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The Right and Wrong kind of Love!!!


Warning: Slash

Eragon woke up at his usual time on a Monday morning and started to get ready for college. His usual morning routine went without a hitch: shower, dress, breakfast, teeth, bus. Rinse and repeat. The usual.

The classes he attended were the same boring classes. The things he ate were ordinary. It was just another day for Eragon.

That was until he returned home.

Eragon opened the door to his house. "Mum, I'm home!." He groaned from exhaustion as he hung is coat and bag in the hallway, toed of his shoes, and made his way into the living room. But before he could take two steps into the room, something made he come to a jerking halt.

A young man stood in the living room, casually inspecting some pictures of Eragon and his mum. He looked slightly older then Eragon, maybe twenty one perhaps twenty two. He handsome face was framed with ebony black locks and penetrating Grey eyes that looks like molten sliver shined from under his brow. The man had a slim but well defined body which was dressed in black from head to toe: black skinny jeans, with two white studded belts, a pair of black All-Star Converse and a black muscle shirt that show off his well toned torso. A sliver fang dangled form his left ear lobe, glinting in the light.

Eragon had always known he was gay and he had to admit that this guy was as hot as magma. Hell, even straight guys had to admit this guy was hot! But who the hell was he?!

Eragon timidly cleared his throat and the man spun to face him.

"Excuse me, But who are you and what are you doing in my house?", he asked shyly.

The man grinned, showing off perfect white teeth, and stepped forward holding out his hand. "I'm Murtagh. You must be Eragon?"

Eragon shyly returned the handshake. "Yea, I'm Eragon. But how did you know my name?"

Before Murtagh could answer, Selena, Eragon's mother, came bustling into the room.

"Oh good, Eragon! I see you met Murtagh! He's going to be living with us from now on.", his mother said while beaming at the both of them.

"What!" He asked his mother in a shocked voice as his jaw dropped to the floor.

"Murtagh, is living with us!"

"No! I heard that but…why?", Eragon said, slightly frustrated.

Selena frowned and a shadow seemed to cover her face. "Do you remember me telling you about my previous marriage before I met your father?"

Eragon scratched his light brown head. "Ummm…I think so. It only lasted like four years right?"

Selena nodded. "Well during those four years, I had a son." She gestured to the man by her side. "And due to bad circumstances I had to leave him behind when I left and divorced Morzan. A couple weeks ago, I found Murtagh on the Internet and we got to talking. Then yesterday, Morzan was in a horrible accident and was killed. So, Murtagh is homeless. And I will NOT have my son homeless! So, your brother will live with us now. OK?" Selena stood with her hands on her hips and a stern expression on her face.

Eragon put his hands up in surrender. "Alright, fine."

Selena smiled. "Good."

"But which room is he staying in?", Eragon asked.

Selena put her finger to her lips in thought. "Well….well for right now he is going to have to share with you. Is that ok sweetie?"

Eragon shrugged. "Yeah whatever." He turned in Murtagh's direction but did not meet his eyes. "Come on I'll show you where it is.", he muttered and gestured for him to follow.

Murtagh nodded and followed Eragon up the stairs into a large bedroom. Three walls were a creamy beige color and one wall a chocolate brown. The carpet and all the furniture matched the color scheme (thanks to his mum.) His queen bed was pressed up against the wall on the far left hand side. A large desk complete with laptop, scanner, printer and numerous drawing pads in a neat pile was on the other side of the room.

"Well… here it is. I must admit it is normally a bit messy, but mum's been in I think." Eragon smiled weakly.

"Its nice.", replied Murtagh in his deep, husky voice as his grey eyes traveled around the room.

Eragon coughed awkwardly. "Thanks. I'll um set up the camp bed later for you. You can pop your clothes in this closet if you like." Eragon said while he opened a door that revealed a spacious walk in closet. "The other door is my en suite bathroom." He pointed to the opposite door.

Murtagh nodded. "Thanks"

Eragon bobbed his head in return. "No Problem."

An awkward silence filled the room.

"Soo, Can i ask you a question?" Eragon started at Murtagh's deep voice.

"S…sure.", he stuttered.

"You don't have a problem with homosexuality do you?"

Eragon eyebrows rose at the strange question. "No. I would be a hypocrite if I did. Why? Are you gay?"

Murtagh shook his head. "Bi. You?"

Eragon smiled. "Gay."

"Cool." Murtagh returned the smile. And just like that, the previous awkward tension dissipated, like someone had popped a balloon.

The rest of the night, Eragon and Murtagh began to talk and get to know each other. Eragon found out that Murtagh was a black belt in karate and that he can speak French, Spanish, Latin, Russian and Japanese. Fluently! That he also is a musician and can play guitar, drums, piano and is in a band called Devil's Heart with three of his friends Thorn, Nasuada and Vanir.

He pulled out a photo of them all together with their instruments and showed it to Eragon. Murtagh was in the middle, sensually leaning on the mike with a smirk on his face. A gigantic handsome man with red hair stood next to him, holding a pair of drumsticks with a identical smirk playing across his face. Murtagh said he was Thorn. On the other side of Murtagh stood a pale man with black hair, holding a bass, and a scowl twisting his features. He obviously did not like pictures. That was Vanir. And sitting on the edge of the stage in front of Murtagh, sat a pretty woman with olive toned skin and a full blown smile that showed off white teeth. She was holding a guitar. Murtagh said that was Nasuada.

Murtagh then got Eragon to open up about himself, which Eragon rarely did. Murtagh learned that Eragon could draw and even saw a few of his sketches. He also learned that Eragon could also play guitar and is fashion and arts courses at the local collage.

Over the next few weeks, the brothers fell into a comfortable routine. ,Murtagh would wake up first and do his morning ritual and when as he was getting dressed, Eragon would do his. They days went by smoothly, and a friendship began to grow between the two.

A few months later, Eragon woke up from a dream. A wet dream. Which wasn't that bad. But what scared him was that the dream was about Murtagh. Murtagh kissing him, fucking him everything. And Eragon was as hard as hell.

But this was just a fluke! He couldn't be attracted to his brother.

Could he?


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