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Lizzies POV (30th week of pregnancy. Bobby and Lizzy are back in South Dakota. The Winchester brothers are on the road.)

Bobby and I arrived back in South Dakota. Reluctantly he accompanied me on a shopping spree in town. I was grateful that he´d let me stay at his place, so I decided to thank him by making his house look a little bit more homey.

Bobby looked terrified at the huge department store in front of him.

"I thought you just needed a FEW things."

"Uuuhm well, I kinda lied. I figured that if I´d tell you that I was going to redecorate your house, you would have never come with me." I gave him my famous puppy dog eyes.

"Redecorate my house?" He uttered in disbelief.

"I hate to break it to you but it has seen better days. I promise it won´t be a radical change. Just some nicer wallpaint, a few new pieces of furniture and maybe a new kitchen." I paused for a moment. "I´m due in 10 weeks and I don´t know how long Dean and Sam will need to stop Lilith, so you might be stuck with me and the baby for a while. Don´t worry though you won´t have to do anything but hide all your hunting stuff in your panic room for a little while. I´ll hire people to do all the work. It won´t take longer than 2 weeks, I promise." I pouted a little and his facial features relaxed.

"Okay okay, fine. Just promise me you´ll never trick me into going shopping with you again. And please NO PINK!"

"Deal. Don´t worry, your place will still look manly after I´m through with it." I smiled.

We entered the department store and picked all the furniture and a new kitchen together. After we were done with that we, or more I, started looking for all the smaller stuff such as new lamps, duvets, pillows, towels, kitchen appliances and smaller electronic gadgets.

Bobby was quite patient although every now and then he´d shoot me the 'Do we really need that?' look.

The booth of the car was fully packed by the time I was done with all the shopping.

*** *** ***

The next morning Bobby and I put all his hunting stuff away and hid it in his panic room. The people I hired arrived later that day and started taking out all the old furniture and cleaning up the entire house.

*** *** ***

Two weeks later, just like I had promised, the work was finished and the house looked unrecognizable. Bobby had complained about having to research in his panic room and having the house full of strangers but it was worth it.

"Wow I can´t believe that this is my home." A little smile crept upon his face.

"See, it wasn´t that bad at all. Let´s get all your hunting stuff back up here."

He started carrying all the boxes upstairs while I unpacked them.

In the evening I cooked some nice dinner in the new kitchen.

"You haven´t told Dean and Sam yet have you?" I asked as I placed his food in front of him.

"Nope, didn´t say a word."

*** *** ***

Lizzies POV (set a few weeks later, after 'It´s a terrible life'. The boys have returned to South Dakota for a few days. Lizzy is in her 38th week of pregnancy.)

8 weeks had passed since I had last seen Dean in person and I missed him terribly. Bobby had been a real sweetheart, he kept up with my moodswings and late night pie cravings but Dean was the one I needed.

I was due in about 2 weeks, so the boys had decided to take a few days off and swing by to check up on me.

The bell rang and I rushed to the door to welcome the boys. My tummy had literally ballooned in the past few weeks.

Dean kissed me and then pulled away slightly to take a good look at my enormous bump.

"Wow, you look like you´re ready to pop any minute." He remarked and chuckled.

"Gee Dean, I feel so special now." I mockglared at him.

The boys entered and looked around.

"What happened in here? This place looks like it popped out of Vanity fair." Sam asked as he took in the new furniture and all the other modifications that were made.

"Lizzy went all Martha Stewart in here, that´s what happened." Bobby retorted sarcastically and I just rolled my eyes.

*** *** ***

After showing the boys around, Dean and I went to the hospital for a last check up.

I lay down on the table and rolled my shirt up, so that the doctor could prepare me for the ultrasound.

Dean stared at the screen and I swear to god that he was about to cry when he saw our baby on it. "We really created that?" He asked fascinated and squeezed my hand.

"Yes, isn´t he amaizing." I smiled at Dean.

"Looks like you both can´t wait to finally meet your baby boy." The doctor said and paused for a minute. "I´m happy to tell you that he´s absolutely healthy." He wiped off the remaing gel from my tummy.

Dean and I thanked the doctor and left the hospital.

He opened the car door for me and I was just about to get in when I felt something sting me in my shoulder. Before I could react, everything went black. The last thing I remember was Dean catching my limp body before it hit the ground..

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