Murtagh walked briskly down to the Third floor Men's Toilets, He saw Vanir standing outside with look of mixed fury and smugness,

"Thorn's in there keeping him pinned, I'm staying out warning people away so make it quick and give him some from me" Vanir sneered as he opened the door

He walked into the toilets to see Thorn straddling Galbatorix who was viciously trying to get him off but failing

"Get the fuck off me you Overgrown Tosser" Galbatorix struggled even more with no leeway given, With Thorn's muscle mass and height Murtagh wondered why he even bothered, no fucker was getting up if they had Thorn on top of them.

"Let him up Thorn, I want to beat the Bastard, but I want him able to fight back." He wanted to be able to really get revenge for Eragon and King getting held down and beaten just didn't cut it.

Thorn turned as Murtagh spoke and slowly raised giving Galbatorix a chance to get up

"What the fuck do you think your doing getting your lap dog to trap me in here" Galbatorix fumed as he addressed Murtagh, If only looks could kill Galbatorix would be twelve feet under let alone six feet

"You're here you little rapist because you threatened my Bro-friend, you threatened my Boyfriend and now I'm going to beat the shit out of you for making him feel scared" He felt a small drop of fear when he almost let slip that Eragon was his brother but dismissed it when Galbatorix's face didn't seem to register his slip

Galbatorix's eyes sparkled " Oh you mean fair Eragon, That little minx doesn't know how sexy he is when he Is vulnerable and trust me you won't be with him every second of the day and I'll make him mine regardless of wither you beat me or not, I want him and I get everything I want sooner or later." Galbatorix's lips turned smug as he talked

"How about never and if you do ever touch him in a way he doesn't want, I'll kill you nice and slow" As soon as he finished speaking he throw that first punch into Galbatorix's nose, a sickly crunching sound vibrated though the air, Staggering back Galbatorix felt his nose, gushes of crimson blood flowed over his fingers, the pain making his eyes water.

Before he had time to collect his thoughts he felt a blow to the stomach, forcing him to bend over, then another to the head, making him fall to the floor, Soon he felt blows and kicks to every part of his body, after a while he couldn't feel any more and he opened his swollen eyes to see Murtagh sneer at him "Tell anyone about this and I make the next one feel worse, and this is for Eragon" He screamed in agony as he felt a foot connect with his privates,

He heard them exiting, he couldn't move though the pain, He thought about what Murtagh had said before, He thought about the slip up he made, Bro-friend, He corrected it after but Bro came out which meant him and his little fairy boyfriend must be more then that, they must be siblings. Galbatorix grinned maliciously, forgetting the pain that he was in, He was glad he didn't make a point on it earlier because revenge is a dish best served cold

Everyone knew they lived together but if people found out they were brothers then they would be scorned for incest, he would bet his left testicle that their friends knew, but he would tell the rest of the school at the right time, hell he could blackmail them, His grin got bigger, He could blackmail little Eragon into his bed and get one over on his brother as well.

…...Back to Eragon POV…...

Eragon wiped the tracks on his face that his tears had left on the hanky that Saphira had given him, He turned around to hug Murtagh but when he turned he was met with nothing but empty air.

"What, Where's Tag he was right next to me" Even as he said this he searched around the room convinced Murtagh was in there somewhere, noticing that it was just him Saphira and Arya he turned to face them again

"His phone rang then he went out without saying a word" replied Arya

"but I'm sure he will be back soon" attested Saphira

Eragon nodded and they waited in silence after about twenty minutes the door swung open to revel Murtagh, Thorn and Vanir

"Where did you go, any why didn't you tell us" Arya stood up and confronted them before Eragon could get a word out

"We went to teach King a lesson" Murtagh replied resuming his place next to Eragon and putting his arms around him

"Ok, and did you teach him a good one, Did you be…." Arya started but was interrupted

"Tag, What the fuck did you do to your knuckles" Eragon screeched and everyone looked at the mess of Blood on Murtagh's hands

"Its not mine, so don't worry I'm not hurt and even if I was its worth it protecting you" He took Eragon's face into his hands and be laid a chaste kiss on his boyfriends lips

"You beat him up good then Tag" Arya smiled "Hope you made sure he couldn't have children too"

"You bet he did Arya, I'd be surprised if his Balls aren't going to be in his body the rest of his life" Thorn laughter boomed as they all watched Eragon and Murtagh embracing and looking like they never wanted to let go.

…...Galbatorix/Shurikan P.O.V…...

After school

He limped to his locker where he saw Shurikan threaten a little freshmen

"Give me it now little squirt and don't say you don't have anything because I saw you pay for your lunch with a twenty and you got at least a ten back so hand it over before you end up with your underpants so far up your…." Shurikan's threat was interrupted by Galbatorix

"Shurikan leave the geek alone, we got bigger fish to fry"

Shurikan whipped around to see a battered and bruised Galbatorix, both of his eyes swollen and black, lips busted in four places, Infact it looked like his entire face was badly swollen, his clothes ripped in many places as he approached his gait was with a limp instead of his usual swagger.

"What the fuck happened to you?" he felt the little freshmen squeeze past him and escape though it didn't matter at the moment as his friend was a tad more important

"Murtagh and Thorn that's what, so protective of their whittle Eragon they thought a beating would get him out my system but Infact its made me want him more"



I am sooooo very sorry about the wait I've had the most hectic time of my life and then finally get this chappie finished and sent it to my beta but no reply so this chappie is most likely crap due to it being unbetad