How Alice found the Porshe in Italy. One shot.

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I need a good car. A fast car. I stopped outside a little cafe. Concentrate, Alice. Fast car, like a …

"Hey!" I turned, and saw a small blonde haired girl running towards me. "Hey! You sparkle!"

Damn. I pulled my glove up higher, and continued along at a human pace. The girl followed, bounding along like a puppy beside me.

"My name's Maria, who are you?" she asked. Suddenly, I knew how to get rid of her. She'd been speaking Italian.

"Huh?" I don't understand you, little girl," I smiled and hoped it would work. Maria looked briefly worried before smiling.

"Marci!" she called. Great. Another one. Maria had a brief conversation with a dark haired girl who, apart from the hair, was Maria's exact twin, I tried to slip off.

"Not so fast!" called Marci. Shoot. She spoke English. I turned, and saw it. The car I needed. Fast. Just pulling into the cafe car park. I needed to get rid of these kids.

"What is it, sport?" I asked Marci, then saw what she was going to say. I almost laughed with relief.

"Can you get our ball back?" she asked.

It took 30 seconds to get the ball back and give it to the two girls. It took slightly longer than that to get rid of them.

Soon, I was racing off to the car. A Porshe 911 Turbo. Canary yellow. It took 5 seconds to get in, then, I was away.

The ride was smooth, and I was back at the airport quickly. I saw Bella pacing up and down on the airport side walk. Everyone stared as I pulled up next to Bella. I could see her shocked face through he passenger window.

"Hurry, Bella!" I shouted. I'd wasted enough time on those twins.

"Sheesh, Alice," said Bella, "Could you have picked a more conspicuous car to steal?"

"The more important question," I said, thinking of the time wasters, "is whether I could have stolen a faster car, and I don't think so. I got lucky." If you count two annoying twerps lucky. Mind you, I wouldn't have found the car, if they hadn't slowed me down.

Thank you, annoying twins.

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