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Magic of the Heart


6:30…6:31…6:32. This is my life now. Just waiting. Waiting and counting…for her. Ever since she left I've been nothing but nightmare. I don't go to school, no one see's me and everyone has basically given up on me. I won't hunt, read, and play piano anymore. I'm just a lump of rock contemplating my own misery in my room. I've never taken off her locket, and I won't.


"You can come and get it" I said with aggression. "I'm never going to take it off" I said and put I put my cold hand over hers.

She leaned in to kiss me. It was only light so I grabbed her and pulled her closer. Knowing what I was trying to do she pulled herself in, and then ran. She just ran and left me on my knees.

I went round smashing trees, rocks, and basically anything I could find. When I got back home everyone looked with sympathy and Esme came and hugged me. Alice had filled them in. I ran to my room and locked the door. They could have smashed it down, or the window, but they respected my privacy and after a couple of week, let me alone altogether.

And that was 8 months ago.

"Edward. Please Edward. Talk about it with me. I can't take your emotions anymore dude." Jasper said out of the blue one day. He'd often try to calm the house, but then my emotions would break through.

I growled as a response.

"That's it. Fine I give up" he said and stormed off. Ever since that Alice and Jasper have been in Denali. I wanted to care, but I couldn't.

7:56…7:57…7:58…time means nothing to me now. Each minute feels like a lifetime. Where is she? Why isn't she back yet? I want to find her so much. I had started to mindlessly fiddle with her locket and it unclasped. I thought I'd gone insane. Because there in front of me was Isabella. She was…well glorious. Her hair was fluttering as though there was a breeze on it. And the smile she wore-just for me.

"I-I-Issa-belle-a" I stumbled. I really couldn't believe my eyes. I ran to her and grabbed her. She seemed responsive and kissed me back. I forgot how soft she was, she was like air. I carried her to the bed and noticed the stupid locket was still open, so I shut it. I heard raindrops fall outside, and she was gone. Bella was gone. I looked everywhere, but she was no where to be seen. I bolted for the door and didn't think about the consequences of my un- anti-social behavior.

"WHERE IS SHE?" I screamed. I had to find her again. I do anything. Emmet and Carlisle looked flabbogastered. It was the first time in 8 months they had seen me.

"who?" was all they could reply with.

"Bella!" I replied angrily. How dare they not notice her. "She was in my room just now and…and then she was gone." I explained weakly, sounding more insane by the second. Carlisle put his arm around my shoulders and I shrugged it off

"Start from the beginning son." He whispered fatherly.

I explained my story and how it felt so real. He asked to see the locket and I stood up and crouched.

He put up his arms in defensive actions.

"I'm sorry Edward. Maybe you could open it again then?" Carlisle said very slowly. I wasn't handicapped.

"What?!" I said completely confused. What on earth did the locket have anything…

When I opened the locket, Bella came back. When I shut it she was gone. I ran from the room to my bedroom. Carlisle had seen the flash of intuition across my face and so stood outside my door waiting eagerly for the result.

I sat on my sofa and very slowly unclasped the locket once more. Ah! Gasp! Shock! Bella stood before me again, and she had a mock accusing face on. It was adorable.

"You left me" she accused.

"Bella…I-I'm so sorry love." I stuttered. She came to me. It was completely uncalled for but I started to dry sob.

"Hush now. No more." Bella cooed. "I'm not dead" she said. I saw her sit down next to me, but no disturbance was made on the sofa, or even the dust. I knew she had her arm over me, but closing my eyes I couldn't feel anything. I willed her touch to existence, but it didn't work.

"I'll be back soon my love." She whispered. I saw her kiss me and if I thought hard enough, I couldn't feel it. She said she'd be back soon. Happiness overwhelmed me. At that moment other things crossed my mind. Alice and Jasper. Hunting. My family.

"What have you done to yourself my love." She said furrowing her eyebrow and stroking my dark skin under my eye. She wasn't happy to see myself in this state.

"You foolish, foolish man. How you punish yourself so for my well being, and I be not even here." She said again. "And how you let your family escape you, for an idle hope of my return. Intolerable. You have desired my company at the expense of those who care for you most. Go, my love. And fix what has been broke. I shall return soon." She stated and kisses my cheek. Her words reminded me of something, but I was stunned to speak. She put her hand on the locket and pushed at it. Subconsciously my hand covered her, and the locket snapped shut.

She left me again. What I failed to notice was that when she entered into my room a light filled it, and now she was gone so was the room. I stood up and walked out of my room. Smug because Carlisle must have heard that and over the moon, because she was coming back.

But outside my door Carlisle looked unsatisfied, just as he had before.

"See. I said Bella was here. It just so happens that she came out of the locket." I said smug. He was alarmed.

"You did just hear her?" I said wondering if I was possibly imagining her. No. No way. I couldn't think up anything of that detail.

"I'm sorry Edward. I couldn't hear her." Son maybe if you open the locket and I see for myself. He thought. I didn't want to because I wanted her to be only mine, but he was thinking I was nuts. As was Emmet, Rosalie and even Esme.

"Fine" I hissed. I unclasped it and there she stood in all her beauty. She smiled and light shone out again.

"I told you I'd be back my love." She whispered. Then she had an idea. "You look down, let's play a game." She laughed. It was a peal of bells ringing through the halls. I all but forgot Carlisle's presence.

"See Dad. She is here standing right before me." I said and sparing a glance into his head I could see he saw me talking to an empty hallway. However I was soon dragged out of that.

"Come my love, I be much faster now. No man can capture me" she teased.

"We'll see about that." I growled playfully and she ran fast to the lounge, but I was quick on her heels. She sat next to Emmet on the sofa so I leapt at her. She saw me coming and jumped up.

"What are you doing my sweet?" she said and crouched low. Her laughter enchanted me once more and I jumped at her, but again she saw me and ran upstairs.

"Let me alone." Bella spoke in a hushed voice which clearly said 'chase me'

"You ran, and so must surely pay the price." I said trying to dazzle her from under my lashes. She ran to Rosalie's room. The door was shut but I burst through it. She was in a corner and curled her finger –ushering me towards her. I was three steps away when she closed the distance and she stroked my cheek. But there was a pain there. Bella left the room and ran to the lounge.

"What was that, love?" I asked peeved. My cheek really hurt. Carlisle and Esme looking frightened and Emmet looked murderous. He was holding my Bella.

"Let her go" I growled. But against my wishes he held her tighter. I sensed another run.

"If you run from me Bella, I'll just follow" I warned impishly.

"Bella?!" Carlisle exclaimed. Panic was layered in his voice. "Son, close the locket." He said authoritively.

"What?" I was confused.

"Son close the locket and look around you" he said again, a hint of anger upon his features. I wanted to know what he was on about and so shut the locket with a click. The light was lost and where my Bella was, was Rosalie. I was confused. Rosalie looked downright mad and Emmet looked like, well like a giant irritable grizzly who just had it's cub taken from it. I couldn't or didn't comprehend where all these things came from.

"Why are you looking like you could kill me?" I asked Em.

"Why-Why are you YOU ARE UNBELIEVABLE" he laughed menacingly. You chase my woman around after she tells you to stop and slaps you, but you still carry on. He ran for me, but Carlisle came in the way.

"Show me what just happened" I asked.

Carlisle's memory

"See. I said Bella was here. It just so happens that she came out of the locket." Edward said smug. I was completely alarmed.

"You did just hear her?" He said wondering if he was possibly imagining her. he rid himself of that opinion.

"I'm sorry Edward. I couldn't hear her." Son maybe if you open the locket and I see for myself. I thought. I could understand how he wanted her to be private, but I needed to see this evidence for myself.

"Fine" He hissed. He unclasped it he stood looking at an empty space in the hallway, looking like he saw an angel. Also he was partially squinting. Maybe he thought he saw a light.

"See Dad. She is here standing right before me." He said and had his neck muscle tensed, which meant he could see that I saw nothing.

"We'll see about that" he said to himself and ran down stairs and leapt at the sofa, which had Rosalie and Emmet on. Rose saw him coming and jumped back. Emmet smiled thinking his brother finally had decided to have fun. But he saw soon that Edward wasn't thinking like that.

"What the hell are you doing" Rosalie growled and sunk to a crouch. Edward was still squinting. He jumped for Rose and anticipating his movement went upstairs. I didn't follow but I heard:

"Leave me alone, you freak" from rose

"You ran, and so must surely pay the price" Edward replied. I had to restrain Emmet at this point.

A door was slammed and burst through. Both Esme and I were restraining Emmet now.

"Edward come any closer and I'll rip your face off. Well either me or Emmet" rose growled. Two steps were taken and we heard a screech, which meant she had hit him. she ran down here and to the arms of Emmet.

"What was that, love?" Edward asked annoyed.

"That was you being a JERK" rose yelled, but he didn't seem to hear.

"Let her go" he growled to Emmet. She tugged on his shirt, "Let's run or rip him up" she suggested darkly. I sent a stern look.

"If you run again Bella, then I'll just chase you" he warned. Everyone's face fell. But the anger soon came back in Emmet's and Rosalie's.

"Bella?!" I exclaimed. Panic was layered in my voice. "Son, close the locket." I urged.

"What?" He was confused. Yeah, so were we.

"Son close the locket and look around you" I said again, a hint of anger shoing through my face. He was confused and so shut the locket with a click. The squinting was gone and he just looked at rose. He was puzzled. Rosalie looked downright mad and Emmet looked the same.

"Why are you looking like you could kill me?" I asked Em.

Understanding dawned across his face.