So here is my first Ruby and the Rockits story. I am totally, 100% in love with this couple. So please tell me what you think! Like if it's worth updating.

"Ruby!" Called out Audie Gallagher in her futile attempt to wake up the sleeping fifteen year old, who was dead asleep; she had come to know Ruby as a heavy sleeper. "It's almost eleven, time to get up." She said passing by banging on the door. Ruby let out a groan and rolled over, covering herself with her comforter.

"it's Saturday." She whined.

"So. just because it's the weekend means you can sleep in late?" Was Audies rebuttal.

"I'm pretty sure that's what it means." Ruby said getting out of bed. As much as she hated it she was an obedient child. She let out yawn and rubbed the sleep from her eyes.

"Well now that you're up all that leaves is Jordan. Wish me luck." Audie said smiling. Ruby let out a giggle. She loved her aunt, even though she didn't feel like an aunt. Audie felt more like a friend, and sometime, although she never told her this, she felt like a mother. Ruby kind of liked being able to see her aunt Audie as a mother, since she missed her mother dearly.

"Oh, do me a favor Ruby, bring in the mail."

"Yes ma'am."

Ruby slipped on her slippers and walked outside. Ruby smiled as the bright sun greeted her. She loved the warm weather, lucky for her she lived where it was always sunny and warm, Florida.

She shifted through the mail as she walked back inside and saw that there was nothing but junk mail and bills, that was until she came across one envelope that had no stamp and no return address. All it had written across it in large bold letters was RUBY. Ruby tossed the mail haphazardly onto the table in the family room and ripped open what she assumed was her letter. She pulled a hand written letter addressed to her.

Dear Ruby,

How are you? Ha, sorry. I wasn't quite sure what to put there, in fact I wasn't quite sure how to start this letter off. I could say your eyes are pools of beauty that trap me in when I look at you. Which is true, but surely over used don't you think? Or, your voice is a sweet melody of an angel. And no matter what you do, you are the cutest loveliest creature I have ever seen. I guess what I'm trying to say Ruby is I like you. I really, really like you. Fantasies of you and I together constantly fill my head; they're lovely by the way, incase you were wondering. I've tried not liking you and failed miserably. So there, I said it. I just hope this makes you smile and not feel creeped out.

Your secret admirer.

Her eyes widened as she scanned over, what she considered to be the most poetic and beautifully written letter she had ever read, and it was written for her. Excitement over took her and she started running in place repeating over and over "oh my God." and squealing. She was so wrapped up in her own world that she didn't notice Jordan coming down the stairs. He stopped halfway and couldn't help but smile at her. Everything she did, conscientiously or un-conscientiously, was cute. How was he not suppose to be in love with her? Ignoring the fact their cousins of course. He quietly walked down the stairs and got behind her.

"What are we so happy about?" He said loudly. The sound of Jordans voice startled Ruby, causing her to jump forward. Jordan brought his hand up to cover the huge grin that was appearing on face.

"Jeez Jordan, are you trying to give me a heart attack?" Ruby said breathless. Jordan noticed the letter in her hand.

"What's this?" He said snatching it out of her hand. "Hey!" She said reaching for it, too bad Jordan was a lot taller and stronger then her.

"Your eyes are pools of beauty that trap me in when I look at you?" Jordan said with a sour look on his face. Ruby started to blush and looked away. "Yikes. What kind of homo wrote this,It's is terrible."

"You wrote a new song?" Said Ben coming down the stairs. Jordan shot his little brother a dirty look.

"I didn't write anything. It's this 'love letter' Ruby got."

"Oh. Well, it's just that I heard the words homo and terrible, and just thought it had to do with you." Jordan glared at his brother.

"Please," Ruby said, finally getting her letter back. "You're just jealous because you can't write something as poetic and beautiful as this letter."

"Well, I think the nail has been hit on the head here."Said Ben.

"What nail and who's hitting it?" Said Patrick walking in. Ruby felt panicky and hid the letter behind her back. Remembering how he reacted with Nils, a love letter wouldn't settle to well with him. Jordan saw Ruby hiding the letter. He cocked his eyebrow and smiled evilly.

"Nothing dad, except Ruby got a love letter." Patrick's body stiffened and he turned to Ruby. Her face was flushed with anger as she started holes into Jordan.

"Is that true Ruby?"

"Yes, but really uncle Patrick it's nothing. I mean it was anonymous."

"Listen Ruby, I use to send secret love letters to girls. I know who I sent them to and why I sent them." Ruby rolled her eyes.

"Gosh. You Gallagher men freak out over nothing. This is just a silly little letter from someone who doesn't want me to know who they are. It means nothing." She held the letter up, walked into the kitchen, crumbled the note and tossed into the trash. "See," she said putting her hands on her hips. "It means nothing to me." Before anyone could say anything she went upstairs to change. Of course she waited later that day, when everyone else was busy, to fish her letter out of garbage.

"Well, if you boys excuse me, I gotta go blow off some steam on the tread mill."

"You know, dad has used the treadmill more in the time Ruby has lived here then in the five years we've owned it." Said Ben sitting down on the couch. He grabbed the remote and started flipping through the channels. Jordan sat down next to him and snatched the remote.

"You don't seem to upset." Said Ben folding his arms.

"Over what?"

"That your 'woman' got a love note from someone." Jordan looked at Ben from the corner of his eyes. "My woman?"

"Yeah, Ruby. Or have you forgotten that you're in love with your cousin?" Jordan gritted his teeth. Ben loved nothing more then rubbing that in Jordan's face.

"That silly crush? I'm so over it." He lied. Ben rolled his eyes.

"Yeah. Sure. Who are you trying to prove that to? Me or yourself." Jordan handed him back the remote control, he had suddenly lost interest in watching TV.

"Beautiful." Ben said, once again being in control of the remote.