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3 months later

It was better having Jasper and Alice back again. There was more of a buzz to the atmosphere. It didn't reach me of course, I was still confined to my room, but now I moved more than before. I'd often pace about the landing, to the piano, touch it briefly and fall back to my bed again. I'd sit in the middle of my useless prop and unclasp the locket that I held so dear to me. It swung open just as it had the many other times, accept now there was something different.

There was no Light. No Bella.

I quickly shut it and reopened it, my chest filling with panic that would send a heart to overdrive. This could NOT under any circumstances be happening. My Bella, my Beautiful Bella, gone! No.

My fist clenched at the empty air around the locket and I didn't know what to do. Alice burst in the door looking horrified and Jasper was soon in tow, mirroring my face, I was sure.

Edward!! Alice screamed mentally.

I choked on my own venom and soon everyone was in my bedroom.

"She's gone" I called. "SHE'S GONE!!"

Alice shooed everyone out of the room and I heard her explaining what I was too distraught to do. I smashed the window and jumped out, hitting the floor running. I pelted my every foot step, pushing harder and harder until I reached the mountains.

I looked down to my hand, where I expected to see the locket. NO! I had forgotten it. In my haste to run, I had left the very heart of me. My chest swelled with nothing. Pain and nothing.

I ran all the way back only to hear the voice of my angle calling me from my bed. I saw the tiny silver case broken into two, releasing my Love onto my bed.


"Edward, My Edward, Are you there?"

"I'm here, love!"

"Where are you Edward?"

"Bella, I'm here"

"Oh Edward. I need you now, more than ever. Please" she whispered and now I realized that there was no light now. This was not the normal pristine Bella I was used to. No, this was a windswept Bella, who was soaked to the bone calling out my name on what looked to be muddy moors.

She kept calling my name and I kept calling hers.

There was thunder overhead, crashing and rolling like some giant beast.

"Edward! Edward! Please Edward."

"It's ok Bella, I'm here"

"I'm coming Edward. I love you"

"I love you too, I'm right here"

"Let me in Edward" she breathed before disappearing from the locket.

I was about to panic when there was a knock on the window, and in a flash of lightening lighting up the window only to reveal a skeletal woman. Bella.