Title: Little Things
Author: Orilon
Rating: PG
Pairing: implied Punk/Lita/Colt Cabana
Disclaimer: The wrestlers belong to themselves.
Summary: The little things people do in a long distance relationship
Author's note: this was prompted by the Daily Prompt of T-Shirt in the lita_fic lj community.

Punk knew from the size of the t-shirt that Lita was wearing that it wasn't hers. He also knew that it wasn't his, but thought that it looked somewhat familiar. When he squeezed past her in the kitchen he caught a whiff of a faint but familiar scent that let him know where she got the shirt.

He wasn't sure when she was with Colt long enough to borrow one of his shirts, but thought it must have been awhile ago since her scent had almost completely replaced his. He wasn't in a place to say anything though since he had snagged one of Colt's shirts that was now in his shirt drawer.

The little things that people do when in a long distance relationship.