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Summary: In which the Axis Powers capture.... Canada?

? x Canada

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A/N: This won't really be all that historical accurate...

Translations: Gott = German for 'God'

Mon Dieu = French for 'My God'

Doitsu = Japanese for 'Germany'

Berlin, Germany

The Italian panted slightly, tired of dragging the limp man through the mud. However, he went on with the limp man, smiling widely at how proud Germany would be – that he wasn't so useless after all.

"Ve ~ almost there!" Italy seemed to brighten as he finally spotted Germany's house, pulling the limp man that much harder and faster. He needed his pasta to give him more energy – even if the man wasn't all too heavy, he was completely limp, which didn't help Italy at all. In fact, the blond man wasn't much taller than him...

Italy burst through Germany's door, panting harshly though smiling widely at the annoyed/surprised blond German. "Look, look! Ve ~ I've captured America!" Feliciano yipped happily, not even noticing Germany's twitching, "So, can I make some pasta now?"

Ludwig resisted the urge to bang his head against the table, sighing silently as he stared at Italy with annoyed-blue eyes, "Italy – America isn't even a part of this war... yet." Germany stated in an almost dead-like tone – his eyes intently trained on the limp man on the floor of his house. Gott – he really hoped that wasn't who he thought it was...

"Ve ~?" Italy blinked, giving a curious look to the unconscious male on the floor. If he wasn't America, then who was he? He voiced his question out loud, watching as Germany seemed to stay far away from the limp man. "Ludwig ~ are you scared?" Feliciano asked as he flipped over the mud-covered male – trying to smudge away the dirt off the man's face in order to see him.

Germany tensed as his fear finally seemed to wake up – blinking groggy blue-violet eyes tiredly, not really even realising where he was. "Arthur...?" The male coughed weakly, blood was streaming down his body in numerous, but small, wounds. "Francis...?"

"You know Big Brother France?" Italy asked excitedly, as though he wasn't even talking to a prisoner – watching obliviously as the male finally seemed to snap into reality, sitting up quickly while backing away from Italy with a shocked look.

"Germany!?" Canada gasped with widened eyes, the German tensed slightly at the Canadian's look – knowing all too well how frightening Canada could be during these war-times; his Germans shook in their boots when they found out they had to fight the Canadians. "I – what are you doing here?!" Canada snarled, looking around the house in apparent shock, "Where am I?!"

"Want some pasta?" Italy interrupted with a blissful smile, shoving a plate of the food into Canada's face – who simply looked speechless, unable to come up with anything. "Ve ~ it's really good!"

"Good work, Italy." Germany suddenly smirked, blue eyes darkening as he finally realised something. He would have something on England (because if he remembered correctly; Canada technically belonged to England still), and he wouldn't have to fear Canada anymore. Feliciano wasn't was useless as he had first thought.

Canada simply watched dumbly as Italy seemed to just bask in the praise, obviously going off into his own little dream-world. Mon Dieu, did Italy – Italy, of all the Axis Powers, actually capture him – the one who the Germans feared?

How embarrassing – he couldn't blame Arthur if he suddenly decided to abandon him now...

"Now, you," Germany turned his suddenly-hard eyes on the Canadian, who simply glared back with his blue-violet eyes. The German was about to say something when the door to his house was opened again; this time revealing Japan.

"Doitsu?" Japan walked in, though he immediately stopped as he noticed the unfamiliar face in the room, "Amerika?" Kiku frowned at the blond nation, looking back up to Germany, "I wasn't aware that Amerika has joined the war." Japan stated, not noticing how rigid the blond nation went as he was called America.

"This is Kanada – Italy captured him." Germany smirked, crossing his arms over his broad chest as he stared at a defiant-looking Matthew.

"Italy-kun did?" Japan looked generally surprised, giving Canada another brief look. Kiku, honestly, didn't really know anything about Canada – other than the fact that Germany and Prussia were rather wary of him.

"Arthur will come for me, and so will Francis." Matthew suddenly stated quietly, gaining the attention of the three others, "I won't be here for long." Canada looked a bit smug, standing up, ignoring his wounds as Germany – unconsciously – backed away from him.

"Let them come." Germany smirked back, and Canada only stared back blankly. "Now, you–" Ludwig was, once again, interrupted by two others.

"West! Is there any beer?" Prussia barged in, red eyes glinting until he finally noticed the Canadian standing against the wall, "Fuck! West, there's Kanada in your house!" Gilbert watched Matthew with wary eyes, his body now tensed and ready to fight...

"I'm aware of that." Germany sighed, and twitched in annoyance as Austria came up behind him, waving a torn shirt in his face.

"Ludwig! I thought I told you that you shouldn't throw out good clothes like this!" Austria stated with annoyance, not even noticing the blond Canadian in Germany's house – even as Prussia kept on shouting.

And Matthew could only stare with wide blue-violet eyes as the three seemed to get into an argument – Japan was standing on the side, looking slightly embarrassed while Italy – once again – was offering him some pasta with a blissful look to his face.

Were these really the Axis Powers they were so desperately fighting against?

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