This is the translation of my first story written in German 2 years ago; I'ld like to thank stsgirlie who helped me again to get my German out of the English...; everything I write I hope to be JKR's...I just tried to add a few things I missed her writing nothing should be mine really...

As Harry woke up from his exhausted sleep, his senses took in his surroundings. They found it familiar – the smell of old wood and dusty curtains, the way the mattress fit his back so comfortably, and the light of the moon falling on his face from the window in just the right angle. But something was wrong, and as he had spent the last months in constant vigillance he woke up with a start.

He recognized his dormitory in Gryffindor Tower at once, and he also realized what had alarmed him subconsciously – he was alone.

The room, the whole tower, was absolutely quiet. And like a wave, the memories of last night flooded back into Harry's mind. With a groan he sank back on the bed: Yes, it was all over, it was finished! He had reached his goal, Voldemort was dead. He, Harry, had done what the magic world had expected him to do and brought him down in a duel.

Well, what had really brought down the Dark Lord in the end had been the legendary Elder Wand, in whose powers he trusted but whose loyalty he could not claim.

Harry felt tremendously relieved, the heavy burden of responsibility that had worn him out was gone – but now a big hollow emptiness and a desperate pain had taken its place, making him press his face into his pillow and swallow hard. He saw it again, the picture of the Great Hall filled with the long lines of dead and wounded: Remus and Tonks, Fred, Colin and so many others, they had not survived the last battle. And he remembered how Luna had helped him to get away from it all when he could not stand it any longer. She had proved herself a wonderful friend, just like Neville, who had surprised them all by taking down Nagini, the last of the Horcruxes. Maybe the prophecy had been so unspecific for a reason, not deciding if he or Neville were the chosen one, as they both had their part to play to bring down the Dark Lord?

Harry was not able to stay in the dormitory any longer. It seemed he had slept through the whole day that followed the night of the battle, after leaving the Headmaster's office with Ron and Hermione and telling them he needed some rest. Where might they all have spent the last hours? But being wizards should enable them to create room to sleep even in the heavily damaged castle. He threw his robes on and went down the stairs into the common room. It seemed empty on the first glance, but the fire was burning, and when he entered, he realized that Professor McGonagall was sitting in one of the armchairs, obviously waiting for him.