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Drizzt had never seen a city as beautiful as Rivendell. It truly was worthy of all the songs that were inspired by it. Each building was white with arched entrances, gold accents around the windows making it seem airy and welcoming. Flowers grew everywhere, from the rooftops to the budding cherry blossoms in the trees for it was always the sunny seasons in Rivendell. The Elves walked slowly, cherishing their moments. They sung such melodic songs that even a dragon would stop to listen. An elleth stood over an easel where a young ellon was painting a beautiful and intricate blue rose. When the ellon dripped some paint on his small arm, the elleth smiled and removed the circle of blue from his skin and gave him a kiss on his forehead. Drizzt frowned. He wished his family were as loving, he was punished if he made a simple mistake even something as small as levitating for the first time.


Vierna showed Drizzt, at age five, how to levitate. He was cleaning a statue and couldn't reach the head At his age it was remarkable to even achieve levitation for a mere second, even more remarkable if they could on their first try! Drizzt had attempted and managed it for a few seconds before he lost his concentration. Once he got up from his drop, Vierna had slapped his cheek with her hand. The force of it, caused Drizzt to tumble to his knees.

"Vierna, why isn't it good that I'm at least trying?" He asked as he held his cheek and stood upright, again.

"Because mistakes will be your destruction. You need precision to keep you alive in a battle." So she said as she slapped his already bruised cheek making him fall once more. "And don't question me, you insolent child. I've killed hundreds for doing less." Drizzt had never forgotten that day, the day of his first lesson.


Tearing his eye regretfully away from the elleth and her child, Drizzt focused on where Elyior was. Elyior moved swiftly through the city, trying to avoid as many elves as possible. This task that was assigned to him was more important than talking to the curious elfin-folk of Rivendell. Once the two passed a large gathering around an archery competition, Elyior started running with Drizzt close behind. Passing many houses and people. Jumping and rolling over and under anything that got in their way of their destination. Coincidentally, the largest and most luxurious in the city, which is significant, since all the elves homes were beautiful in their own way. Entering through the archway entry, Elyior stopped when he saw a regal brunette ellon, standing quietly with his arms outstretched in a welcoming manner. He had a silver circlet framing his oval and noble head. He wore a long cloak of blue with long swirling designs accenting the sleeves and collar. His kind brown eyes complimented his small smile.

"Welcome back, Freya Elyior Silveem, if you wouldn't mind, Celebrian wishes to speak to you in her library." As if shot from a cannon, Elyior went his way inside the House of Elrond. He spoke in a calm yet commanding voice. "And welcome, Drizzt Do'urden. I have long awaited your arrival." He gestured for Drizzt to follow him. Drizzt hesitantly followed."I am Lord Elrond...My it's a glorious day, the sun shining brightly, slight wind, flowers blooming. Nothing like the north... they have snow all year long, did you know that?"

Drizzt glanced at Elrond, "Yes, although most of the snow thaws in the summer."

"Oh, isn't that wonderful. At least they some semblence of season. How do you know this? Don't tell me you used to live in the North?"

Deciding he had had enough of beating around the bush, Drizzt curtly replied, "Actually I did. Now don't tell me I came here to talk about the seasons and weather?" Elrond stopped walking and the Drizzt mimicked.

Elrond looked thoughtfully at him, his features immovable as a statue. He walked briskly to the nearest doorway and opened it, "Come, I will tell you why you've come." He held the door open for Drizzt to enter, then looking down both hallways for anyone, he closed and locked the door.

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