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'Breath Bella, you can do this, it's just like any other time, doing what you love most.

"Ugh, thanks Ben, I don't know what I would do without you these past few days., well few years to be exact huh?" Here I was, Isabella Swan, Bella to my friends, Izzy to my fans. I don't get nervous, but for some reason this time, this time is much harder. See, I am going home, home to Forks, Washington. A place I never thought I would have to go back to, a place I swore I'd never return, the place where I left my heart.

"You know Bella, it's going to be ok, I mean, its been what? Two years since you been back, or even talked to any of them. What makes you think they are still here? I know you don't want to come back here, but your record is coming out soon and this is part of the deal, you go back to your home town to push the record, its good publicity babe, it'll be ok. Plus, he probably don't remember you anyways."


2 years ago~

"Hey love, which shirt looks better, the blue or green one? " Edward, my Edward. I can't remember a day that went by that I didn't love that man. He was my everything, friend, lover, the person I could talk to about anything, but most of all, he was mine, and mine alone, or so I thought.

"Ummm the blue one looks better, but then again you look damn good in anything you wear". It was true, Edward was a God. We were getting ready to go meet with some record producers about singing me to their label. I had been waiting for this my entire life. I wanted to sing, to perform. On the outside I was a little shy, but on stage I felt free, felt that I could be anyone I wanted to be. He walked up behind me as I was trying to put my makeup on. "Why do you wear that stuff? You look beautiful without it." He started to kiss down my neck and gently tugged on my earlobe with his beautiful mouth.

"Edward, we don't have time for this, we really have to get going, we are going to be late".

"We always have time Bella, always". He slipped the straps of my bra down my arms, I looked at him in the mirror in front of me, he had that panty dropping smirk on his face. He turned me around and lifted me up onto the counter in our bathroom. "Edward….what are you doing?" "Just making sure you are ready to go", he slipped his had inside my panties sliding his fingers into my aching core. "Yup, you're ready". He lifted me off the counter and carried me to our bed and laid me down on the edge. He dropped to his knees between by thighs. "God Bella you are amazing, I love that I make you so wet, I also love that I can make you cum." He started to kiss my thighs and made his was down to my center. He sat back and slipped my panties over by knees and threw them behind him. "I'm wanna taste that sweet pussy of yours". He bent down and licked my from by center to my bundle of nerves, "Ughhh Edward that feels so good".. "Tell me how good it feels Bella, tell me how it feels."

"Ungh. God .Edward..don't stop… please don't stop that feels amazing. I love it when you fuck me with your tongue". "That's it love, cum for me," He sucked on my clit and slid two fingers in me, pumping them in and out, I came hard, all over his hand and gorgeous face.. He kissed his way up my body until he reached my mouth, kissing me with so much passion I almost lost my breath.

" God Bella, I love you, I love you so much it hurts." He was hovering above me, confessing his love to me, about to make love to me, and I couldn't hold it in any longer, I should have waited, let this happen one last time, but I couldn't, I had to say it…… "Edward? Who is Tanya?"

End of Flashback

"Bella, Bella wake up, we're here" I must have fallen asleep, I had worked myself up over this trip, to say that I haven't slept lately is an understatement. "When are we landing?" In about 15 minutes, are you ready for the crowd?"

"Ready as I'll ever be."