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I had just finished another case when I made my way back to the motel I was staying at. Some girl was toying with blackmagic and had managed to raise her boyfriend from the dead. You could tell that he had been in some sort of accident, he sure wasn t a pretty sight to look at. Most people wouldn t have been able to hold their stomach contents where they belong but I ve been hunting for a couple of years now and was used to worse. The only thing that really bothered me was the smell, it sure could have knocked a horse down. I tried to avoid as much contact as possible but that zombie was one nasty sucker and thanks to him I was covered in dirt and smelled almost as bad as he had. At least I managed to gank his sorry ass for good now and that was all that mattered. I went into my room and inspected myself in the mirror. My shirt and jeans were completely ruined so I just tossed them into the trash. I stepped into the shower and stayed there until I was convinced that I smelled like the good old me again. I put on my pyjamas and finally went to bed to get some well deserved shuteye.

I woke up the next morning at around 10 am and felt extremely better than yesterday. A good nights sleep really does work miracles. I took another shower to ensure that I got entirely rid of that smell. I pulled my black hair into a loose pony tail and then fixed my one sided fringe with hairspray. I put on some black tights and a red and black plaid dress that I bought some time ago but never had the chance to wear. I packed my bags and then sat down at the table where my laptop was, to check the internet for potential hunts. I scanned for about half an hour but didn t find anything that seemed suspicious.

I didn t know what to do to pass time until I had found a new hunt but one thing that I was sure about was that I didn t want to hang around here in Wyoming.
I looked at my road map and realized that South Dakota was fairly close. "I could visit Uncle Bobby. I sure haven t seen him for ages." I thought to myself. He wasn t really my Uncle, we were zero related, but he was like family and I had been calling him Uncle for all my life.
I fumbled for my cellphone in one of my bags and eventually found it. I dialed his number and he picked up almost immediately. -"Hello" he answered.
-"Hi Uncle Bobby, it s me Lizzy." I said cheerfully. My full name s actually Elizabeth but I had always prefered Lizzy since that made me sound a little younger. Not that I considered 24 old but I thought Lizzy sounded more age appropriate.
"Hi Princess, good to hear from you. How have you been?" he said in a happy voice. -"I m fine, thank you. Listen, I just finished a job here in Wyoming and haven t found a new case yet. I was wondering if I could stay with you for a little while until I ve found one." I explained.
"What kind of question is that? Of course you can, stay as long as you like. I always enjoy having you around." he said just like I thought he would.
-"Thanks. I ll leave now but I have to make a stop to stock up on some supplies and have some lunch. See you in a few hours."
-"Yes, see you soon. Drive carefully."
-"I will. Bye." I said and hung up.

I loaded up my car and took off. I drove for about 3 hours when my stomach started growling. "Time for some food."I mumbled to myself and put a hand on my noisy tummy.
I was in South Dakota already but still had about an hour drive ahead of me. I parked my car in front of a diner that was next to a little shopping district. I would have some food first and then do my overdue shopping.

The diner was packed but luckily there was one free booth. I sat down and ordered a coke, burger and fries and for dessert some apple pie with vanilla ice cream. It wasn t really much of a healthy food choice but I deserved a treat after that freaking zombie case. I had just finished my burger when these two incredibly hot guys entered. The taller one was really cute but the other one was damn sexy, just my kind of guy. He had short hair, piercing green eyes and lips that were to die for. He wore jeans, a black tshirt and a leather jacket.
I found it hard not to keep looking at him but thankfully I got it together and focussed on my food in front of me. -"Excuse me, would you mind if we d sit with you? All other seats are occupied." a husky voice said and when I looked up I realized it was that hot guy I spotted minutes ago.
-"Yeah sure." I said and smiled at him.
-"Thanks. By the way I m Dean and this is my brother Sam." he introduced himself and pointed towards the tall guy as they sat down opposite to me.
-"I m Lizzy, pleasure to meet you." I said and smiled once again at both of them.
A waitress almost immediately came and took their orders. -"Are you ready for your dessert?" she asked me when she took my empty plate away.
-"Yes please." I politely replied.

-"So Lizzy, do you live around here?" Dean asked.
-"No, I m just on my way to visit an old family friend who lives here. I plan on staying with him for a little while. What about you guys?" -"Pretty much the same. We re on a road trip and decided to visit a friend." he answered.
The waitress came back with my apple pie and vanilla ice cream and placed it in front of me.
-"Here you go darling."she said and smiled.
-"Thanks." I said. While I talked to her, I felt like I was being watched. I peeked from the corner of my eye and caught Dean checking me out. Not that I had anything against that, to be honest I actually enjoyed it.
The waitress took off and I started with the ice cream first.
-"You like pie, huh?" Dean said and grinned at me.
-"Like? Love would be the right word. I could live off pies." I said enthusiastically. I did eat a lot of pie but thankfully it didn t show. I ve never been into sports but I had hunting to keep me in shape.
Their food arrived now aswell and we kept on chatting for a little longer.
I finished my dessert and paid.
-"I ve got to go and run some errands. It was real nice meeting you two." I said and got ready to leave.
-"Same here. I was wondering since you re staying here, we could meet up and do something. Well, if you re up for it." Dean said.
-"Yeah, why not. Sounds fun. Here s my number. Just give me a call." I said and fished a pen out of my bag. I took a clean napkin and wrote my number on it.
I ususally don t give out my number that easily but I thought what the hell. I wasn t working a job and I did deserve to have a little fun every now and then. I ve always been quite good at judging peoples characters and he didn t strike me as the psycho stalker type or the clingy possessive one for that matter.
I waved goodbye and left the diner.

I went to the shopping district and was glad to discover that they had an excellent choice of shops. I hadn t been shopping for months because I was too busy hunting, so I decided to take my chance now that I had some time off.
I was forced to throw lots of clothes away in the past because they were either ripped beyond recognition, heavily stained with stuff that didn t wash out or both.
I went into one of my favourite clothing shops and stocked up on pretty much everything ranging from jeans to underwear. I then went into the shoe shop next door and bought some boots, sneakers and fancy high heels.
I had one last stop, the supermarket. I knew Bobbys fridge was filled with ready made meal crap that made my stomach turn just by thinking of it.
He loved my cooking and I loved doing it for him. We were very close and like I said before, even though we didn t share the same DNA he was like family.
I filled the entire shopping cart with groceries and I was well aware that it was more than double the amount I needed. I bought some tupperware aswell since I knew that he didn t own any. I planned on freezing the excess food so he would have some proper food even after I left.

The supermarket had a phamarcy inside in which I stocked up on antiseptics, bandages, pain killers and all kinds of other medication. Better safe than sorry I thought. By the time I finished my shopping spree it was already 7 pm. I quickly loaded up my car and headed to Bobbys.

I pulled up his driveway an hour later and was suprised to see a 67 Chevy Impala parked there. It sure was one sweet ride and since I ve never seen it before I was wondering wether it was Bobbys or if he had guests over.
I parked my midnight blue Ford Mustang next to it and got out taking as many bags with me as possible. I walked up to his door, put the bags down for a minute and rang the bell. Bobby opened shortly after and pulled me into a hug that took my breath away. Literally.
-"Breathing s becoming an issue here." I said and he let go.
-"Sorry, I m just glad to see you." he said apologetically.
-"I m happy to see you, too." I smiled and it was me who hugged him this time.
He helped me get all the shopping bags out my car.
-"Sweet ride you have there. When did you get it?" I asked and pointed to the Impala.
-"It s not mine. Two friends came by unexpectedly. I told them to wait in the living room. I ll introduce you in a few minutes."he said and we went inside.

We left the bags in the hallway for now and entered the living room. I got the suprise of my life as I saw Dean and Sam sit there.
-"Just couldn t stay away, huh?" Dean said and gave me a cheeky smile.
I didn t say a thing and just winked at him.
-"You know each other?" Bobby asked confused.
-"I met them a couple of hours earlier while I was having lunch in some diner, Uncle Bobby." I explained.
-"Uncle?? We didn t know you had a niece."the boys said in unison.
-"We re not related or anything. It s just that I ve been calling him that for all my life." I stated matter of factly.

I excused myself and brought all my stuff into one of the guestrooms. I made my way back to the livingroom and caught myself eavesdropping on the guys conversation. Bobby was telling them to not make a move on me unless they had a serious deathwish.
I laughed silently. That was such a Bobby thing to say.
-"Hey guys, I was thinking of making some food for us. You hungry?" I asked and they nodded.
-"Could one of you please give me a hand with the groceries? They are still in the hallway." I added and Dean got up immediately.
-"Yep, no problem." Dean said and Bobby gave him one evil glare that said more than a 1000 words could.
-"Relax Bobby, I m a big girl and I can take care of myself." I assured him.

Dean helped me carry all the bags and I was suprised when he started putting all the stuff where it belonged. I decided to make some roast chicken with potatoes and for dessert apple pie. While I got everything ready, Dean and me started talking.
-"Bobby said that you re a hunter." Dean said with a hint of disbelief in his voice.
-"Yes, born and raised."
We talked about a lot of stuff but nothing too personal. The more we got talking, the more we discovered we had in common. Time flew by and before we knew, dinner was ready to be served. We called the other two and sat down at the table.
-"That looks mouthwatering." the boys said and dug in.
-"That pie is the friggin best I ever had. Will you marry me?" Dean said jokingly as he stuffed more pie into his mouth. I smiled at him while Bobby just kept glaring.

We all cleaned up which didn t take too long. After that we watched some tv for a little while.
-"I ll go to bed. See you in the morning." Bobby said and hugged me goodnight.
I was glad to be alone with the boys for a while since they acted kind of stiff when Bobby was around, at least Sam did. Dean was just being Dean, I guessed.
We decided to call it a night aswell shortly after as it was almost midnight.
-"Good night, sleep tight you two." I said.
-"What? No hug for me?" Dean said giving me puppy dog eyes.
Both boys were standing up now aswell. I gave Dean a hug and then turned towards Sam. I hugged him slightly longer and gave him a peck on the cheek much to Deans dislike. Sam was startled but in a good way.
I didn t want to make it too obvious that I fancied Dean, so I gave Sam a little extra attention. I turned around and walked away.
"Dude, that was so unfair." I heared Dean complain to Sam and I smiled.