AN: This is just a small 'Before' timeline to give myself working points and Dawn an age.

Dawn Timeline

- She was 18 when Sunnydale sank (I don't know her exact birthday so she might have been 17 on the show but let's just pretend she was 18)

- 1 year spent with the Scoobys getting the Council back on it's feet

- 3 years in Rome with Buffy before they realize the Slayer age problem - 3 years spent finding/training them before the Goverment finds out and blows up the Council with Buffy, Giles, Xander and Willow inside ... Willow is the only one to make it out and she's not saying how ... (I'm not sure where Dawn and Spike were yet)

- 4 years with all out war before Willow finds a way to send Dawn back

That makes Dawn about 29/30. She's old in the ways of 'war' but kinda, not truly childlike ... more stuck in 'Sunnydale: The Before' sometimes ... kinda innocent. I'm hoping that comes out in how I write her and I'm hoping to give you a better understanding of it, and how she survived the War (more or less sane), in The Wish chapter.