Kirsten sat on the arm of the chair and wiped Ryan's sweat- soaked bangs off his hot forehead as he looked up at her with pitiful blue eyes. The temperature on the thermometer was contuing to climb at an alarming rate. Finally after an agonizing thirty seconds the thermometer beeped.

"103.8- Oh Ryan..."

"Not that-" Several agonizing coughs ripped through him, "Bad." He finished weakly, as he slumped against the chair. Kirsten and Sandy looked at him like they weren't sure how much worse it could possibly get. "I jus' need sub sleep." He told them in a tired, hoarse voice.

"Hold on," Kirsten said, rubbing his arm, "Let me get you something." She reappeared with several pills and a glass of water. Ryan took everything without question and then Sandy helped him to his feet and out to the pool house.

Kirsten was left alone with Seth who looked slightly pale, "I had no idea..." He said quietly.

"What's that?" Kirsten asked.

I had no- ACHOO- idea how bad he was feeling." Seth said, and he hung his head in shame. Kirsten wasn't sure what was going on, but she was worried. Ryan was really sick, and if Seth was going to come down with this bug Ryan had, she was going to have her hands full.

"It's okay," She walked over to him and patted his arm reassuringly.

"No it- ACHOO- isn't. I should have- HACHOO ACHOO- been a better ACHOO brother." He finally managed to say.

"Bless you. Let's get you into bed," Kirsten suggested. "You can be a better brother in the morning."

Seth nodded. Then sneezed again. Feeling more sympathy for Ryan with every sneeze. His head and shoulders ached, and his fever was still fairly low. He could only imagine how Ryan was feeling right now... Why hadn't he helped Ryan clean up? Sure he had been feeling a little achey and tired- so he had just let Ryan take care of the mess. And now Ryan was really sick.


"Need anything else?" Sandy asked, as he hovered in the doorway unwilling to walk away from the sick kid, even though he was pretty sure there was nothing more he could do. The cold medicine and a glass of water had been placed next to the bed. Ryan had put on a fresh t-shirt. The coughing had subsided slightly, but it was still obvious how much it hurt Ryan to talk.

Sandy wished there was something he could to make the poor sick teen feel better, but for the moment, he knew there was nothing.

"I'b fine." Ryan reassured him tiredly. As sick as he was, Sandy knew he felt bad if anyone had to worry about him. He brushed his hand once more against Ryan's hot forehead.

"Alright kid, get some sleep." Ryan's eyes were already sliding shut.

Yes it's over- but fear not! There will be a sequel- entitled Ryan's good day. I dunno tho... Maybe I should make you work for it... Like someone else hurting and comforting Ryan- hmmm?