Title: Deja Vu
Author: Orilon
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Punk/Colt Cabana
Spoilers: SummerSlam
Disclaimer: Everything from WWE belongs to Vince McMahon, everything from ROH belongs to Cary Silkin and everything from IWA Mid-South belongs to Ian Rotten.
Summary: Punk's thoughts after SummerSlam

I've got a bit of déjà vu, although it's a little different. Just like in the past I'm in my hotel room lying on my stomach with a large amount of ice covering my back after a brutal title match. Except this time, I actually won the WWE heavyweight title. The ice feels the same, the feeling sore in places I didn't realize I had is the same, but the title
belt sitting on the nightstand is different. That was the one big difference between tonight and the time before: I won.

I wasn't looking forward to the TLC match at SummerSlam. I have done the
various elements of a TLC match before, but I don't like that type of
match. Going off a balcony through a table is not my idea of fun, especially with Chris Hero's fat ass landing on me. Falling off ladders is not my idea of fun, and getting hit with a chair hurts. I prefer a straight wrestling match.

I am excited about working with Undertaker, but not so excited about
getting the choke slam after the match. That hurt, especially since
my back was already sore.

The gentle rubbing at my temples is helping make my headache go away. My
eyes are closed, so I just feel Colt, but I really appreciate him being
here. I don't know how he got time off from ROH to be here, but I'm not
going to question it. I'm just happy he's here.

I appreciate Colt being here again, but this time there's more to appreciate because I won the belt.