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Prussia x Canada

Rated: T

Warning: Nothing will be really historically accurate, so don't take too seriously, some language, and OOCness!

Berlin, Germany

Well, they were kind enough to give him a bed.

'I'm still a prisoner, though,' Canada thought, grumbling under his breath as he paced the room impatiently. After he had finished cleaning, Germany had locked him up in some room so he couldn't cause anymore trouble, 'I've got to find a way to escape!' The Canadian thought, looking groggily out to the securely-locked window. He blinked in slight confusion when the room seemed to blur and his head pounded – oh, that's right, he drank so much earlier.

"I'll just go to bed," Matthew sighed, grabbing the skirt of his maid uniform with distaste, but after looking around the room, he realised that there was nothing else to change into, 'Damn England!' The normally docile nation cursed in his mind as he threw himself onto the bed.

His capture could be considered England's fault because he was so intent on using him and his Canadian as shock troops – Matthew barely got any rest because of his many small missions against the Germans. That was probably why he ended up unconscious in the middle of a battlefield, easy pickings for anyone to find – even Italy.

'Still, it just had to Italy who captured me!?' Canada mentally sobbed, sighing once again as he turned on over to his side. He needed his sleep, and easily fell into a deep slumber – despite being in the enemy's house.

The moment he fell asleep, red eyes seemed to glint in the darkness....


London, England

Both England and France were speechless while America was fuming, waving around the pictures of Canada in the maid uniform.

"What the bloody hell?!" England roared, snatching the pictures out of America's hands to see if they were real – which, unfortunately, they were, "How the fuck did this happen?!" Arthur growled, not amused at seeing one of his colonies (though, technically, Canada was semi-independent) captured and forced into a dress.

France glared, masking his worry for Canada, "Is it not obvious to you?" Francis snorted, "You send poor Matthieu on so many missions without giving him proper rest and care!" The French nations snarled, though England glared back frostily.

"Shut the hell up!" America's voice boomed, instantly silencing the two European nations, "I don't care whose fault it is right now," Alfred looked uncharacteristically serious, "We just need to get Mattie back! Who knows what they're doing to him!" America suddenly looked horrified, many terrible images coming to his mind.

He knew Japan was into some fucking weird porn – so, what if.... what if....?!?

And Germany and Prussia and Italy and Austria and even Hungary....

Ohhh – his poor brother! "I'm declaring war against them all!" America snarled, ripping the photos back from England (who looked a little wary at his attitude), "C'mon!" Alfred suddenly turned to them, eyes glinting, "We're gonna get Mattie back!"

"Matthieu should only be wearing that maid uniform for moi ~!"

"Shut the hell up, frog!"


Berlin, Germany

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Canada asked in a neutral tone, opening his blue-violet eyes to gaze into glinting red eyes. The Canadian frowned, seemingly not surprised as Prussia was practically kneeling over him in his sleep, smirking rather insanely.

"What do you think?" Prussia said casually, as if he wasn't currently sitting on top of Canada while he was asleep. Gilbert smirked as he lifted the skirt up, "I'm invading your vital regions!" Prussia grinned wildly at Canada's less-than-amused look, "It's too bad that Bruder is too busy – I know he probably would've enjoyed tying you down – he's into that stuff, you know – and breaking you. Well, I guess the 'Awesome Me' can have enough fun for the both of us!" Prussia cackled.

The skirt would have been lifted completely had it not been for the sudden knee that retracted upwards, hitting Prussia in the very place he was about to invade in Canada, "Fuck, what the hell was that for?!" Gilbert howled, jumping off the Canadian while wincing against the kick he had received in the groin.

"I told you that I wouldn't just sit here and roll over for you," Matthew looked a little more than wild, but Gilbert totally didn't flinch back, "Arthur and Francis will come for me soon!" Canada stated with fact, though he blinked when Prussia was on him in a second.

"I'm not letting you get away after that!" Prussia smirked, holding down the struggling Canada with all his strength, "Maybe you'll scream like a little bitch, kinda like what Austria did?" He smirked, ready to rip the maid dress off of the Canadian when something hard and familiar whacked him on the back of the head, "What the fuck?!" Prussia growled, turning around while Canada struggled to look up – and both looked to see something that was even more frightening than a monster in a nightmare.

It was Hungary and her prized frying pan – looking absolutely livid.

"Oh, shit!"

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