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Ruby sat on her bed, her laptop in hand, scanning through all her classmates photos on Facebook; hoping to some how figure out just who her secret admirer was. She clicked on Megan Daniels profile, one of three girls Ruby knew to be a lesbian at her school. Megan was smart, funny, a good athlete, and had a vintage classic beauty to her. Ruby couldn't even begin to imagine her reaction if Megan was her secret admirer. The truth was she couldn't imagine what her reaction would be with anyone, guy or girl, it was all pretty much 50/50 in her mind.

She shook the thoughts away and clicked back onto her profile. Ruby wasn't a big Facebook, Myspace, or Twitter girl. Her Facebook profile barely had anything on it, and she wasn't a big fan of the 'Status Updating'. She squinted and thought to herself "Why not"

"Ruby is being tormented by someone she doesn't even know. How unfair and mean is that?" She typed and then clicked post. Smiling triumphetely at her third status update in six months, she was wondering if Mr. or Mrs. secret admirer would see it.

Just then a chat box popped up on her screen. She didn't reconize the screen name or know how this person had hers.

"So I'm tormenting you?"

Ruby's eyes got wide and her heart started pounding. "No Way!" she thought to herself.

"What, no witty or angry reply?""Don't tell me I'm talking to myself here."

Ruby took in a deep breath and thought for second of what to say. Her hands were shaky but she managed to type.

"What am I suppose to say? I don't even know who this is or how you got my screen name. If anything I should just block you and sign off."

Ruby folded her arms across her chest, she felt slightly proud of her reply.

"I know for a fact you wont sign off because YOU do know who it is."

She raised her brow.

"Do I now? Please enlighten me. Just who are you?"

"If I told you now just think how lame it would be.""Besides, it's more fun not knowing."

"Maybe for you, you sadist!"

She blinked twice and couldn't believe what she had said. She chuckled to herself and waited for a reply.

"HaHa! Sadist?Nice Flattery will get you everywhere you know."

Ruby rolled her eyes.

"You've got to throw me a bone or something. Who are you?"

There was a long pause and no reply.

"Still there?" she started to nervously chew on her lower lip.

"Yeah. Just...thinking."

"Thinking about telling me who you are?"

"HaHa. Not a chance Ruby. Sorry.."

Ruby huffed, of course it wouldn't be that easy.

"I was thinking about giving you hints. Letting you ask me some questions to ease your mind a little. So I wouldn't be that big of a torment ;D"

Ruby rolled her eyes but couldn't help but smile at the same time.

The first thing she needed to know, other then who he was, was his gender. So she took a deep breath and braced herself.

"Are you a boy or girl?"

" time I checked I was a dude. Although I have been picked on and called Nancy before."

Ruby smiled. That was definitely a huge weight off her shoulders.

"Have I met you before? Like passing each other in the hall or something?"

"Yes. We have encountered each other before."

She wondered.

"How often?"

"More then once."

She glared at the computer screen. More then once was a very vague answer, it could mean they've bumped into each other twice or hundred times.

"That doesn't really help."

"It's not suppose to help. ;P"

She racked through her brain of what else to ask him.

"And before you ask, I'm not a hideous nerd or a stupid meat head jock. I'm not a popular douche bag trying to score. AND I'm most definitely not a teacher. I'm just a plain and simple average sixteen year old with nothing special about him. Does that help?"

Ruby smiled. Whoever this person was, they really understood how her mind worked.

"I'm sure there's something special about you and it does !"'

Ruby felt a happiness on the inside she had never felt before. It wasn't like having a crush on someone it was more like finding that one person that compliments your personality. And even though they were talking through the internet she felt an undescribable closeness with him, and even greater longing to be with him.

"I've got to know..

She began typing, her chest tightening with every letter appearing on the screen. She had to take a deep breath, it was becoming so hard to breath.

"Who are-

"Ruby!" Ben shouted busting into her room.

Suprised by Ben's entrance, Ruby slammed her laptop shut and leaned over it protectively.

Ben raised his brow in curiosity of his cousin and stepped foward. He took note of her hovering over the laptop, the fact that she was blushing, and seemed slightly out of breath.

"What were you doing on your laptop?"

"Nothing." She said backing off her laptop. Ben just looked at her unconvienced.

"What?" She asked, slightly chuckling.

"I think you were looking at porn." He said. Ruby's mouth dropped open and she quickly threw her hand over her mouth before she busted out laughing.

"Any particular reason you busted in here for?" She asked, still trying to keep from laughing.

"Dinner will be ready in five minutes."


"So I suggest you finish up whatever is your doing and then hurry down stairs." He gave a suggestive grin and walked out the door.

Ruby was horrified and at a loss for words. She wondered if she should be more concerned with morality of her younger cousin or the possible chance of him telling Audie and Patrick she looks at porn. She would deal with that later though.

She logged back online and found that her secret admirer had logged off.

Letting out a sigh she fell back onto her bed and wondered if he logged off because he thought she had dissed him or because he genuinely had to go and she beat him to it.

There was a soft knock on her door.

"Come in," She said. "and thank you for knocking, whoever you are."

"No problem," Jordan said sticking his head in. "Dinners done, we are being beckoned to the dinner table."

"Alright," Ruby said sitting up on her bed. "I'm coming."

Jordan smiled and shut her door. He turned to walk down the hall but was stopped by Ben's body, which was directly behind him. Ben took notice of the smile on Jordan's face.

"What's got you so smiley and happy?" He asked, bringing his hand up to his chin.

"We're having roast beef for dinner tonight." said Jordan.

"Really. Roast beef. That's it?" Ben wasn't convinced.

"What can I say," Jordan said, giving a slight shrug as play of innocence. "Mom's roast beef makes me happy." Jordan patted Ben on the head and pushed him aside.

Ben didn't appreciate the shove but his mind was more interested in why his cousin was probably looking at porn, and his brother was either lying or really did have a strange love of roast beef.