So I know I wrote this story back in '09 and never updated but I started getting inspired again and my writing has improved alot so I am definitly going to restart this story. Also this will probably be in mostly Tally's p.o.v but if it changes I'll have the characters name underlined so you know whos talking. This is also an AU story. Enjoy!

It was just a day, a normal day. David, Shay,the Cutters and I were on vacation together for month. It was unexpected but it was something we all deserved. Diego thought so anyway, they gave Shay and the Cutters an entire month to have a vacation, Shay tried to turn them down but they wouldn't budge so she gave up and pinged me and David.

She kept saying she didn't know what to do for an entire month, she was used to being a goverment official not a bubblehead. David agreed to have a vacation but I wanted to keep traveling the world, they both finally got me to give in.

We met outside the Diego city limits and put up camp. Shay said she wanted to be close by in case Diego did need the Cutters and make sure they would be quick enough to get there.

Right now we were in our second week of vacation having a day where David would listen to the news feeds for Shay and I would have fight practice with Shay, Fausto and everybody.

I mean they were no match for me since I was the only real Special but Shay thought it would be good for the Cutters to practice against a stronger apponent.

"Alright every one thats enough for today," Shay said.

The Cutters all sighed, happy that they could start to relax.

Sometimes Shay forgot they were on vacation. It felt like old times to her, all her Cutters together and ready for battle. I laughed silently as I walked over to her and Fausto who were under a tree cooling off.

"Good work today Tally-wa, your left uppercut is improving," Shay said.

"Thanks Shay-la," I said sitting next to Fausto on the ground.

"I can't believe this," Shay said

"What?" Fausto and I asked at the same time.

"The cutters…their relaxing," Shay said with disappointment in her voice.

"Yea and?" Fausto asked

"Well it's just that when I say were done they keep practicing, but now their just sitting here."

"What do you expect Shay-la? You guys are on vacation," I reminded her.

"Yea well..." Shay began

"Shay quit playing 'commando' and relax a little," I told her with annoyance in my voice.

"Thats the thing Tally, Shay doesn't know how to relax," Fausto said playfully.

"Shut up!" Shay said punching him.

"Ow!" Fausto said.

"Shay if you really want to keep practicing ask one of the Cutters if there up to it," I said

"Or." Fausto began "You and Shay could fight."

Shay looked at him with an approving nod and I smiled a big Special smile with fangs showing and tattoos spinning wild.

"You're on," I said getting into my fighting position ready to take my first shot ever at Shay.

"Hold on Tally-wa, let's make this interesting," Shay said

I shook my head. "Come on Shay let's do this."

"How about a bet?" Shay asked

"A bet?" I asked thinking about it. "Ok fine."

"Alright if I win you let me play 'commando' all I want and let me do what I want with my Cutters," Shay said

"Fine but if I win I…" I really wanted to do something that will make Shay regret the bet.

"Let's see, Shay likes spending time with Fausto and I have night watch tonight."

"If I win Fausto has to take my shift for night watch tonight," I told her.



"That's not fair!" Shay yelled

"You never said anything about rules Shay-la," I said with a smirk

"But…ugh fine." Shay said.

Shay flipped the hair out of her face and got in fighting position, I did the same.

"Ok Fausto you're not a referee, but make sure there's no cheating or cheap shots. Other than that it's a fair fist fight alright?" Shay said.

No answer.

"Fausto?" Shay asked

We both turned to see he was in a daze with a confused look on his face

"Fausto!" Shay yelled

"Tally did it!" he yelled

"What?" I asked confused and laughing.

"Uh…sorry I was sort of out of it" Fausto said

"What's wrong?" I asked walking over to him.

"Look at David. He's got a weird look on his face."

Shay and I turned and saw David jump up.

"What! Are you serious?" he yelled.

Shay, Fausto and I ran over to him and the Cutters stood wondering what was going on.

"David what's wrong?" Shay asked once we got over to him.

"I just got an interesting and very unsettling ping from Croy that he also sent to you Shay," David said.

"Wait, I thought you guys couldn't get pings," Fausto asked

"Last time we saw Maddy, Croy figured out a way for us to get pings but not send them out," I said

"Well what's the ping say Shay?" Fausto asked

"Well I'm out here in the wild with nothing to boost my skintenna so unless you like the sound of silence," Shay said.

"I thought Specials were built for the wild?" David asked

"They are but Diego changed our skintennas during despecialization. We have to be within city limits to recieve and give pings," Shay explained

"Then Tally-wa can tell us what the ping says," Fausto said

"Croy only sent it to me and Shay," David said

I didn't dwell on the fact that Croy only sent it to Shay and David. Hes known both of them longer and he and I had some trust issues back when I was ugly so I understand.

"Then you tell us what it says," Shay said getting annoyed.

"You have to hear it for yourself, Tally too."

"How am I supposed to hear it?" Tally asked

"Just take this small satellite and go 25 kilometers towards Diego," David said.

"What! I'm not going that far just to hear a ping!" Shay yelled

"Shay do you have enough signal to send it to Tally?" Fausto asked

"I think so."

"Then send it to her and she can switch over to the Cutters Channel and you both can hear it."

"Nice!" I said high fiving Fausto.

"Ok Tally ready?" Shay asked boosting her Skintenna


"Shay it's Croy I'm sending you this ping just in case David and Tally don't get theirs.

I have some bad news. Specials are back and their out to destroy. You, Tally, David the Cutters and pretty much Diego are the targets.

How do I know this? Well they paid us a little visit and told us to watch out. They took some of our Uglies and we fear the new Specials are going to turn them.

We don't know who's exactly running this operation but we do know its Dr. Cable's data. But here's the big twist this data has been messed with which means these new specials are faster, stronger and a little bit clever than you guys.

If you guys want to meet up just give us when and where. If you're wondering how I'm sending you this ping were in Diego using the Cutters channel I tricked my satellite to send pings now.

Ping end.

"I can't believe this is happening again!" I said with anger building. I punched the nearest tree, it shook and leaves fell off. My hand throbbed but I didn't pay attention to it.

"Tally calm down," David said

"How can I when I got some new Specials out to destroy me?" I asked

"Tally-wa you're not the only target," Shay said

"But still!" I yelled

"Tally breathe." Fausto said "We need to figure this out."

I sighed trying to keep myself icy.

"Listen, we need a plan," Shay said "Any ideas?"

"Well first off we should…" David began but voice faded when I hearing something behind me.

I turned around but nothing was there, I tried to focus back on David but I kept hearing that noise and I kept seeing stuff out of the corner of my eye.

"Why does this seem so familiar?"

The noise kept getting more irritating and I couldn't block it out.

Finally giving in to it I ran into the forest where the sounbd was coming from to see what was bugging me. David and Shay were calling my name but I didn't stop until I was in the middle of the forest.

I examined carefully so I wouldn't miss whatever it was but I couldn't find anything.

"Come out come out where ever you are," I said with a teasing edge in my voice. "I won't bite."

I heard and saw nothing.

I was about to turn back when the figure reappeared and I started chasing the mysterious person again.

"Why do I feel like I've done this before?"

I stopped again when I heard the noise, it was on the left side of me.

I looked but nothing was there.

Suddenly I felt pressure on my back and I fell to the ground.

"This is not how I wanted to spend my vacation." I thought as I started turning over.

When I was fully turned over I looked up to see my attacker.

I gasped in horror.

The mysterious person was tall and lean with jet black hair, deep black eyes and flash tattoos all over their hands and face.

I blinked to make sure I was seeing right.