"Would you mind if I hurt you?
Understand that I need to
Wish that I had other choices
than to harm the one I love
What have you done now!"

- Within Temptation


There was an unknown person staring back at him through the mirror. Staring in almost a hypnotic way as he reached up and ran his fingers lightly over the dark purple mark under his eye. It felt puffy somehow and pain shot through his cavaties like a spear of ice.

He hissed at the reflection and found another mark on the side of his chin.

For some reason he turned the water on and sighed, then ran his fingers through his long light brown hair.

What do I say to those who'll ask?

He looked up again at the steamy mirror, staring into the big hazel eyes that were staring right back at him. It was never going to end.

Reid washed his face and turned off the taps, before he grabbed a towel and made sure he was dry, before he unlocked the door and opened it to leave.
"You took your time"

Bill was standing right outside, staring into the large puppy eyes with his own icy blue ones.
"S-sorry" Reid said quietly and swallowed. Bill smirked.
"Off to bed. I'll be there in a bit"

His voice was deep and when they first met, Reid found it sexy, but after the past few months, it was nothing but threatening to him.


Reid walked down the hall and into the bedroom, feeling a uncomfortable flicker in his stomach. He couldn't help but stare at the maroon sheets in fear, before he undressed.

Please Hotch, call me and tell me we have an urgent case...

He crept down under the sheets and stared at his cellphone, almost praying for it to call... But it didn't and a few minutes later, Bill's wide form appeared in the doorway. He almost looked like a vampire with his bleached spiky hair and light blue eyes that sometimes appered to be white.

"I like this sight" he said and licked his lips, before he approached the bed.

Please, someone up there, make someone call me, ring the doorbell, anything...

Reid faked a smile and looked up at him, but didn't follow him with his eyes as Bill walked around the bed and joined him.

His large, cold fingers caressed Reid's neck and throat. He was sure Bill was going to strangle him.
"I'm really sorry about that" Bill said and touched the bruises in Reid's face.

The young genius flinched, and Bill pulled his hand away.
"Did it hurt?" he asked. Reid swallowed.
"It's just a-a little sore" Reid stuttered and closed his eyes. Bill leaned in and placed his wet lips hard onto the purple marks. Reid wanted to push him away. It felt as if his head was about to explode.

The blonde man's cold hands touched him. His chest, his arms, his thighs. He wanted to run.

Suddenly his phone rang and he quickly reached for it. Bill let out an annoyed sigh.
"Dr Reid" he answered and at that point, Bill slipped his hand down Reid's boxers, and Reid knew he'd be disappointed at the non-excisting reaction.

"It's me" Hotch's voice said in the other end, and Reid quietly thanked a higher power. "We just got a priority one case, I need you here in 30 minutes"

Reid winched as Bill squeezed him hard, and pressed his lips together.
"Mhm" he took a deep breath. "I'll be there"

"Get a normal job, for fucks sake" Bill muttered angrily and lay down, with his back towards Reid.

"I'm... I'm sorry" Reid said quietly and got up.

"Too bad you got hit by the kitchen cupboard" Bill said. "You look terrible"

Reid had to press his lips together not to hiccup in tears. He nodded.
"Yeah... That stupid cupboard"


Reid took a seat behind the steering wheel of his old car and just sat there, breathing, for a while. He looked at himself in the rear-view mirror and wondered why he was stupid enough to stay with Bill. The man had an obvious interest in causing pain, feeling dominant, which off course had made Spencer Reid the most perfect victim, even though Bill claimed to love him.

Reid loved Bill too in a way, or at least he had once... Before the dangerous game had started and it felt impossible to finish it.

He turned the key and started the car, barely focusing on the road, as his thoughts were taking up too much of his mind at that moment.

It was weird that Hotch had called right then, almost as if he had read Reid's thoughts and rescued him. Reid only wished that was true.

The red and oragne lights along the road had an almost relaxing effect. It felt almost as if he was on the run, and he liked it.

The team didn't know about Bill. It had been both of their wishes, but Reid had been close to telling them many times the past month, especially when Morga had been joking about Reid never getting a date.

Somehw, it had hurt him. Not the joke in itself, but the fact that he wanted to tell Morgan everything but something always made him not to.

He wondered if they'd believe the 'kitchen cupboard' story. He had never had any visible bruises before, and he managed to hide them from Morgan with the explanation 'would you really like to see me naked' the day he had been infected with anthrax.

Those bruises were scars now, running down his back as Bill had punished him, like he always did when Reid came home from a case. Punished with the brown leather belt he had come to hate, everytime he had been away for 'too long'.

Reid parked his car in the garage under the main building and took the elevator.

Oh, it's nothing... The cupboard was open and I didn't see it until, Bam... No, that sounded really made up... I was going to make coffee and the cupboard was stuck, so I pulled with all my strength and it hit me in the face... Ugh, even worse. What strength?

He sighed. He just had to deal with it when they asked him.

The elevator doors opened and he got ut, marching with his long legs towards the bullpen as always.

"Hey, Spence" JJ greeted and he smiled. "Oh my God, what did you do?"

She tilted her head slightly and squinted her eyes as she seemed to be analyzing his bruises.

"Cupboard door..." he said with a nervous laugh. "Clumsy me"

She furrowed her eyebrows, but didn't question him.
"Remind me to never let you get close to a cupboard again"

He pressed his lips together and smiled, nodding and entered the bulpen.

He wanted to smack himself in the face. Clumsy me...?

It seemed Hotch was still getting things ready, because Reid didn't see him. Garcia and Morgan were talking by Morgan's desk, and Reid thought he could walk past them without them noticing. He was wrong.
"Whoa, man, who did you mess with, the Terminator?"

Morgan walked up to him, and Reid wished he didn't.

"Actually it was the mighty Hulk..."

Now he was screwed. Reid never made jokes, and if he did, something was wrong... Busted!

"Who did this to you?" Morgan asked, causing Garcia to rush over there too. Reid sighed.
"I walked into a cupboard, Morgan" Reid said, but Morgan shook his head.
"How do you explain the bruise on your chin?"

Reid swallowed and thought of something quickly.
"I... You know what?" he began with a nervous chuckle. "I hit the tap in the fall, can you believe it?"

Garcia looked between the men with a worried and suspicious look.

"No, Reid. I don't believe it"

Reid's face turned stern and he cleared his throat.

"Everybody, we have to present the case"

Saved by Hotch... Again.