Frozen Magic, Ch. 1

I'm going to say right now: I did post this fic on deviantart.

It was originaly going to be: Icy/Bloom.

What happened? I changed it, and was too lazy to change the title.


"Were the hell are they?!" Demanded a pacing girl. She had very light blue hair, wich fell into a lone ponytail along her entire back down to the backs of her knees. Here eyes were just as a difinitive colour as her hair. She wore A skimpy ice-blue top and tight, low-rise bootcut pants, where a pair of dark blur high heels emerged from the blue glittery botoms.

As if on que, two girls run in, panting. One had purple, frizzy, curly hair with grey streaks in the front. The second had long straight brunette hair with blonde highlights, her hair being just as long as the blunettes.

"What the hell took you two!?" She scowled, crossing her arms.

"Sorry Icy! we got cought up with some other busness... some newbies needed a welcoming oriantation." Darcy said, trying to catch her breath. Although Icy loved to give newbies a "good" welcome, she was concerned onother matters.

"Darcy! Stormy! the head mistress has put us in charge of Alpheas prom plans." Icy said, in a lower, slightly nicer tone than before.

"Its about time!" Stormy celebrated by throwing her fist in the air.

"SO DONT MESS IT UP!" Icy scolds Stormy, remembering the one time that she and Darcy were out with other buisness, Stormy only made it rain, so they took the prom inside. Darcy and Icy didn't talk to her for a week after that.

"This time will DEFINATELY be diffent Icy..." Darcy said, crossing her arms and seeming unfased by her anger.

"It better be! for YOUR sake!" Icy barked, remembering another time when Darcy was supposed to set up some magical traps that would go off at ceratin points during the festivities, that ALL turned out to be flukes. "Griffin says if we fail this time we are going to be expelled!" Icy added, stepping away from Darcy.

"Don't worry Icy, we wont screw up like those other times." Stormy said, waving her hand nonchalantly. Icy shot the two a glare, as cold as the ice that she masters. The two take it as their cue to get out of Icys face.

"Man, shes realy uptight about this prom thing." Stormy remarked, quietly, after they were out of Icy's earshot.

"I cant balme her; we screw up this time and we're outta here!" Darcy, contemplated, putting her thumb to her chin thoughtfully.

"But if she screws up, then we can balme it on her..." Story said with a devious smirk, and rubbing her hands together as if she was plotting to blame it on Icy.

"We'll never let her live it down!" Darcy grinned just as wide if not wider than the fizzy haired witch.

The two giggle, and Stormy heads off into her room, as does Darcy. She picks up a piece of paper on her nighstand. It reads:
Alphea Prom Attendants:
Stella of Solaris Musa Techna Flora.
"No newbies this year?" Darcy comments, scanning the list untill a certain name catches her eye.

"Bloom of.... Earth?! I didn't think Earthlings could have Winx...She'll be easy. Better take her so I don't screw up like Icy thinks I will." She puts a circle around Bloom's name in red pen, then sets paper down on her vainity. The three havent been to Aphea seince... last years prom! Darcy was slightly shaky that her technuque had gone to the dogs seince last yearm having done nothing but file her nails in class. She sat on her bed, crossed her legs, and began to focus her power


"What do you think of this one?" Stella asked, holding up yet another possible prom dress to her figure in the mirror. Bloom yawned a response. It was late at night and she UNFORTUNATLEY agreed to help Stella pick out her dress for the prom.

"Its fine.." Bloom said, dozing off on Stella's desk for the ump-teenth time in the last 15 minutes.

"Oh come on! You didn't even look at it!" Stella complained. Bloom put her hands over her head in an attempt to sleep.

"HEY! wake up!" Stella boasted, vigorusly shaking Blooms shoulders. "Stella, get some sleep..." Flora groaned, having heard her yell from the other room.

"Oh be quiet! fashion is wayyy more important than sleep." Stella said, crossing her arms matter of-factly.

"Maybye to you!" Musa groaned, appearing in the dorway next to Flora.

"I aggree" Bloom murmured tiredly. "I'm gonna call it a day... g'nite!" Bloom says leaving Stellas room in a sleepy slump.

"Humph, like I need help anyway..." Stella growled, tunring back around to look at herself in the mirror.


The prom was tomorow night, and the three-some had little time to prepare. In the past, they had at least two weeks to prepare, and even then, they still screwed up.

Darcy is in the schools kitchen, using an old recipie to make some stink-bombs, which will them smell like a skink peed on them, which she would use after Stormy whipped up a bad storm to send the usually outdoor dance inside. Icy was grabbing rats from the science lab, which she magicked to have them explode into ice bombs anf freeze the faried that tried to kill them. It was nothing short of noobish, but they agreed that full-scale was completely out of the question, not wanting to get expulled and having to go home to angry parents.

Darcy lied on her bed, looking minlessly at the ceiling, listening to the quiet, dark hymns that was playing on low volume from her sterio. The other two girls have taken their targets as well. Icy has decided to target Stella, and Stormy targets Flora. Darcy got up and let out a breath she din't know she was holding. "I don't know why," she pondered aloud, "but I've got a weired vibe about tomorow night." Darcy decided it was better to be prepared, and focused her power as she did the night before.

He room is unmoving as Darcy continues to meditate. The three girls couldn't sleep a wink between them, Icy making sure the rats would explode as she wanted them to, and Story was too excited to stay still.

Classes were canceled for the day, to make time for the preperations that the whole school was going thorugh for prom.

Darcy shifted from her bed, and turned tha sterio back on. "Why is it that everyone is alwase so quiet before the prom?" She asked herself out loud. She may be senior, but some questions still remain unanswered.


Stella sleept in late that morning, because she was up untill 3:00 in the morning trying to pick out a dress from her arsenal. The others decided to let her sleep, and take the gripe later.

"So what are you waering tonight Flora?" Musca asked, sitting casually on Bloom's bed. The plant fairie let out a shocked gasp with her hand over her mouth, and rushed to her closet. Being busy with her studies, she didnt have enough time to pick a dress untill now, and she'd almost forgot.

"You honestly mean you don't have one picke out?" Musca asks, crossing her arms, dissapointed at the fact that even Tecna had one picked out, she was in Magix right now getting it from the cleaners.

"I haven't had much time to think about it." Came Flora's mumbled response from deep in the bowels of the 3 foot deep closet.

"For God's sake, even Tecna found one. Rooming with me you should have looked instead of studying for that bio-chem test next monday, which you will ace." Bloom said, looking in her closet. She had a sprising amount of cream and green colouured dreses, skirts and tops.

"I wonder if Stella even managed to find something to wear." Flora mused, stopping from her search for a moment to put a finger to her chin.

"Oh I'm sure she did, either that, or shes realy close!" Musca said, falling back on Bloom's bed. Bloom and Flora giggle, and Flora begins bringing her onslaught of dresses from the closet.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ THAT NIGHT, AT THE PROM.

"Ready girls?" Icy questioned with an evil smile, gazing down at Alphea's prom-inated state: with music echoing frlom the valleys and light shining brighter than all of Solaris.

"Ready Icy..." Stormy and Darcy said in unicen, Stormy already beging to form the surging clouds of a merciless rainstorm.

"Lets wreck a prom!" Icy declared. The army of witches that were below cheered loudly. The trio laugh cynically as they and their wicth army of prom wreckers head down to Alphea.

The last of the Red Fountain boys entered the campus just as the DJ started ripping good songs.

"Come on Brandon! just ask her to dace!" Timmy urged, sitting next to him on the edge of the fountain, a small glass of punch in hand.

"I dont think I can Timmy, I dont think shes in to me yet." Brandon said, looking over to Bloom, who was talking with Flora, and commenting her choice of dress.

"So? use this time for her TO get into you!" Timmy said with a smile, as he noticed Tecna comming over to him, a sharp, definite blush on her face. Brandon decided to leave the two alone, and makes his move tward Bloom.

"H-Hi Bloom" Brandon asked, blowing his "cool" cover. Flora waved bye to Bloom and made her way over to a group of younger Red Fountain boys theat she'd cought staring.

"Oh, Hi Brandon, whats up?" Bloom asks, just as nervous as he was. Brandon clears his throat and straightens his tie before continuing.

"May I have this dance?" Brandon asked in a very gentlemanish tone, offering his hand to Bloom as a slow song came on.

"You may" Bloom giggles, slipping her hand into his. They move out to the flor, and move to the beat with the other couples.

Just as the song ends and the flaries and worriors applaud, Stormy, though unseen, unleashes her storm upon the festivities. Rain comes down like a ferocius waterfall, making an echo of the roaring thunder and glinting the sharp lightning that struck nearby trees. Faries creamed as their hair was officially screwed up, Stella screaming the loudest among them, and the guys making desprate attempts to save their dates from the downpour.

The festivities were now inside, several girls had ran to their dorms to fix their hair and makeup so it was presentable, and the guys were given towels by the professors to dry their hair and tuxes as best they could. Bloom had come back, leaving Stella to scream over he make-up and hair, not wanting to have a huge migrane. Some of the guys were helping the DJ bring his equipment inside, and assesing the damage.

"Ms. Faragonda, the Dj says his equppment is too wet, it won't run safely, and he can't fix it here." Timmy conveyed to the headmistress, taking off his plastic poncho so he wouldn't get any wetter. The headmistress sighed.

"Thats not good. Our decorations, and food are gone too. Prom is ruined again..." Faragonda complained, putting a hand to her head in frustration.

"No, It's not." Musca said, now wearing her hair down, and switiching to her back-up dress. She held a strio up, and threw in a few mix CD's she made, and cranked the volume. The party sloly began to come back to life witht he music's aid. Griselda (not sure if its a P or a G, so its a G)was supervising the work in the kitchen to make some simple fruit punch and iced tea.

"Dammit!!" Icy curses, watching the festivites begin to fire up from a nearby bush with binoculars. "How do they manage to rebound every, frigging, year!!??" Icy yelled, throwing the binoculars to the muddy ground, causing a large wave to splash back in her face. Story had quit the Storm a while ago, leaving the witches wet, which was something they could care less about.

"Calm down Icy. We've got more indoor traps this year, and besides, I think some freshman are anxious to get into a farie fight this year." Darcy purred, looking behind her where there were tons of freshman getting pupmed. Icy put a hand to her still muddy forehead, not even caring about wiping it off.

"They better not fuck this up, or so help me god I will enjoy darining every last drop of blood from their veins!!" Icy said, making a small ball of ice in her palm only to crush it.

Darcy grinned. "I'll launch my bombs first, then whe you send out the rats we'll have everyone move in." Darcy said, hlding a small bag in her hand. It was a botomless bag, that held over 40,000 of the skunk bombs. They move in, camouflaged my Darcy's colaking spell to lay their traps, while TSory stayed behind to lead the underclassmen. Inside, Darcy motioned to take positions: Darcy in the air, Icy setting the crate down and readying that latch that would send the rats flowing out like, well, rats.

Darcy pulled the drawsting on the bag, letting the pruple-brown stink balls fall and explode on the floor, and faries. On almost nailed Bloom, but she quickly evaded. Several faries activated their winx, in an attempt to stop the ball from falling. Icy took that as sher que to release her rats. Several faries and warriors were frozen in ice. The witches broke windows and doors down, flowing into the commons. Bloom escaped into the hall that led to the science rooms in the hecitity.

"Not so fast you!" Darcy said, deactivating the cloaking spell that hid her and Icy. Darcy chases her down, she is easy to catch, because Bloom didn't activate her winx. Bloom led her far down the hall to the point that nobody could see them, and ran into one of the science labs, locking the door behind her.

"Thank god, I think I lost her" Bloom panted, falling down against the door.

"This is the Earth girl? you barely have Winx!" Darcy laughed, materializing in front of Bloom taking her chin in her gloved hand.

"I-I have plenty of power!" Bloom stammered, slapping Darcys hand away and trying to activate her winx, but failing miserably.

"Oh how cute, you have farie dust! Listen kid, if you let me get a few good hits on you, without fighting back, I'll let you live. If you inist on fighting back, you will be killed." darcy said, slowly levitaing tawrd Bloom, who was backed up aginst the door. She looked to the right for a sparce second, and ran. She grabbed test tubes, beakers, and glass objects as she ran, throwing them at Darcy. Darcy used her power to blow them up in midair. Darcy quickly cornered the terrified farie, once again holding her chin in had.

"Go ahead, blast me to bits, I'm not scared of you..." Bloom said, turning her had away but still looking at Darcy.

"I know you don't fear death, more than you fear this." Darcy forcefully turned her head to face her, and planted a hard kiss on her lips. Darcy's tounge almost immdeiatly penatrated Bloom's lips. Bloom continued to struggle, giving in olny when she realized that struggling was making Darcy kiss harder. Darcy released the kiss, biting Blooms lip hard enough to draw blood. Bloom stared wide-eyed at Darcy, who had a small trail of Blooms blood running down your cheek. "Now you weren't even trying to enjoy you're first kiss. What fun is that?" Darcy said, sounding sexually displeased.

"H-how did you..." Bloom murmured, putting two fingers to where Darcy had but her lip.

"I sense fear, and what is causing at it's greatest hight. You're immdeiate fear was dying. Your overall fear was not enjoying your first kiss, and seince I didn't want to get blood on you uniform and really screw your head up-" She was cut off by Bloom slapping her hard across the cheek, catching her off guard and making her fall.

"Stay away from me, you, you.... BITCH!" Bloom ran out of the room with tears streaking down her face.

"What was that all about?" Stormy asked, breaking a window nonchalantly to get to Darcy in the science lab. Icy floated in through the door that Bloom had ran through.

"Good job Darcy! I assume that was you who made her cry, right?" Icy said, poingitn behind her to the door, implying Bloom.

Darcy nodded slowly. "Though I think it took more out of me than I expected. Let's go back before something goes wrong and we get expelled...." Darcy said holding her cheek. 'She......Dammit, I'll think about it later.' The treesome flew back to Cloud Tower, Icy helping Darcy, noticing that was wan't focused enough to fly straight.
~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ THE NEXT DAY....(The witches just finished their report and havent slept yet)

"Well, for once I must say I'm proud of you girls. Although rather low-brow, you managed to destroy a total of 307 1/2 windows, wrecked a science lab and froze and stunk up the rest that didn't fight. You didn't screw it up, so that means you stay. The performance was good, but I expect so much better from my senior witches, one false move, and you're out of here!" Griffin scowled, setting down tha report papers.

"Understood" The tree said, and quickly left the office.

"So you made a fairy cry, now I'm curious, what did you do that was so bad?" Stormy asked the quiet Darcy, who lagged behind and stared blankly at the floor. "Darcy!" Icy prompted stopping in the hall and snapping her fingers in front of her nose.

"Huh wha-?" Darcy said, pulling herslef out of her thoughs.

"What. Did. You. Do. To. Make. Her. Cry?"Icy asked slowly

"Uh, s-she ran, and I couldn't dive her back." Darcy said, marking the fact that it was best Icy not know about the kiss.

"It was that Earth girl Bloom right? I've alwase heard those guys are easily spooked. Darcy probably just put on a bedsheet with holes and juped at her from around a corner!" Stormy says, failing to hold in the oncoming laughter which Icy laughs just as lound and as hard to.

"Here's my room. I'm gonna' hit the sack, wrecking prom alwase makes me tired." Darcy said, putting her hand on the doorknob.

"Sounds like a plan!" Icy said, after she stopped laughing, beling out a huge yawn. They bade the others good night and left for the dorms.

When Darcy got in her room, she immidatley locked the door. "How is that....Why the hell do I feel like I'm gonna' puke? " Darcy said, touching her lips gently. 'There was something....Somthing wonderous and adventurous in in her eyes, she is so....' Darcy stoped her perverted thoughts and hit her head hard against the wall. "NO! get a hold of youreself Darcy! you cantfall head-over-heels for some-some Newbie Alphea girl!" Darcy growls as she walkes over to her bed and throws herself on the strewn covers. The kiss weighes heavy on her mind as she gets up and puts her pj's on: a skimpy purple bra top and a pair of baggy purble flannel pants. Throwing herself down on the bed, she lets her thoughts of Bloom consume her un-invadeable mind, and falls into a sleep, with an intoxicatingly delicious sex fantasy of the girl