Cynthia and Dawn Part 3

Dawn looked at herself in the mirror. She had recovered very well from her injuries. Near as she could tell she looked exactly the same as before, barring a small scar on the top of her head that would be there forever. She was, for all intents and purposes, the same girl she was before again. She turned to look at herself sideways in the mirror and admired her figure. She was slim and curvaceous, especially for someone her age. Dawn had always known boys weren't for her. She just wasn't interested in them that way. Women understood each other, though. Supported each other. And they looked a hell of a lot better with their clothes off. At least to her, they did.

Pachirisu was with her too, ofcourse and he too had recovered from his mental breakdown caused by her accident. He was back to his old curious, energetic self and dashed around the room, chasing after a red rubber ball, blissfully unaware that the fabric was designed so that every time he caught it, it would bounce away again and he could continue his game.

Dawn smiled as she watched her favourite pet pokemon dash across the room, entrenched in his simple, yet apparently very engrossing game. She looked at herself again and straightened her short skirt somewhat. She was glad she was up and about again. She couldn't wait to go back on her journey with Cynthia. It didn't really matter to her where they went or what they were going to do once they got there. As long as they were together, she would be happy.

Cynthia sat on the bed behind her and just watched Dawn wordlessly. She endured Pachirisu's frequent bouncing and dashing across her. Sometimes, she didn't even notice the little fella until he was gone again.

Dawn turned away from the mirror and faced her lover. 'What do you think?'

Cynthia cocked her head, pretending not to know what Dawn was referring to. 'What about?'

Dawn made a face and playfully stuck her tongue out at her partner. 'How do I look?'

Cynthia got up from the bed, took a single step towards Dawn and turned her around to face the mirror again. She wrapped both her arms around Dawn's waist and said, 'You look amazing, as always. Like you haven't missed a beat at all. Still just as breathtaking.'

Dawn leaned her head back and sideways and let it rest against Cynthia's chest. 'Really? You can be honest with me, you know?'

'Really,' Cynthia reassured her. 'How do you feel? You think you're ready to go back out?'

Dawn pondered the question for a while, before looking up into the tall blonde's gorgeous features and steel coloured eyes. She took Cynthia's hand in her own and held it against her chest. 'I think so. As long as I have you, I can handle anything.'

Cynthia just smiled and the couple turned back to look at themselves in the mirror. Cynthia towered a full head over Dawn and had that regal, elegant aura thing going for her. Dawn on the other hand brimmed with life and energy and exuded the impatience and curiosity that was the norm for youthful people her age. Cynthia had long, lush blond hair, steely blue-greyish eyes and an even, serious looking face. Dawn had medium length dark that she liked to tie in a simple ponytail at the back, big bright blue eyes and a honest, open face that always looked ready to burst open in a radiant smile.

They couldn't have looked any more different if they had tried. And yet, as the couple looked at each other in the mirror, in their embrace looking in each other's eyes through the reflection, the connection between them was more then apparent. They belonged together and they both knew it. Without one, the other would never be complete. They were an item now and neither would have it any other way.

Cynthia was the first to break the spell and moved slightly, breaking the embrace. She went back to the side of the bed and sat down on the edge. Dawn looked at herself one last time and then turned around looking for the items she would need to pack when they were ready to leave.

Cynthia just watched. She had made ready a few hours before. That, and she enjoyed just being around Dawn and simply watching. She didn't need to talk, she didn't need to do anything, she just needed to be herself. Cynthia could sit in a room for hours not doing anything but watching her young lover and not get bored for a moment. Dawn had gotten used to this a long time ago and had even grown to enjoy it. At times, she had used this habit of Cynthia's to pave the way for a game she wanted to play with her.

Pachirisu jumped unto Cynthia's lap, finally tiring of his game of 'chase that little red ball' and chattered as Cynthia absentmindedly rubbed his belly. He wriggled in joy and squirmed, for a few minutes before his impetuous nature took over again and he bounded into the bag of his mistress, looking up at her with gleamy, curious eyes.

Dawn laughed and picked him up out of the bag. 'Not now, silly. I think I'm going to pack you last.' Pachirisu cocked his head sideways, twitched an ear, smiled at her and then leapt away again, disappearing through the door to do 'god only knows what'. Dawn just hoped he wouldn't get himself, or them, in trouble. Again.

As Dawn watched her furry little companion depart, she suddenly stopped packing and her arms slumped to her side. 'Hey, Cyn?'

Cynthia, who was obviously aware of the sudden change in nature, was on alert half expecting Dawn to suffer from some sort of delayed reaction to her treatment and was prepared to catch her at the slightest hint of trouble. 'Yea?'

Dawn turned to face her and Cynthia was more then a little surprised to see the tears shining in Dawn's eyes. In an instant, she was up and about from the bed and held Dawn in an embrace. 'Hey, what's wrong? This should be a happy time. You're walking around again. You're healthy now. Why the tears?'

'Oh,' Dawn said, wiping the tears away from her face and smiling again, 'don't mind that. Those were happy tears. I just… I've never been this happy before, you know? Everything just seems so wonderful and great now. And it's all because of you. I … I just…' Dawn blushed and shrugged awkwardly in Cynthia's embrace.

'What are you saying, Dawn, honey? You're crying because you're too happy?'

Dawn laughed shortly. 'Yea, it's stupid, I know. But I just couldn't help it, you know? Hey, Cyn, can I ask you something?' Dawn looked up into her lovers eyes again and Cynthia knew this was going to be something very serious, instinctively.

'Anything, Dawn.'

Dawn took a deep breath and locked her gaze with Cynthia's. 'You know, we've been together a while now. And we've been happy. And things have been great for us so far. I just don't want this to end. I… I guess, what I mean to say is. I… I love you, you know.'

Cynthia stroked the hair on the top of Dawn's head gently and responded, 'I love you too, baby. You know that.'

'No, … well, I mean, yea, ofcourse… but that's not what I mean. I… I mean…I think… I guess I don't just love you. I'm IN love with you. And I was just wondering…'

Cynthia's eyes suddenly gleamed with understanding. She knew where this was going now. She took Dawns hands in her own and got down on her knees so that she was now looking up at Dawn. 'I think I understand now, Dawn. Do you… want to be my partner? For life?'

Looking at Cynthia, sitting down on her knees, with the most serious plea in her eyes, emotionally exposed Dawn swallowed hard and lost her voice. She couldn't do anything other then nod wordlessly. Cynthia's face broke open in a wide, happy grin upon seeing that and she jolted back up, Dawn's hands still held in her own. 'You said yes! YES!', she exclaimed. 'Do you know what that means, Dawn? Do you know how happy that makes me?!'

Dawn just bounded up and down along Cynthia, who appeared to be ecstatic with joy now. She had never seen her otherwise so cool and calm partner this way. They both just laughed with overflowing joy, not knowing how else to process their happiness and embraced each other fiercely.

Pachirisu dashed back into the room, having heard all the commotion and saw the mistress and her friend bounding up and down the room. For a single moment, he cocked his head sideways and looked at them puzzled. Then he just shrugged it off and leapt over Dawn's legs and back up to her shoulder, chattering along happily.

'And you too, ofcourse, Pachirisu,' Dawn exclaimed, 'you're going to be part of this family too now.'

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I know it's late beyond words, but I've been getting several requests to continue this story, even now, despite the fact that it's been years since I last updated it. I guess that means I must've done something right, so I hope you enjoy this part as much as the last ones. Please, continue to tell me what you think. Or don't. Who knows what the future might still hold for our happy couple?