I recently reread The Witch of Blackbird Pond, a book I first read in 5th grade and just started writing about it. This is the result. Not really true to how they speak in the book, but oh well.

:: A few drabbles about Kit and Nat. In no real order. ::

:New House:

Saybrook was a change for Kit, but a welcome one. The new house was large, but not grand. It had character, but no style. It was simple, but not plain. What mattered most was that it was hers. Theirs.

Kit could barely contain herself as she stroked the smooth wood railings carefully. "'Tis exactly what I imagined."

Nat stood behind her. "Is it really?"

"Oh yes, Nat! Much more." She turned around gleefully. "Just think of it, my own house!"

Nat stepped closer, his blue eyes lighting up. "If you fancy the railings, you should see the bed."

That wicked grin was on his fine face again, and Kit's stomach twisted in a tingling kind of way. She could barely contain her smile as he hoisted her into his arms and carried her up the stairs. Sailors sure were a stong bunch, Kit thought giddily.

Wow, that one was short. Lol, others will be longer though. Promise. :)