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For Charlie it seemed like any other day. Everything was going as normal. S.T.A.N. hadn't "needed" him yet, so that was good.

Another good thing was that for once he had gotten back from one of his missions early enough to do all his homework and study; Turns out that his studying came in handy because he ended up having a pop quiz in his science class.

'Ok question number five. The average amount of water in a lean adult male is A) 20% B) 60% C) 80% D) 70%' Charlie silently read to himself. 'Man I'm glad that I got back early enough to study or pr I wouldn't have remembered this.'

As Charlie was finishing that question, the classroom phone rang, starling everyone.

Mr. Austen silently walked over to pick it up. "Hello?"

"Hello, is this Mr. Austen?" The person on the other line asked.

"Yes, who is this?" Mr. Austen cautiously.

Upon hearing that question, Charlie quickly lifted his head up but then put it back down just as quickly so that he could listen in while pretending to take his quiz.

"That is not important. What is important is that I speak to Charlie Landers at once. He knows who I am." The voice replied.

"I'm sorry but unless you can identify yourself as one of his relatives or a family friend, I can't let you do that." Mr. Austen seriously replied.

By now everyone on the class had stopped taking their quiz and decided to listen in; Especially Charlie. He had a bad feeling about where this conversation was going and who was on the other line.

He knew that it was either Mr. Hall or one of the Defiance. Either way, he knew something serous was going on. He knew that Mr. Hall wouldn't contact him on a school phone unless something happened to S.T.A.N.

"In that case I'm…" the voice started saying before the line went dead in Mr. Austen's hand.

"Ok that was weird." Mr. Austen mumbled to himself, hanging up the phone. "Back to work everyone. I am just going out to make a quick call."

As soon as Mr. Austen left, Charlie quickly called S.T.A.N. to explain as much of the situation as he could without giving up his secret.

"Are you there S.T.A.N.?" Charlie urgently asked in a whisper.

"Yes, but I am kind of locked up at the moment. 'They' have me. I'm basically useless to you, Aaron." S.T.A.N. explained, using Charlie's avatar's name in case any of the Defiance were listening.

"Ok well I'll get there as fast as I can." Charlie quickly replied in a whisper. 'Great looks like I'm on my own with no idea who I'm up against.'

Mr. Austen chose that moment to re-enter the classroom. "Ok class, I don't to alarm you but the school is on high alert, which is one step below lockdown until we figure out who the caller was and how he knew Mr. Landers here. That is, unless he cares to explain who was calling here looking for him and couldn't give out his identity." Mr. Austen spoke.

Everyone then turned and stared expectantly to Charlie, waiting for an answer.

"I'm sorry but I can't explain. I can't say anything." Charlie clearly replied. With that, he got up and walked out of the classroom planning to rescue S.T.A.N.

"Mr. Landers get back here. It is too dangerous for you to be out right now. There is an unidentified person looking for you." Mr. Austen called after Charlie.

Charlie turned around and said to his teacher, "I'm sorry, sir, but I have to do this."

Mr. Austen could not explain the look on his student's face. Regret? Shame? Determination? He might never know.

A few minutes and an outfit change later, Aaron was in the air programming the SSJ to locate S.T.A.N.

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