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Chapter 1

Ash's perspective

Ash Ketchum shielded his eyes with his arm as he walked out of the tent into the blazing sunlight. He got used to it after a bit, and looked around.

It was yet another day of traveling in Sinnoh. He never really liked traveling. The only thing that kept him going was the gym battles. That, and the fact that once he was done in Sinnoh, he would finally be able to go back to Pallet town and see everyone again. Of course, there was just one person Ash really wanted to see.

They hadn't spoken for years. He wasn't even sure if she remembered him anymore. But he sure remembered her. The scrawny, tomboyish red-head had been all the thought about ever since she left. He wasn't sure when he fell in love with her. All he knew was that he was ready to cry the day she left. Did she leave? Or did he leave? This question always bothered him. He didn't know who was to blame.

Of course, now he was traveling with Dawn. She might have been cute, but she was still nothing compared to her. But Ash knew that Misty probably never loved him. Maybe it would be best to just forget about her, and get on with his life. He could find some other girl. Maybe settle down…start a family…

Who was he kidding? He would never be able to forget those beautiful emerald-green eyes, and that perfect, amazing smile that cheered him up every time he saw it.

Pikachu jumped up on its master's shoulder and smiled. Ash had always suspected that somehow, when pokémon were really good friends with their trainers, they could actually tell what their trainer was thinking or feeling. It sure seemed like pikachu always knew when he was thinking of her. Then again, maybe it was some sort of expression he got on his face. Brock seemed to know, too.

Ash looked at pikachu, who was smiling. "Pika pi, pikachu?"

Ash sighed. "Yup," he said, walking over and sitting down at the table, which was already set up. "I don't know, buddy. Does she even like me?"

"Pika pi pikachu pika."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Pika pi. Pikachu pika pi pika."


Pikachu nodded.

"Well, if that's true, how come nobody's told me?"

"Pika pikachu pi."

"What do you mean I don't love her if I won't tell her? Of course I do!"

"Pika pi."

Ash paused. "But what if she doesn't love me? What if she only thinks of me as a friend…or worse?"

"Pika pika pikachu, pi?"

Ash sighed. "Oh, come on, nobody as perfect as her could ever be in love with someone like me."

"Pi, pikachu pika pikachu pika pi."

"Oh, shut up," Ash said, but he couldn't hold back a smile.

Dawn's perspective

"Thinking about her again, Ash?" Dawn heard Brock say from inside the tent. She had begun to change, but then stopped to listen to Ash.

She knew that she had a crush on Ash. She couldn't deny it. She wasn't sure she was actually in love with him-she didn't even know what that really meant. He was good-looking, kind, brave, and overall a really great guy.

Up until now, Dawn had thought that she didn't stand a chance at Ash. But now, there was a glimmer of hope. I mean, she was the only girl Ash traveled with. Who else could he have been talking about?

"Oh, hi, Brock," Ash said. "How much of that did you hear?"

"Well, I didn't have to hear much to know who you were thinking of."

Ash sighed.

"Why haven't you told her?"

"Oh, don't you start too," Ash said, "I've already gotten enough of that from pikachu."

"It wouldn't be that hard, Ash."

"Yes, it would, Brock," Ash said, sounding a bit irritated. "I can't just call her up and say that I'm in love with her. I have to meet her in person. It had to be the right moment."

"Honestly, Ash," Brock said, "If you were any denser, you wouldn't even know who I was talking about."

"What do you mean by that?"

"She loves you, Ash," Brock said.

"You really think so?" Ash said after a pause.

"I know so," Brock said. "You can tell by the way she looks at you."

"Wait," Ash said, "didn't you say this same kind of stuff about Nurse Joy and you?"

"Yup," Brock said, "I'm right about that too."

Dawn heard Ash face-palm.

"Brock, even if I wanted to tell her, she lives in another region. That's like, Miles away!"

Dawn's heart sank. Ash wasn't talking about her. But then who was he talking about? Jealousy and rage began to boil up inside her. Who was this other girl? Why did Ash love her so much? Dawn could just picture her. One of those stupid, blonde, big-breasted sluts who get guys to ask them out just by batting their eyelashes. She hated those people.

Ash's perspective

Ash looked over at Dawn, who had just walked out of her tent.

"Oh, hey, Dawn," he said. She had a strange expression on her face, like a mix of anger and hurt. He decided to ignore it. He was never good with confronting people.

"Hey, Ash," she said, sitting down at the table and serving herself some scrambled eggs. "Who were you guys talking about?" she added, obviously trying to sound casual.

"You heard that?" Ash said.

"Just a bit of it," Dawn answered, seeming to have taken a great interest in her food. She was just staring at it, and poking it with her fork, but not actually eating.

"Nobody," Ash said. He saw Brock smile.

"You two had better eat your eggs before they get cold," he said simply, and sat down to eat his own breakfast.

After breakfast, they all packed up and continued their walk toward Sunnyshore City. Ash had already beat the Snowpoint City gym. Ash kept stealing nervous glances at Dawn, who seemed to be staring at him, but when he looked she would blush and look down at her feet. A few times she ended up running into a tree or low-hanging branch. When this happened she would blush even harder, get up, and pretend nothing had happened.

After walking for a while, the group stopped for lunch. As they ate their sandwiches, Dawn kept stealing short glances at Ash, still with the same look on her face as at breakfast.

"Dawn?" Ash finally said, "Is something wrong?"

"No," Dawn said, though she said it so quickly, Ash didn't believe her.

"You're sure?" He said.

"Positive," Dawn said, not looking at Ash.

There was a bit of a pause, then she looked up.

"Ash, who were you talking about during breakfast? You can tell me."

Ash sighed. "Oh, just an old friend. Not that it really matters. I haven't seen her for years."

"…and yet you still love her."

"I never said that," Ash said quickly.

"Really? I thought you did."

"Well, you must have heard wrong. She's just an old friend, and I was wondering if I should call her. After all, I haven't seen her since Kanto."

A/N: We're pretending Misty never visited in Hoenn.

Dawn nodded, but she didn't seem to believe Ash. Nobody talked for the rest on lunch, and once they were all done, they packed up and began walking again.

It was sundown by the time they got to Sunnyshore City. The sky was…sundowny. You know, Orange and stuff.

Ash yawned. "Man, I could really go for some dinner and sleep."

"Well," Brock said, "let's check into that hotel over there."

The grouped walked into the hotel and checked in. "I'm gonna go get some pizza," Brock said, "are you two okay here by yourselves?"

"Sure," Ash and Dawn said together.

"Okay," Brock said, "don't burn the hotel down!"

"Hey, that only happened once!" Ash yelled defensively and Brock walked out onto the street.

"Come on," he said, and walked toward the elevator, with Dawn following. Then, he ran smack into someone.

"Ow!" They both fell to their butts. "Hey, watch it!" said the person Ash had ran into. He looked to see who it was, and couldn't believe his eyes.

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