Title: Family
Author: emily64cooper
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairing: Parker/Hardison, brief!Nate, brief!Sophie, brief!Eliot
Summary: Before she and Hardison go out, Parker shares some thoughts with her computer about her make-shift family.
Prompt: 09. Always wondered what this'd be like.

You have a family now, that much you know.

"Nate, the daddy of the family. Who really likes patting me on the head. And making me breakfast. And he likes keeping us safe. Which is good. Safe is good. Really good. He also gets me stuff. Like this one time, I had to have this flame thrower. Really neat, cost a fortune. He bought it and found an empty building for me to play with it in. He's pretty cool.

Sophie, she's the mother. She takes care of me when I'm sick, even if I don't want her to. She helps me with girl-type-stuff. Like when Hardison and I go out for a fancy dinner, she picks out a dress and does all that make-up for me. And she worries. All the time. Like, seriously, all the time. It's kind of… nice.

Eliot, the over-protective big brother of the group. If I need someone "taken care of" he's the one to go to. Should someone even lay a hand on me, not that I couldn't take them down, but he'll be there to kick their ass. Just in case I can't. Which isn't often. Although he seems mean and scowly, he has a soft heart.

With Hardison, though, it's different. He's like family, but not. He doesn't feel like a brother. It would hard to do stuff with him if he did. I think I may kinda love him. I mean, I kinda think about him all the time. And I like seeing him smile. Or laugh. Or hearing him speak. It makes my stomach do funny things. And if something goes wrong on a job, I want him to get out, even if it'll cost me my life. Maybe even my money. That's what I think love is. Weird. Me, being in love.

I always wondered what this'd feel like. Me, having a family. And-"

You smile when you hear his footsteps approach your office, your heart thumping a little faster than before.

"Ready to go, girl?" You quickly shut-off your monitor, secretly hoping Hardison finds that file.

"Yeah. Oh, can we go to P.F. Changs? I love that place!"

He chuckles that deep chuckle of his and steers you out of the room.

"Your wish is my command," he says.

You pass by the open living room, Nathan and Sophie cuddled close together on the couch, Eliot not too far away, and you both slow your step.

"Going out?" Eliot asks, smirking. It's only a little creepy. Only a little.

"Yeah," Hardison answers, a hand coming to rest on the small of your back. Were it anyone else, they'd be bleeding on the ground already. With him, it feels right. Natural. Intimately possessive. You kinda like it.

"See you in the morning," Nate contributes.

"Don't forget to wear coats; it's freezing out there!" Sophie adds. You nod, smile a small smile, and make your way to the door.

"Oh, and hats! You've got to keep your ears warm or you'll catch a cold!" she calls.

"Got it, Sophie!" you affirm, giggling.

"Especially you, Hardison. Parker's got all that hair, you've got nothing."

"Okay, Mom," Hardison says, sticking his tongue out at her. You join him. Tongue-sticking-out is fun.

"Oh, that's really lovely. Just go to your dinner," Sophie says.

You roll your eyes and exit Nate's apartment, grabbing Hardison's hand. You rest your head on his broad shoulder, smiling brightly.

"I love our family," you say.

He smiles back at you and gives your hand a squeeze.

"Me too."

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