Cynthia and Dawn Pt I

It was pouring near the town of Hearthome. Not the normal amount of usual rain, but really pouring. The kind of rain where you could barely see where you were going. Cynthia and Dawn weren't close enough to town to try and make their way back. In this weather it would be entirely way too risky. Instead they decided to seek shelter in a nearby cave.

With them, as always, was Pachirisu, Dawn's faithful companion. Ever since Dawn gave up on her career as a trainer and contestant, she'd given all her pokemon to Ash, who had brought them to Prof. Oak in his hometown, Pallet town, over in the Kanto Region. All except Pachirisu. The hyper-energetic pokemon had made it very clear he didn't want to part ways with Dawn or her lover, Cynthia. He'd taken much after Ash's pikachu, too, in that he refused to remain in a pokeball. Instead he bounded about curiously investigating whatever held his interest at the time.

Soaking wet, the threesome entered the cave. They were fortunate. It was a cave meant to harbour weary travellers such as themselves. In the back was an unlit campfire. Pachirisu, curious as ever, immediately leapt inside to investigate this exciting new place. Dawn and Cynthia were right behind him.

Dawn sneezed and said, with a bit of a mischievous look on her face: 'We'll have to get out of these wet clothes if we don't wanna catch a cold. I don't suppose you thought to bring a change of clothes?'

Cynthia, who was actually not the one in charge of this task, shook her head and replied: 'We were only supposed to be here a couple hours. There was no need for that. Remember?'

Not that I mind, right now, she thought.

Dawn tilted her head and said: 'You're right. Oh, well, guess we don't have a choice then. Let's get a fire started and get out of these damp outfits before we catch something.'

Cynthia agreed wholeheartedly and immediately proceeded to start the fire.

Once that was done, both of them stripped down to their underwear. This happened with a fair amount of giggling, turning away from each other and stealing glances. They didn't stop there however. Since the weather outside was truly dreadful, they had been soaked down to their skins in a matter of seconds. Their underwear was just as soaked as the rest of their clothes. With a shrug Cynthia removed the final layers of her clothing and sat down in front of the fire, to warm herself. Dawn soon followed suit, and sat down on the other side, placing the fire in between them.

Pachirisu had meanwhile finished his first sweep of the insides of the cave and came to check out the new fire. He skittered all around it, apparently trying to spot it from every angle at once.

Neither Cynthia nor Dawn really saw him, although Dawn did keep one eye on him, from time to time to check if he wasn't getting himself in too much trouble. They were far too busy ogling each other. Cynthia would occasionally glance at Dawn's still glistening, naked form and revel in the beauty of her figure. Dawn was only 16 but she was rapidly turning into a beautiful woman. Dawn would blush and cast her eyes down, but do much the same when she thought Cynthia wasn't paying attention. On occasion their eyes would cross paths and Cynthia grinned mischievously then, silently promising Dawn a good time in the not too distant future. Dawn blushed and played the role of silent, virgin maiden who gently urged her lover to stay down the path she was currently on. It was a game they often played and they both knew their roles well. It was just a matter of waiting for the right time.

A few minutes later

Pachirisu was bored and hungry. It was fun to examine new places but he'd done that already and he wanted something to eat. Cynthia was nibbling on a candy bar, and the object in her hand was what was currently occupying his mind. All he needed to do was wait until her attention was focused on something else and the prize would be his. And suddenly he got an idea. He knew how to distract not her, but mistress Dawn.

Dawn startled and said: 'Don't get too close to the fire, Pachirisu. We don't want you to get burned.' Pachirisu's ears twitched as he heard mistress Dawn pronounce his name, but his attention was elsewhere. Cynthia had dropped her candy bar to ground level and said to Dawn: 'He'll be fine, dear. Pokemon know instinctively when they get too close to danger.'

Dawn shrugged and replied: 'I'm just looking out for him. You never know what could happen.'

This was Pachirisu's chance. With the attention of both his mistresses focused solely on each other he leapt towards the candy, and with stunning precision he snatched it from Cynthia's hand. He immediately dashed away, treasure firmly held in both hands and happily started devouring it. Cynthia didn't notice. She looked at her hand, distracted and thought, 'why is my hand clutched like I was holding something', but couldn't bring herself to pay any more attention then that to it.

'You know, Dawn, I have an aunt who was a Psychic. My grandmother once told me it was possible I inherited some of her powers. It's not much but every now and then, I get a vague premonition. A blurred shot of someone's future. Have I ever told you this?'

Dawn, who knew none of this was actually true, but just another part of the game they played that would eventually lead up to them having sex, played right along. She shook her head and answered: 'No, I don't believe you did. Why?'

Cynthia, satisfied that Dawn had caught up to the game she was playing, as she always did, shrugged and said: 'I'm telling you this because right before we entered this cave I had a premonition of you. You were sitting there, just as you are now, in that exact pose, when a tall, blond woman comes into the picture and forces you to have sex with her.'

Dawn laughed and said: 'Well, I can tell with some certainty that your premonition is flawed on at least one point.'

Cynthia pretended to make a face, then grinned and spoke: 'Really? And what would that point be, then?'

Dawn got up, stretched out, knowing full well Cynthia was watching her every move like a hawk and was getting aroused from watching her naked figure. She walked over to where Cynthia sat down and whispered in her ear: 'The part where the sex is forced, of course. I can guarantee you that feeling is mutual.' She held out her hand and, despite Cynthia being the bigger and older one of the two, helped her up to her feet. Dawn held her lover in an embrace and stood on her toes to kiss her. Cynthia grinned once again, and replied: 'Good. She really wouldn't have liked to force it.' Again, Dawn laughed. 'Shut up and kiss me again, you tall blonde woman.'

Soon after, Pachirisu, having finished his meal, heard strange noises coming from the back of the cave and naturally couldn't resist investigating. Apparently the mistresses were rolling on top and over each other, grunting and laughing playing a seemingly very fun, yet exhausting game. He blinked a few times, and considered joining in, but decided against it. Somehow he didn't think they would appreciate that. Instead he cocked his head and watched them for a while, but quickly grew bored and decided it would be a lot more fun to chase after his own tail.