Martha was trying not to go into a panic. There was no real indication of what had just happened to her – she was quite simply, alongside with her colleges and a good thousand patients, on the moon. All she could do in the heat of the moment was to remain calm and carry on doing her job. To show her feelings on the matter would scare all of the others, so her medical training kicked in and he felt herself begin to direct dozens of men and women back to their wards. "All right, everyone back to bed; we've got an emergency but we'll sort it out."

Of course she hadn't any idea how to move a hospital a couple thousand miles back to home sweet home, but she was determined to do what she could do, and that was to use her ability as a practicing student of medicine and help the people round her. Dozens of requirements and needs to ensure the wellbeing of others flooded into her brain and she ran into a nearby ward, Swales just behind her. Martha was more than a bit concerned to see that the Indian girl wasn't coping as well under the admittedly difficult circumstances, a slight whimper from her throat as she continued to stare into the foreboding blackness beyond the glass window.

She looked out herself, still needing a moment each time she stared to really accept the impossible facts. "It's real. It's really real. Hold on..." Anxious to test a theory she reached for the grasp to the window-

Swales shrieked out in panic not to open it, but strong rational thought had entered Martha's brain and she was certain they were safe. "They're not exactly airtight, are they? If the air was going to get sucked out it would have happened straight away, but it didn't. So how come?"

"Oh yes, a very good question, my dear." Martha spun round to see the strange mop-haired John Smith, once more dressed in that bizarre black costume which seemed to be something a clown would wear with its torn trousers and worn jacket, complete with a spotted handkerchief and a mysterious jewelled ring on one hand. "That's quite a logical question there... um, what was your name again?"

"Martha. Martha Jones. And this is Swales, my friend."

Mr Smith beamed brightly. "Yes, I'm very pleased to meet you, Miss Jones, and your friend too. No need to be frightened my dear; I'll try and sort everything out if I can." His words were so filled with warm and genuine comfort that Martha's friend stopped her crying and resorted to mere nervous glances at him. He called out into the corridor with a shout of "Jamie! Do get in here, there's a good fellow."

Sure enough the Scottish lad from before ran in, much to Martha's amusement actually wearing a Highlands Kilt. Indeed in his new attire Mr McCrimmon almost seemed to be from another time entirely, his clothing suggesting to the medical student a Scotland of the distant past. She instantly got the impression that the apparently unrelated pair of misfits had some sort of connection to all this weirdness, and she resolved to learn in time what it might be.

"So then Martha... I can call you Martha, yes?" Mr Smith was polite if to nothing else.

"Of course, I'd actively encourage it Mr Smith... if I can call you John?" Even in the wake of being on the moon Martha found her usual own polite patient-to-doctor manner managing to remain, particularly for this man.

The man seemed nerved for a moment, as if caught with his hand in the cookie jar, then changed the subject. "Yes... Well in any case, the question remains... how is it we are all still breathing? Perhaps we have a balcony of some sort in the hospital that would be a good place to start?" He motioned to Jamie and then pointed to Swales. "Perhaps you could use your usual charm and look after this lady for me in the meantime, hey Jamie?"

The Scotsman got a little flustered. "Now just a minute Doc... Mr Smith, ye can't expect me to just not do 'othing important whilst you and ye new friend sort everything out. Besides, I wanna see the moon again like we did with-"

An alarmed stare from Mr Smith shut him up, and Martha wondered what on Moon she had gotten herself into here. Still, the prospect of trying to go outside challenged and excited her at the same time, and moving down the hallways with the mop-haired man she really barely knew - whilst his Scottish ally was seen to keep Swales company for the time being - seemed oddly logical to her. This man knew what he was doing, and her rational mind made Martha want to stick close to him, possibly even try and help if it was in her power, no matter how oddly dressed the fellow might be. Somehow he made her feel able to do something; not fret like others would about family or friends back down there, but concentrate on the here and now.

The veranda was in sight. Taking a breath she wondered if she would need, Martha reached for the door handle and trusting to luck, pulled the doors open.

Nothing happened. The world didn't fade from her, the patients continued to breathe as normal. She was alive, and that was what mattered most. There was a chance. No, more than that, there was a reason... something artificial for their survival.

Mr Smith was speaking to her. "So... we seem to be alive. That's encouraging, I think."

"I know. I mean... I've got a party tonight, my brother's twenty first, and my mother could be really, really..." She steadied herself – she could not afford to think like that, not while others counted on her.

"Are you alright, Martha?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. I mean, we could die any minute, but all the same - it's beautiful."

Smith put his hands in his pockets and grinned slightly. "Yes, I've often thought so."

She questioned that remark in his head, coupled with what Jamie had said earlier. It almost sounded like Mr Smith had- nah, she was probably reading into a sentence or two wrong, so she let it slip and carried on. "How many people want to go to the moon? And here we are!"

"Standing in the earthlight. Quite beautiful."

She turned back to him with an enquiring look. "So what do you think happened?"

"I have a couple of nasty theories, Martha. How about you?"

She hesitated for a second, afraid to seem insane to suggest it but under the circumstances... "Extraterrestrial. It's got to be. I don't know, a few years ago that would have sounded mad, but these days? That spaceship flying into Big Ben - Christmas - those Cybermen things..." She slowed as the man's face twisted into one of surprise. "You alright, Mr Smith?"

He retained that confused look. "Oh yes, fine my dear. It just that I didn't expect someone to know of the... erm, about those things you mentioned." She heard him mutter under his breath something strange - "-have sworn the Brigadier told me that that whole nasty business with Electromatics wouldn't come out, dear me..." before he gave a nervous smile and twiddled his fingers. "So... you're used to aliens then my dear?"

Martha raised an eyebrow as if this was a trick question of some kind. "Yeah, I guess we are now... I mean I know the rest of Britain hasn't heard of much about such things... but I know they exist. I had a cousin. Adeola. She worked at Canary Wharf. She never came home."

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that." Again the look of lack of knowledge entered his face, but equally clear was his genuine sympathy. John might not know about any of the things she described – odd to Martha as he seemed perfectly in his element on the moon, odd in itself – but he was a kind man to confess such matters to.

She straightened herself, her rational side returning to the fore. "I promise you, Mr Smith, we will find a way out. If we can travel to the moon, then we can travel back. There's got to be a way."

The little man coughed slightly. "Well, regarding that my dear... John Smith isn't my real name."

"Who are you then?" Martha felt she'd been expecting something like this to happen.

"Oh, I'm the Doctor."

"Me too, if I can pass my exams!" She laughed, happy to have found a fellow medical person in her midst. "What is it, then, Doctor Smith?"

"Well no... it's just the Doctor."

She had to raise an eyebrow at that. "What... so people just call you... 'The Doctor'?"

The man got defensive. "And what's wrong with being called Doctor?"

"Nothing. Just as far as I'm concerned, you're got to earn that title." She told him matter of factly.

"Well... I'd better impress you then. Now, we know there's a force-field of some kind protecting the hospital from losing air, which we equally know to be part of some alien intervention."

Martha started a little. "So if this air is in some kind of bubble, what happens when the air runs out?"

The Doctor stared out darkly. "No, not a pleasant thought, lots of people dying from losing oxygen." He looked downtrodden for a moment. "You know these days I'm meeting too many lots of nasty people who want to do somewhat bad things to Oxygen... Ice Warriors, killer seaweed..."

She stared back at him with a raised eyebrow. "Has anyone ever told you that you might be just a bit mad?"

He seemed happy at the comment. "Oh, thanks for saying so. A little madness always helps."

"So then, you've know what's causing these conditions? These... 'Ice Warrior' things?"

He shook his head. "Oh definitely not, I think the Ice Warriors are rather pleasant at this time, it's much later they go all problematic and try and conquer Earth. No, I was rather thinking – Oh my giddy Aunt!" He pointed alarmingly at a sudden looming shape appearing just above them. Martha just couldn't believe it... they were spaceships! Real spaceships – shaped like a thick cigar on its tip, and great claws at its base which were designed to dig into the lunar surface which it did so as they landed several metres from the hospital.

For a moment, nothing happened. Then a squad of soldiers appeared to march down the gangways and form into organised files, heading indefinitely towards the hospital. She heard the screams of patients as they saw the aliens loom ever closer.

"Aliens... Real living aliens..." She whispered out loud.

The man called the Doctor seemed grave. "Judoon; warriors of the Shadow Proclamation. Nasty thuggish types who go around wearing shiny boots and always asking such silly questions. Oh dear... this will be a bit of a pickle."

They rushed inside the hospital, instantly bumping into Jamie who was coming from the opposite direction. "Doctor... the Rhino Things showed up just like ye said they wou-" He slowed as he spotted Martha. "Er, I mean-"

"It's quite alright Jamie." The Doctor was smiling back at him as the trio reached the top of the landing where the reception could be viewed from relative safety. "I've started to tell Miss Jones about, ah, our real identities-"

"- and now you're going to finish it." Martha was surprised at the level of authority in her voice. Behind the plant pots which they were concealed she could see poor Morgenstern being pushed up against the wall by the leader Judoon, sure enough enormous Rhino-like creatures dressed in strict military black attire and sporting several pieces of what appeared to be futuristic weaponry. "You two know more than me and I think it's time we had some answers. I mean, you know all about those aliens and 'Ice Warriors' - whatever they are - but nothing about what's happened in the last few months, you and your Scots friend wear the oddest pair of outfits I've seen in a while, and Jamie here knew these Judoon were like Rhinos before that one even took off his helmet! So, out with it, who are you?"

The two were quite simply stunned, and Martha instantly regretted her perhaps harsh words – the Doctor and Jamie were trying to help, whatever was going on. Still, it was a fair point.

Jamie turned to the Doctor in front of her and prodded him. "What ye telling her about Ice Warriors and the like for anyway, Doctor? I thought you said not to let people in this time know about those wee aliens, and now yeh breaking your own rules, not that that's surprising-"

The other man looked angry and prodded the Scot back. "Oh do calm down Jamie, you're only confusing the poor girl more!" He turned back to her and adopted that beaming smile. "It's quite simple my dear... I think. I and Jamie weren't here just by accident, you see, we detected plasma coils which led us here, had to pretend to be all sickly. The Judoon are here for something so important and aliened that they had to use a H20 Scoop to bring it to the Moon. There was an incident on Earth you see some decades back, and the Judoon as a result couldn't have any rights over the Earth and its laws. So because they couldn't go to Earth, they've isolated us here. You see, all nice and simple."

"...Right." She said slowly. Morgenstern had been probed and somehow the Judoon were now able to speak English, some form of translation device the leader had installed on his chest giving his mean the ability to speak any language – it seemed handy. But Martha was half busy trying to comprehend their plans for the hospital, never mind who the Doctor and Jamie really were. For someone who talked so much, this Doctor revealed alarmingly little.

"So... If they're police, are we all under arrest? Are we trespassing on the moon or something?" She might as well try various questions; see if that loosened the mysterious Doctor's tongue.

"No, though that's pretty good Martha, well done. But no, I reckon they're cataloguing everyone in the hospital in order to locate something non-human, which frankly is not good in my case."

Those words didn't register to her for a moment. Then her eyes widened. "Oh you're kidding me.... you two are... aliens?"

The Doctor smiled kindly. "Well if you must know Jamie isn't an alien, he's a rather smashing Scottish Piped Piper from Seventeen Hundred and Forty Six. But I am. I'm a Time Lord to be exact, from the planet Gallifrey. I rather expect you haven't heard of it."

"...erm, no." Was all her brain could manage. Aliens? The Moon? Seventeen Hundred and... She really wanted to lie down and try and process all of this, but time was of the essence and she realized that the Doctor and Jamie were running down the corridor, so she moved after them.

The so-called 'Time Lord' appeared interested in the record rooms after a few minutes of swift running and avoiding the armoured Judoon as they stomped determinedly through the corridors, stopping only to scan and stick marks on every human they encountered.

Upon entering the room Martha found that the Doctor was himself scanning the computer with some hand-sized object, Jamie standing over him. "What's that thing?"

"Oh, that's the Doctor's sonic screwdriver." Jamie seemed happy to be able to speak for himself as the Doctor moved the controls.

Martha found herself giggling. "Ok, what else has he got - a laser spanner?"

"I did, but it was stolen by Emily Pankhurst, the cheeky woman. And after I went to all the trouble of stopping those Quarks from blowing up her plane, dear me..." The Doctor spoke without turning his head. The words might have been Martian to Martha, who just shrugged and accepted the eccentricity of this strange man.

The Scotsman held out a hand. "Oh, we probably haven't had a proper introduction yet. The name Jamie - Jamie McCrimmon."

Martha took his hand and shook it warmly. "Nice to meet you Jamie. So... Seventeen Hundred and Forty Six? What's all that about? Some kind of secret society or group you two work for?"

Jamie shook his head. "No lass, ye got it all wrong. That's where I came from in glorious Scotland, my 'time period'... something like that. We work for the Time Lords though, so yeh kind of right there."

Martha nodded, happy to use the Doctor's go-between to get the answers she wanted. "And the Time Lords are aliens? Aliens which look very human apparently, if strangely dressed and have odd names..." She glanced at the back of the Doctor, before realizing what Jamie had meant. "You mean the year Seventeen Hundred and... But that's...!"

She was stopped by a cry from the Doctor. "Oh, those stupid nitwits! Those Judoon have only gone and wiped all those helpful hospital records – there's an alien in the hospital, well besides me, and it doesn't occur to them that they might just be useful? Bah!" The man put a hand on his chin and seemed to be sulking.

She decided to try and be helpful. "So we need to find this alien before the Judoon does, right?"

"Oh yes, or it's quite likely they'll kill everyone in the hospital to find it, they can be quite awful brutes for officials you know, why the Shadow Proclamation lets them be so mean I don't know-"

She became more insistent. "Doctor, just let me what I should look for to let me and Jamie find the alien, any hints about what to look for."

"Well if it's what I suspect it can change its shape to look human. But anyone admitted in the past week with odd symptoms would be a good bet."

She straightened up. "Mr Stoker might know. You keep trying to get back into the records and I'll go with Jamie to find him."

The Doctor turned up from his glum pose and grinned at her. "Now that is well thought out. You're a very intelligent woman, Martha Jones. Doesn't she remind you of Zoe, hey Jamie?" And with that he moved back to his work.

Martha and Jamie headed down the corridors once again in the direction of Mr Stoker's office, all the time seeing the increasingly deoxygenated staff and patients, not to mention trying to avoid the odd Judoon who thankfully had yet to mak their presence fully known on this level of the hospital.

Questions were still buzzing in Martha's mind. "So who's Zoe?"

Jamie looked a little sad. "Oh, she was a good friend of me and the Doctor in the TARDIS... that's our ship. Kinda hard to talk about, she left a while back. Now it's just me and the Doctor, working for the Time Lords and doing their dirty tasks they don't want to do between trips round the universe."

She stared across at him, their legs still moving. "Sounds like an interesting life."

"Yeah, but it can be dangerous too. Just like now. Not to worry, the Doctor will sort things out, he always beats the wee monsters in the end."

As they reached Stoker's office Jamie and Martha knocked on the door and without waiting moved inside. The sight which greeted them was shocking, then horrifying. First Martha instantly recognised Mr Stoker, dead and lying on the floor, then the twin pair of helmet wearing bikers who turned to stare at her in unison. And then finally...

Florence Finnegan, the kindly old salad eating lady from down the hallway, was sucking at Mr Stoker's throat with a plastic straw. As she drew up, the smallest drop of blood was visible on her lower lip.

Jamie's eyes were wide with fear. "Hoots Morn! The old lass is a vampire!"

Martha snapped out of her shock and pulled the Highlander's arm. "Come on – run Jamie!"

As they bolted out of the room the steeled words of "Kill them!" erupted from Finnegan's throat and they heard the twinned creatures which were their would-be murderers close in on them...