The big explanation is at the bottom. For now, enjoy my tributes to three legendary songwriters and singers. (Smooth Criminal has hardly anything to do with the song. I goofed that.)

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Smooth Criminal

Hoagie was struck speechless for the first time at age sixteen. There he'd been, walking down the hallway after school, minding his own business when he passed by Abby. The next thing he knew, she had him pressed against the brick wall, her lips capturing his own. After roughly seven seconds of liplock, Abby calmly walked away, leaving him to slide to the floor in shock. Two minutes of trying to remember his own name went by before Wally found him.

"Are ya okay, Hoagie? Hey, mate, ya in there?!"


Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy

When the boy, whose name Abby would not be able to recall later, became a bit too forward in his actions, Abby ditched him in favor of storming to the new headquarters of Teen Sector V. Five minutes after a bit of door slamming, a brave Hoagie stood at the entrance to her room. After been granted reluctant permission to come inside, he did what he does best; crack bad jokes. But this time was different. He was really only trying to get her to tell him off, to be herself again. How on earth her lips ended up on his mouth he had not the slightest clue.


I've Just Seen A Face

"Hoagie, you've been stealing glances over there whenever you think I'm not looking," Nigel said, eyebrows very visible in their current raised position above his sunglasses. "Go and talk to her already."

Hoagie picked at a hole in the black plastic of the booth. Nigel watched him exasperatedly over the rim of his coffee cup.

"I can't." He said finally. "Pretty girls don't talk to me."

"You're being ridiculous."

The unfortunate reason of the college student's current predicament was obviously a girl. She was their age, with beautiful dark skin and hair to match, sitting at the diner's greasy counter picking at scrambled eggs. She had an air of silence about her that was still very powerful, like a partly tamed lioness. No diner had yet dared to talk or sit next to her in the full year she'd been a customer. What they didn't know about this girl was that she had very keen ears. And their conversation had peaked her interest. The boys didn't notice her approach.

"I'm Abby," she said, holding out her hand to a very startled Hoagie. "And you two seem very familiar." She motioned for Nigel to move over. "Where ya from?"

Long Live The Greats

Okay, you guys deserve an explanation. Why is your dear author writing ficlets with the titles of old songs? Well, it's because this is my tribute to, as my sister says, The King, The Queen, and The Beatle. For those of you that don't get that, this is my tribute to, in order:

Michael Jackson, (The King of Pop, R.I.P. 2009)
Freddie Mercury, (Queen, R.I.P. 1991)
and John Lennon (The Beatles, R.I.P. 1980)
These three men wrote (in Lennon's case, co-wrote) the above songs. The years that the songs were released are above their titles. They are my personal favorites and I will not stand for any flames against these influential songwriters. I am a fan of music from the 60s through mid 90s and decided that my top three greats needed some love.

Yes, MJ. Because he is a legend. I like his moves, his music, and his hair. That's my opinion, please deal with it.

I think I made Hoagie very clueless in these...oopsie.

Love always,