Title: Use as Directed

Fandom: Harry Potter

Prompt: 020 Colourless

Pairing: Remus/Tonks (sort of)

Rating: G

Summary: She's never done this before...

She's never done this before. She's never had to, really. But, since he left it's just been so hard, and she's tired of being lonely and sad.

She's tired of feeling like her body has betrayed her, and she's not really Tonks anymore.

She's never felt more like Nymphadora in her life, and she hates it.

She hates fielding the questions about whether or not she's lonely, and whether she thinks she'll be okay. She's tired of people prying and questioning and interrogating not-so-subtly. Molly Weasley really isn't as sneaky as she thinks she is.

She picks up the box and reads:

"Manic Panic Hair Colour. Shade #412- Passion Pink. For vibrant colour, apply directly to dry, clean hair and leave on for twenty-five minutes..."