacob," I said rather coldly. The pain in his eyes grew. But then he hid behind his mask of calmness. I glared at the face that belonged not to my Jacob but Sam's Jacob.
"Bella, may I ask why you are running around with dangerous predators behind my back and worse yet dating one?"
"D-d-dating one?" I spluttered.
"Yahh, aren't you dating creepy Goth kid?"
"In case you of all people haven't noticed, I. don't. date."
"Oh yeah. But I figured because he's a vampire and…" I hit him.
"You seriously think I'm that shallow?"
He grinned, "Maybe." then his face turned serious again "But you plan to let them change you don't you? You want to be one of them so that you can find him."
"Jacob, it's not like that but yes I plan to because I can't just die. There are so many things I want to do first and now I'll have eternity to do them."
"Bella you're not going to die."
"Jacob there is the cancer, Victoria, and who knows what else, I could trip and fall under a bus…"
He sighed, "Yahh I guess you're right" Wait what? I must have looked confused because he said,
"Bella I love you and I hate them but I can't stand around and watch you die. At least this way I won't have to witness it. You have my permission as the actual Alpha leader of the pack to-to well you know." I hugged him tight.
"I don't wanna leave you though" I sobbed into his chest.
"And that means everything to me" he replied wrapping his arms around me.
"Your acceptance means everything to me" I said "If you like I could visit but if that's to hard on you then, well I won't."
"I'd love that" he replied leading me down the stairs. I thought about how much more grown-up Jacob was about this then I expected him to be and squeezed his hand.