Title :: Power Play

Authors :: AlexJ69 (Genesis) & Whiskey(Rufus)

Pairing :: Genesis/Rufus, implied Tseng/Rufus

Rating :: NC-17

Warnings :: Man sex, dub-con, masturbation, voyeurism, jailbait!Rufus, language

Summary :: Lazard gives Genesis a mission that Genesis believes is beneath him, and he goes straight to the young vice president to appeal it. This is smut with a story lurking underneath, we think. Adapted from our RP, so this is part 1 of many.

Genesis Rhapsodos, SOLDIER First Class, master materia user, Shinra poster boy, poet and attention whore, was beyond mad. Livid might be a better word to describe his mood. How dare that blond stuck-up sissy-bitch, who'd never seen combat in his whole life, degrade him like this? A clean up mission in Junon? Wasn't that what the Seconds and Thirds were for? What publicity was there in clean-up? None! No one cared when a small band of mercenaries were disposed of. He was fuming.

He stormed out of the briefing room, footfalls indicating that he was about to throw a major tantrum. It had taken all his willpower not to lose his temper and directly disrespect his superior. He was also using that last bit of reserve not to put his Mako-enhanced fist through the wall in the hallway. Think, Genesis, he told himself as he kept moving toward the elevators. There has to be a way out of this. He would have went to Sephiroth, hoping maybe the general could talk some sense into Lazard, but sadly, Seph was doing a meet and greet in Kalm. He needed to calm down; he needed to be able to think clearly. Maybe Angeal would trade assignments with him, but he doubted it. Angeal was too much of a stickler for the rules.

He needed someone more important than Lazard to see things his way, but the president was out of the question. When it came to SOLDIER, the president left everything in the director's hands. He had just pressed the button to take him to the SOLDIER Firsts' floor when the little yellow light lit up, indicating that the elevator would continue up to the executive suites after stopping at his floor. An idea flashed through his mind. Rufus. He didn't know the vice president very well, only having talked to him a few times, but he was good at charming people, so dealing with a guy so young would be no problem.

Rufus Shinra, Vice President of the Shinra Electric Power Company, was seated in his lush, comfortable office chair with his feet up on his desk, drawing doodles in a notepad with the Shinra company logo on it. Having finished his paperwork at long last, he was enjoying himself and killing some time. He idly sketched a long pair of legs, and above them a long, lean torso and shoulders. He frowned. The man was bigger than that. He erased part of it and drew in broader shoulders, more muscular arms. He started to sketch the man's ponytail, but became quickly unsatisfied with his drawing and crumpled it up, throwing it into the wastebasket, which was full of similar balls of paper. He rolled his eyes at himself. Couldn't a talented guy like himself ever learn to draw properly? Maybe he needed to accompany his muse on one of the Turk missions to get inspiration… as if his beast of a father would ever let him do that. His thoughts were interrupted by a loud, melodious knock on the door, a knock that Rufus knew only belonged to one person-Genesis Rhapsodos, SOLDIER First Class. He grimaced. What did the bastard want this time? "It's open!"

Genesis waited outside the door for a few minutes, even after being told to enter. He took the time to brush his cinnamon locks out of his eyes, then adjusted his heavy red trench. His looks were a major part of his charm, and he would bewitch the young vice president looking his best. He was also hoping that his near-celebrity status would have a positive effect. He plastered on his crooked smile, barely allowing his perfectly even white teeth to show before opening the door.

His walk was more than graceful, hips swaying seductively as he strode into the ostentatious room. Taking his sweet time, he closed the distance between the door and the large mahogany desk. He bowed deeply. "Mr. Vice President Shinra." He spoke with the utmost respect, none of his anger evident in his voice.

Rufus withheld a smug grin. He never got tired of the respect his inferiors were forced to show him, and he would definitely never get tired of hearing "Mr. Vice President". He wanted to stay with his feet up like that, but Rufus knew that there were things that even a man of his stature couldn't get away with, and so he put his feet down and stood to face Genesis. He was much shorter than the SOLDIER, but that didn't stop him from looking the man straight in the eye, challenging him. He gave the man a slight nod of his head. "SOLDIER First Class Genesis Rhapsodos. Please be seated." He sat down in his office chair once more and busied himself by clearing the paperwork off of his desk. "What was it that you needed from me?" He figured he might as well get right down to business. Genesis was a busy man, and Rufus had drawing skills to perfect.

Genesis held the teen's gaze, always up for a challenge. That was one thing he could respect about Rufus. Though Rufus was barely more than a child in years, he conducted himself with an authority that even his father couldn't muster. Genesis was no stranger to the world of politics-his father had been mayor of Banora-but Genesis had the feeling that he might be a bit out of his league if he wanted to play with Rufus. There was just something in those eyes. Nevertheless, he kept that winning smile on his pink lips, and took his seat as requested. He placed a foot on his knee and shook his head a bit, tossling his hair from his eyes. "That's one thing I will always give you credit for, Mr. Shinra. It's always business first." He bit back the insult of finishing the statement with pleasure never.

There was only one thing that irked Genesis about this meeting—Rufus' age. Gaia, he was reduced to coming to a mere boy for help, and though he respected the way the kid handled his position, he was still just a child.

"Alright, sir, let's talk business then." He could sense that Rufus wanted him out of his har. Guess relying on his celebrity status hadn't worked the way he'd wanted. "I just came from a meeting with Lazard. He wants me in Junon to clean out a small group of revolutionaries. I think, being Shinra's golden boy"—he snatched up Rufus' title just to see if the vice president would catch it and react—"that I am way too important for such a menial task. I'm sure you can see that as well." He stated it as if it were a fact. "So I was hoping that you might be willing to help me get Lazard to see things our way." It was that damn smile, and the way his eyes lit up when he spoke, that usually had people agreeing to everything he said.

Rufus scoffed. What an ego he was dealing with. "Beg pardon? I am Shinra's golden boy," he breathed. "And I do not speak to Deusericus," he spat, feeling anger rise into his chest, but did his best to dismiss it. "If you are so important, Mr. Rhapsodos, why is it that you do not wish your presence to be connected to Shinra's success? It is an easy task, one that a man of your caliber would certainly complete without difficulty, and you would have the entirety of Junon heralding your accomplishments. I do not see why this does not appeal to you." Rufus ignored the stupid smile on Genesis' face. No sense getting worked up over something so transient and meaningless.

Genesis rose to his feet, a red-gloved hand going to his forehead. He took a few deep breaths before beginning to pace. "But Mr. Vice President, Sir, while I will acquiesce to your statement of being Shinra's golden boy," he waved his hand in dismissal as if such a title meant nothing to him, "I must say, that other than the General, it is I," his hand went to the center of his chest, as he stood full height, head straight, "who am the reason that most young men sign up to join SOLDIER to begin with." He spun to face the vice president again. "And seeing a SOLDIER First Class doing a job that a mere Second or Third Class could handle, in my opinion, could possibly deflate morale. It says that our young and up-and-coming aren't good enough." He sat back down. "And I know that is not an image that Shinra wants to display." He smirked.

"Mr. Rhapsodos," Rufus began, "if you are so concerned about Shinra not trusting its lower-level officers... why did you choose to speak with me and not Director Deusericus? Surely circumventing authority is just as... unfortunate as sending our higher-ranking officers to do work that mere cadets can accomplish." No one out-argued Rufus Shinra.

Genesis's smile was replaced with a straight line. His head cocked to the side as his azure eyes locked with those of the vice president. Usually he would play nice with the higher-ups, but he absolutely did not want to go to Junon. The malice in Rufus' tone when speaking of the director was not lost on him. Out came Genesis' proverbial claws. "So, what you're saying, Mr. Vice President, sir, is that in this and all decisions, you stand beside Director Deusericus, because doing otherwise would 'circumvent,'" he made sure to use Rufus' own words against him, "authority." He stood. "That is a good thing to know, Mr. Shinra. I do so apologize for wasting your time. I know how precious it is to you." He bowed. "I do so hope you enjoy the rest of your afternoon." He turned and began to leave.

Rufus grit his teeth. Of course he didn't stand beside Lazard, the pompous ass. He hated the man and all that he stood for. "Genesis," he made sure to call out, in hopes that the man would hear him out. "I do not categorically agree with everything Lazard-Director Deusericus says. To assume that I do so would make you sorely mistaken. I have disagreed with the Director on many occasions," he protested. It was a matter of his pride that he fight such a fallacious assumption.

Genesis paused for a moment with his hand on the door handle. "Whatever you say, Rufus." With that he was gone. He didn't care at this point that the little bastard might write him up for that. Okay, so maybe he did care. He really didn't want Lazard to know that he'd tried going over his head. That could be bad for him. But he had let his emotions get in the way. "Damn," he cursed under his breath as he caught the next elevator to his own floor.

Rufus fumed at the use of his first name. Who the hell did Rhapsodos think he was, anyway? "I'm not Rufus, I'm Vice President Shinra," he said aloud to himself, as if he needed to validate his claim. He let himself flop down into his office chair angrily, grabbing his notebook and scribbling nonsense all over it to get his energy out. "I hate you, Genesis," he spat to himself. "I hate you and your fucking SOLDIER. And I hate Lazard." The thought of his brother's twinkling smile and kind eyes made him want to vomit, and he threw his notebook against the wall, glaring at it as if it had wronged him somehow. He reached into the wastebasket and pulled out one of the dozens of drawings he had attempted that day. It was the Wutaian Turk he had been trying to draw. He insisted in his head that it was that he had never drawn portraits before, and that was why he was itching to try his hand at drawing Tseng. But it was also that drawing was therapeutic for him, and helped him get through the incredibly stressful job of Shinra VP, one that took its toll on such a frail sixteen-year-old boy. Perhaps he really had been promoted too early, but like hell he would give up the position now. Especially when he knew that Lazard had been vying for the VP position. Rufus would rather die than hand over anything to Lazard, even if his brother did deserve the position far more than Rufus did. He looked at his watch; only fifteen more minutes before he could leave for the night and escape into the sanctuary of his room. Trying to calm down, he picked up his pencil and tried to draw again, this time starting with the Turk's face.

Later that night, Genesis found himself standing outside the vice president's office. Of course it just had to be locked up tight, the paranoid little bastard. That was all right though; Genesis had come prepared for that. In his glove was slotted materia that would allow him to cast Small on himself, and in his pocket was the potion that would restore his normal size. Now all he had to do was time it right so to avoid the cameras. That was not a problem. In less than ten seconds the spell was cast, and he crawled under the office door. He returned to normal size and started rooting around for anything that would be useful in blackmailing the vice president.

He had decided on blackmail because Rufus was the only person that could save him from being shipped out to Junon within the week. Usually he would have tried seduction, but in Rufus Shinra's case, Genesis doubted the kid even knew what his cock was for. Then there was the fact that he was so young… what, sixteen? Rufus was gorgeous, yes, but he was still a little young. He was in there going through cabinets and files, praying that the night security wouldn't notice his light. He was finding nothing suitable until the beam of his flashlight caught on the balled-up pieces of paper in the wastebasket. Eh, what the hell, he thought. It was worth a shot, since he wasn't finding anything else. At first he didn't know what he was looking at, but after flipping the papers at different angles a few times, he started to make out...a man's figure? Yeah, that's what it looked like. Upon closer inspection, he thought he could put a face that he knew onto the very bad artwork. It was the dot in the forehead that gave it away. Tseng? Why was Rufus drawing pictures of the Wutaian Turk? Now this got Genesis' curiosity piqued.

Whatever questions were turning over in Genesis' head as to why Rufus would be sketching Tseng were soon answered in the memo he uncovered at the bottom of the wastebasket. He read it once, then had to read it again, as his mouth fell open in disbelief.

"I had a dream about you last night, Mr. Tseng. I dreamt that you were my bodyguard as I was travelling the world as president of Shinra, making speeches, and someone tried to kill me. You were right there in an instant, and you stopped the bullet and killed whoever it was that was trying to hurt me. Then you met another guy from Wutai who wanted to duel you in hand to hand combat, and you beat him down so hard. You were my hero. ... What does that dream mean?


Genesis had to stifle a laugh. This is perfect, Genesis thought. The little shit has a crush on Tseng. How cute, really. He crumbled the papers back up and threw them back in the wastebasket. He practially skipped back to the door. He fell asleep easily that night, assured that his trip to Junon would be nothing more than a memory come the morning.

Rufus was lying in his bed that night, staring at the ceiling. He still couldn't get the bickering with Genesis out of his head. Why was it that that whimpering bitch of a SOLDIER came to him and not Lazard? Surely it was more in Deusericus' job description to deal with those whiny assholes. Rufus found himself angry again, and he knew he needed to calm down somehow. He thought back to the dream he had had the previous night. Tseng had fought off all of his enemies for him, and hadn't sustained a single injury. It was like the Turk was superhuman. He had even taken a bullet for Rufus, an idea which enticed the boy's mind. Would there ever be people devoted enough to him to do such a thing? His hand crept into his pants at the thought, and he idly ran his fingers across his hardening cock. Would there ever be people who would die for him, even? Better yet, how far was Tseng willing to go for Rufus?

He could certainly imagine how far he wanted Tseng to go. To prove his loyalty... yes, that was it. He conjured up an image of the Wutaian Turk in his mind, and imagined himself letting down Tseng's hair, running his fingers through it. It was so silky and soft and smelled of spices he couldn't recognize. Slowly, that tie was loosened, the jacket removed, and the dress shirt unbuttoned just slightly, so Rufus could see the curve of Tseng's neck. Yes, Rufus thought, that's it. Undress for me... only for me.

The vision of Tseng wore the tiniest of smirks, and Rufus' brain jumped around. Tseng was clothed again but for that loosened tie, Rufus was in his office sitting in that chair, and Tseng was on his knees before the vice president, taking Rufus into his mouth, watching his reaction. Rufus' hand gripped his cock, jerking slightly. Tseng's black hair was tickling his thighs and if Rufus squinted, out of the corner of his eye he could see the bulge in Tseng's pants that the Turk was trying to hide. Of course Tseng was hard for him; the Turks belonged to Rufus. Another jump and the two of them were naked, Tseng on top of Rufus in his own bed, and the hand that was stroking Rufus was suddenly no longer his own. Tseng was staring into Rufus' eyes, his gaze dark with arousal, and Rufus imagined that Tseng was large and erect, his bobbing cock framed by fine dark hair.

When Rufus closed his eyes, he could have anything, anyone he wanted, and Tseng was no exception. He wasn't quite sure exactly how things worked, but he knew he wanted Tseng, knew he wanted the erection he pictured to be massive, wanted it touching him, penetrating him. Rufus wanted the Turk to smirk at him and promise to be gentle, then deliver it rough, pinning Rufus to his bed, a look of intense possession in his eye. Rufus was controlling, but he found himself needing to be possessed by Tseng, as much as he needed to possess the man himself.

His brain skipped. His legs were over Tseng's shoulders and he was on his back, panting and groaning, feeling Tseng stretching him wide, pounding him roughly, listening to the harsh breaths coming from his throat. Rufus was pumping himself as fast as he could now, at the thought of the big, strong Turk taking him, at the thought of Tseng staring down at him, speaking his name. "You're mine, Rufus," he would say, and he would grab Rufus and stroke him in time with his thrusts. Rufus moaned and felt his body tensing up, and he felt himself whispering Tseng's name as he came, spurting heat all over his chest and stomach, his breathing labored and ragged.

When he could breathe again, he looked up and noticed he had forgotten entirely to lock his bedroom door. There was no way anyone could have seen, he assured himself, and got off his bed to go clean himself off. Once clean, Rufus settled into his bed and located the pillow he slept cuddled against, the one that was as black as Tseng's hair.

Genesis was about to go back to his own apartment, then figured why wait. It wasn't terribly late. Besides, after his practical dismissal in Rufus' office, he had an itch to confront the cocky prick.

He made his way to Rufus's suite and rapped lightly on the door. After receiving no answer, he tried the handle. Figures that it'd be locked. He used the materia one more time, and slid under the door. This shrinking and growing again was starting to make him feel like 'Alice through the Looking Glass'. He drank the foul-tasting potion to restore himself to his normal size, then realized it was his last one. Hopefully he wouldn't come upon any more locked doors, or he would be going home Small, which would suck for the elevator ride. He took a moment to look around the huge dwelling. Coming from a rich family, Genesis was less than impressed with the decor of the apartment, but he had to admit the place was bigger than his own. He wondered who he'd have to fuck to get a place like this.

He was about to call out Rufus's name, just to let the vice president know he was there, when he heard small whimpers and… was that moaning? Arching an auburn eyebrow and focusing his enhanced senses, in less than a heartbeat he determined that it was in fact moaning. An evil grin crept to his lips. He followed the sound. Oh, please Gaia, let me see something I shouldn't be seeing, he prayed.

He came to the door where those muffled sounds were coming from and listened for a moment. There was only one person in the room, of that he was sure. He slowly turned the doorknob, and to his surprise, it was unlocked. He gently eased it open just a fraction, only enough to see in without being detected. His eyes widened and his mouth took the shape of an 'O'. Well, this disproved his theory of Rufus not knowing what his cock was for.

The blond was lying on his bed, completely nude, his young body taut with pleasure and a layer of glistening sweat. His hand was stroking his massive erection, his face contorted in ecstacy. Genesis' heart skipped a beat, and suddenly his face flushed. He knew he should leave, even though this was exactly what he had just prayed for. However, the hedonist in him refused to let him go.

A rush of desire suddenly coursed through him. To hell with the boy's age. He wanted to just walk in there and touch Rufus. He wanted to run his hands over the creamy white skin, to lick those semi-parted lips, to feel his flaxen hair between his fingers, to help him achieve his ultimate goal. He wanted to make Rufus scream his name. His own cock stiffened, becoming painful against his pants. Dear Gaia, he really needed to watch what he prayed for.

He imagined he could taste the blond's salty precum on his tongue, and he wished it were his mouth sliding down the vice president's shaft, dragging those moans out of him. After another minute of listening to the soft gasps and watching the slim thrusting hips, Genesis' hand snaked its way down his pants, and he closed his digits around his throbbing prick. The sharp intakes of breath coming from inside the room, and his own hand holding tight to the soft skin wrapped around a muscle of steel, sent shivers down his spine. He began stroking himself until he matched Rufus' rhythm. He imagined that he was the one drawing out those innocent groans.

His fisting increased when Rufus' did, hips keeping in time. Soon he was on the verge of blowing. It was then he heard a soft whisper, a name. At first, his mind interpreted as his own name, but reality set in. "Tseng." That was the name Rufus uttered when he climaxed, spilling all over his chest and stomach. Anger and jealousy washed through him in a molten hot torrent, but the emotions were so raw, so pure that they sent him over the edge anyway. His entire body went rigid, and he growled through clenched teeth as his eyes rolled. After a few more hard, painful yanks, his pants were full of thick, hot, white liquid.

He sucked in a deep breath when it was finally over. His mind was reeling. What the fuck just happened? He couldn't think for the longest time. He decided he would wait until tomorrow to talk to Rufus… because he did not just get off to watching the boy getting off to someone else.

He left the apartment quietly, though rage still burned his skin. Why was he suddenly jealous? What did he care if Rufus had a crush on a Turk? And why had that turned him on so much? It wasn't like he even liked the kid. These were the questions plaguing him as he went home. Genesis didn't want to think about it any more that night. He had his blackmail, and his goal would be accomplished. He would then be able to put thoughts of Junon, and a thrashing blond's body, behind him.

It was bright and early, and Rufus walked the halls of the Shinra Headquarters with confidence, staring down anyone who dared to look him in the eye. Rufus had a way of making everyone forget that he was only sixteen years old. He decided to visit the breakroom first to get himself a cup of coffee, but when he saw Lazard at the coffeepot chatting with one of his SOLDIERs he grimaced and waited for the men to exit through the other door before he entered. He briefly wondered who the SOLDIER was who seemed to have captured his brother's attention, but berated himself for the thought, and quietly crept over to the coffeepot. Rufus drank his coffee black, sometimes with sugar if he was in the mood. Today was one of those days, and as he reached for the sugar his hand brushed that of a very familiar man.

Rufus looked up and felt heat rise to his cheeks. It was him. "G-Good morning, Mr. Tseng," he stammered, mentally kicking himself for sounding so stupid. Tseng nodded and offered Rufus a cool "Hello" before turning and departing as mysteriously as he had come.

Rufus' face flushed a bold red. He grabbed the coffee and returned to his office, determined to blast through the day's paperwork and get out early before a certain redhead came back to bother him with his stupid problems. He was only halfway through the stack of papers he had to sign and fill out when he heard the same melodious knock on the door that he had heard the previous day. "Motherfucker," Rufus whispered under his breath.

Genesis was up with the sun. Regardless of the night he had had, he still had morning exercises to do. After he'd finished with his daily regimen, he made his way to Rufus' office. He just wished that he could get the naked form of the young vice president out of his mind. He knew what he'd witnessed last night would be useful, but he didn't like the fact that it affected him.

He stood before Rufus' door and gave his customary knock. When a grumpy "What?" signified that he could enter, he took a deep breath and pushed all images of the previous night from his mind. He strolled in with his usual grace, and bowed. "Good Morning, Mr. Vice President Shinra." He put a smile on his lips, yet anyone could see how false it was.

"You again?" Rufus blurted out, caring much less for formality than he had the previous day. Try as he might, he couldn't erase the image of Tseng in the breakroom from his mind, and stayed standing behind his desk for fear of showing the SOLDIER that he was hard.

The smile turned into a sneer. "Yes, me again." It was here he saw an opening to use one of his favorite quotes: "Though the morrow is barren of promise, nothing shall forestall my return." He didn't wait for a reaction. Hell, he doubted Rufus even knew what he was talking about. He had yet to seat himself, nor had he planned on it. Taking liberties that he knew others wouldn't dare, he moved beside the desk and glared down at Rufus. "We need to talk, Mr. Shinra." He bent at the waist so that he was towering over the boy. "I am not going to Junon, and you are going to make sure that happens." That sneer was threatening, as were those Mako blue orbs.

"I do believe that I am the one who would make that decision," Rufus snapped. He would not be intimidated, no matter how tall Genesis was, and no matter how close the two of them were standing together. "And as far as I can see, I have absolutely no incentive to overturn Director Deusericus' decision to send you to Junon."

"Oh, really?" It came out as a purr. He was tired of playing games with the boy. "Then let me give you an incentive." Genesis always got what he wanted, no matter what.

He leaned in a little closer and his head dipped until his lips were inches away from the blond's ear. His whisper was a hot breath. "Or even better, why don't you tell me of your dreams, Mr. Shinra? The ones of a dark haired hero. The one who can stop a bullet for you. The one who would... kill for you." His face lingered in that spot, smelling the executive's hair, memorizing his fragrance. From the corner of his eye, he watched the reaction, waiting for the boy's body to blush.

Rufus froze. He felt his heart pounding in his chest, and he was suddenly intensely afraid. What the hell had Genesis just said? Dreams? A dark haired hero! How could Genesis have known? Embarrassed, Rufus swallowed hard and felt his face grow hot. He was still working on control, still trying to figure out how to compose himself so that no one could ever see his thoughts or feelings. It was, as Rufus knew, the only way to keep from getting hurt, to keep from getting taken advantage of. "I beg your pardon, I can't imagine what you're talking about, Genesis," he mumbled, averting his gaze slightly. His actions and countenance betrayed him completely; he looked impassioned, aroused, anxious. Guilty as charged. Having the SOLDIER so close to him, breathing on his ear, was not helping him keep his composure.

Rufus stood there, feeling time pass slowly, far too slowly, and desperately willed his erection to disappear quickly, before Genesis could see it and confirm that everything he had just said was true, that he had had those dreams of strong, heroic Tseng, the dreams that he knew could ruin him were they spoken to the wrong person. It was a fatal weakness, and Rufus knew it.

Genesis raised a finger to Rufus' cheek, and gently pushed the boy's head to the side. How easy this was going to be! His lips lightly brushed the skin of Rufus' earlobe before his tongue traced a complete circle around the delicate shell. He took delight in the shiver of Rufus' small body as his tongue played on the boy's skin. "So, will you deny that it's Tseng's name on your tongue when you make yourself cum?" He needed to see the response when he said the Turk's name. Genesis was being slightly vulgar on purpose; he would make the vice president squirm. The teen's hard cock had not escaped his notice, and he was taken back to the previous evening. He felt himself stiffen and he had to strangle the moan threatening to leave his throat. When it came to seduction, Genesis was a pro. He could not let Rufus know that he was being affected.

Wait...when had this gone from blackmail to seduction? Pull back now, Genesis Rhapsodos. But it was too late; he was powerless to fight the hedonistic side of himself. The blond smelled too good. His skin looked too soft, his lips too kissable, and dammit, Genesis wanted to touch him. Two birds with one stone. That rationale was the justification that finally defeated his last bit of self-control. The voice inside his head that cried that Rufus was too young was silenced.

Rufus' eyes went wide, and he felt the memory of last night's "alone time" fill his head. His cock throbbed painfully at the mentioning of Tseng, and his chest heaved with aroused, shuddering breaths. How... how did he... know? Rufus blushed to the roots of his hair and he grew angry and defensive. "It's-It's none of your damn business who…who I…" He had to stop, because the topic of conversation had him incredibly hard, and he was still bewildered as to how Genesis could possibly have guessed correctly that it was Tseng who Rufus dreamed about. He felt frozen in his tracks by the redhead's advances, by the tongue that had both teased his ear and filled him with embarrassment and arousal when Genesis spoke. Get it together, Shinra, he yelled at himself, and he raised himself up to his full height, as if that were anything to shake a stick at. "I will neither confirm nor deny such an accusation," Rufus finally managed to get out, but his resolve was quickly shattering into a million pieces, and he couldn't look Genesis in the eye when he spoke.

A gloved finger trailed across the boy's jaw-line until it reached his lips. Making sure to keep the touch feather-light, Genesis traced first the bottom pucker, then the top. He knew that the tingling would cause Rufus to shudder, and that was what he was aiming for. His mouth slid slowly down the vice president's ear, and was touching the skin of his neck. There was a slight taste of sweat and cologne. He couldn't hold back the groan that escaped him this time, as the taste of sweet, fresh flesh danced on his tongue. He let his warm breath play over the area he just wetted. "Mr. Vice President," he whispered, his silky muscle darting out again, teasing the same area as before, "you don't have to confirm or deny anything. Your body is talking for you." His free hand entwined in platinum gold silk, giving a small tug, to give himself better access to the tender sculpted neck. His mouth then fell completely, and he sucked lightly, pulling the flesh between his teeth. He wasn't sure who he was teasing at this point, Rufus or himself.

Rufus wanted to move, to dart away from Genesis' touch, but he found himself frozen to the spot, quivering under the attention. Genesis' eyes were dark with lust, and the way they would meet with his once in a while had Rufus' pulse quickening and his pants tight. The boy wanted so badly to refuse, to write the man up for sexual harrassment, to find some way to punish him for knowing about Rufus' most intimate fantasies, but his anger was quickly dissolving into arousal and he had to bite his lip to keep from making noise. The power that Genesis was wielding over him made him dizzy with lust; as much as Rufus loved having political power, he had a strong desire for men that were physically stronger than he. Tseng and the wastebasket full of balled-up drawings were proof of that, but Genesis was there, was bigger than Tseng, more muscular, and more willing to defy Rufus. His boldness was intoxicating and Rufus wanted to push him, to see how far he would go. Rufus wanted to turn those feather-light touches and gentle tugging into bruising kisses and hair pulling that would make him cry in pleasure and pain. He wanted to see whether Genesis' huge sword on the field was compensating for anything... and still further, he wanted to know how Genesis knew about his crush. "Oh?" Rufus breathed. "Is that so? What is your body saying, then? I do believe you're the predator in this situation," he whispered, tilting his head just slightly to show Genesis more of his neck. The move did not go unnoticed. "Was this what you wanted from me all along, Genesis?" His mouth curled into a smirk.

A deep chuckle grumbled from the SOLIDER's chest. His teeth sunk into the delicate, milky-white skin, not hard enough to break it, but stinging enough to elicit a sharp intake of breath. He watched as a new coat of chills covered Rufus's body. He then released his teeth. "Not at all, Mr. Vice President. This is merely a bonus." His fingers moved from the boy's lips down to his throat, and slipped down the inside of his shirt. Genesis briefly wished he'd removed his gloves, but there was always time to get around to that. His leather-clad digits found what they sought, and at once he took an already erect nipple between his thumb and forefinger and used the blond's hair as a leash, jerking his head around to face him, roughly pressing his mouth to the executive's lips. He squeezed the little pink bud, as his tongue darted out, demanding entry to a warm, moist cavern.

Rufus hissed as he felt his head jerk and he wantonly opened his mouth for Genesis, but refused to submit that easily. His tongue roughly pushed back against Genesis', and his hands darted up to the red trenchcoat, grabbing it by the collar and forcing it off of Genesis' shoulders. He ran his hands across the SOLDIER's chest as he went, and moaned into the kiss as he felt hard muscles underneath the fabric. He let his mind wander idly as he struggled with the ridiculous amount of buckles and clasps on Genesis' clothing, as he fought for entry and the promise of raw strength underneath those clothes. He thought of Genesis pinning him to the desk, thought of strong hips pounding him, large hands on his shoulders forcing him to crash into the other man, over and over again. No, he thought, that's not how it goes. I should top. But Rufus found himself enticed by the idea of submission, as much as he would never admit it out loud.

Rufus broke the kiss and rose to his full height, standing before Genesis, looking awkwardly thin and small next to the towering SOLDIER. "Then I deserve a bonus as well," he whispered, and shoved Genesis against the wall, pinning him as best he could despite being much, much shorter. "Now, tell me, Mr. Rhapsodos..." His voice grew dark and angry. "How did you find out about Tseng? And what will it take to get you to hold your tongue?" There was blinding anger in Rufus' eyes.

Rufus hissing elicited a shudder from Genesis, and their colliding tongues pushed the blood from his pounding heart directly to his groin, making his cock throb. He let out another groan as his teeth nipped at Rufus' soft, fighting muscle. He was barely aware of his trench falling to the floor, but was keenly sensitive when the boy's hands began to roam his chest. Genesis was actually surprised that Rufus was reacting with a passion to match is own. His cock throbbed again, making his pants very uncomfortable.

Then the kiss was broken, and he pulled his hand from the vice president's clothes when the boy stood. Rufus pushed him, and something about the mild amount of violence in the act caused his pulse to quicken. He allowed himself to be moved, though if he had wanted, he wouldn't have even budged an inch. He hit the wall with that cocky half smirk on his lips. This was fun. Seeing Rufus this railed was more than amusing and altogether sexy. "A bonus? Me touching you is a bonus." He snickered. "As for holding my tongue, you seem to be pretty good at it." He was actively mocking the boy. He was then twisting his hand in a circle, forearm level with his shoulder. Never one to pass up a flair for the dramatics, he began to taunt the boy again. "Rufus..." His smirk turned to a full smile. "Rufus..." He outright chuckled as he finished his thought. "A good magician never reveals his secrets." He had just directly told Rufus how he did it, but he doubted that the vice president would understand the double meaning of his words. Then even more tauntingly, Genesis whispered, "I thought every boy your age knew that."

Striking quicker than a cobra, he grabbed the blond's waist and spun with him, so that now it was Rufus pinned against the wall. In the next instant, Genesis had both of Rufus' hands above his head, holding them with only one of his own. He used his free hand to pop all the buttons on Rufus' shirt and vest, exposing the executive's smooth skin to the cool room air and Genesis' prying eyes. He pulled his mouth away only long enough to hoarsely whisper, "I'm waiting for a 'Yes, Mr. Rhapsodos'."

Rufus' eyelids fluttered, and his lips parted as he drew a shuddering breath. Genesis had moved so quickly that Rufus had barely even been aware of the movement, and when he finally managed to fight down the surge of arousal he felt from hearing his name being purred in that dark voice, he realized that it was now him being pinned against the wall, and Genesis holding him there, hips pressed against his. Rufus could feel Genesis' cock pressed against him; it was larger than his own, and could he feel it throb through all of the layers of clothing between them, or was it mere imagination? Rufus didn't care either way. "The name's Shinra," he growled, "Vice President Shinra to you…" The way Genesis looked at him, mocking him with his smile, piercing him with his gaze, made Rufus' delicate body tremble with arousal and his cock painfully hard, screaming for attention. "And if you wish to keep your job, Genesis," he emphasized the man's given name in haughty disrespect, "I'd let my arms down if I were you."

An auburn eyebrow arched. He rolled his hips, the feeling of Rufus' own erection rubbing his through his clothes causing his body to flush. "Mr. Vice President, you are in no position to threaten me right now. But I will say that you are awfully cute, turning red like this." He claimed the boy's lips again, and repositioned so that instead of pinning Rufus with his hips, he slid a muscular thigh between the boy's legs. He rubbed his leg against the swollen member, effectively hushing the blond.

He finally pulled away from the kiss, and the hand he was using to touch came to his own lips. Using his teeth, he removed the glove, letting it fall to the floor next to his coat. He then placed a naked digit between Rufus' lips and uttered a single command, "Suck." He decided to release Rufus' hands, but only so he could have both appendages to work with. While Rufus was sucking on his finger, his free hand traveled down to resume the task of tweaking and pinching a nipple. "Say it, Rufus," he ordered, grinding him a little harder with his thigh.

Cute? Rufus didn't want to be cute, he wanted to be powerful, he wanted to be... well, he wanted to be sexy in front of this enigmatic redhead who seemed to know how to push all his buttons, who seemed to be able to see right through him. Rufus blushed a darker red at the compliment and moaned into the kiss, fighting back a whimper when Genesis commanded him to suck on his finger. He did what he was told, imagining that it was the SOLDIER's cock between his lips, even to the point of swirling his tongue around the tip of his finger. "Say it, Rufus." Say what, now? He couldn't even remember... he felt so lost, so hot, so hard when he felt Genesis grinding into him, his knees shaking, and despite himself, despite his pride, he groaned loudly. "Genesis."

How Genesis was keeping himself under control during all this was beyond his understanding. He was just as hot and hard and desperate as Rufus, and he wanted nothing more than to be thrusting his heavy tool deep into the boy's tight heat. How easy it would be at this point to remove the rest of Mr. Shinra's clothes, throw his little ass across the desk and take him. He knew the little bastard wouldn't even protest, but he still needed the vice president to agree not to send him on the stupid assignment. Both his hands then went to Rufus' sides, and tickled their way down. They then trekked across a taut, hard stomach, never stopping in their quest to find their prize. Genesis's own prick was about to explode in his pants while merely touching the boy. "Rufus…" He was starting to like the name on his tongue. "Rufus…" Those exploring hands made it to Rufus' swollen cock, and fingertips played against the still covered member. Without warning he gripped it fully, but only held it in a firm grasp. "Rufus…" He knew that using the boy's first name was driving the blond insane. He took one of Rufus' hands and placed it against his own throbbing shaft. There was no doubt in his mind that the vice president had never touched another dick, clothed or otherwise. "Rufus, I am not going to Junon."

Rufus winced and groaned at the use of his name; his face felt like it was on fire, and he was afraid he would come right there in his pants in front of Genesis. He couldn't bear to imagine how humiliating it would be to have so little stamina in front of such a strong man, and he tried as hard as he could to think of things that weren't sexy. He whimpered at the feeling of Genesis' clothed cock beneath his fingertips. Gaia, the man was huge. He pressed against it hesitantly, and Genesis looked at him expectantly; he then slowly gripped it, and feeling how rigid it was sent a wave of heat straight to his groin. "Finish what you've started," he managed to say despite choking on some of the words, "and we have a deal… Genesis." He wanted to see if saying the other man's name provoked the reaction he knew he unconsciously gave when hearing his own name.

Genesis' teeth grinded together, and his eyes squeezed shut when he felt the small hand tighten around his shaft. His breathing was coming just as raggedly as Rufus'. He felt his pants become wet with the precum seeping from his engorged tip. He subconsciously thrust his hips into the tight clutch of Rufus' fist. His hand slowly began to pull on the boy's cock. Goddess, did this kid have any idea what he was doing to him? Did he have any clue as to what finishing what he started actually meant? He was able to play it cool until then. "Finish what you started... Genesis." He couldn't reign it in anymore. All of his self control was lost in the heat of overwhelming passion. He ripped Rufus's pants open, releasing that beautiful pale cock. Rufus gasped and winced. Now naked skin was touching naked skin. Genesis began to stroke Rufus in earnest. For the longest moment, he gazed into the vice president's innocent blue eyes. Knowing that he was the first to touch the boy caused his blood to boil. His lips took Rufus's again, and their tongues twisted as Genesis increased his tempo. His thumb swirled around the head, slicking the shaft with warm sticky liquid, allowing for the sliding to be easier. He pulled his mouth away. A finger then went under the boy's chin and held Rufus' face up so that their eyes could meet. "Rufus, describe to me what you're thinking about right now. What is it you want me to finish?" He stared into Rufus' eyes. "Explain to me, in detail, exactly what I'm doing to you." Genesis wanted Rufus to understand what was happening and what was about to happen. He was taking the boy's age into account. Plus, there was also a side of him that wanted Rufus to get dirty. "Then… tell me how much you love it." He smirked.

"What is it you want me to finish?" Rufus couldn't answer at first; the blood was pounding through his entire body. Fuck, he had been bluffing and Genesis called him on it. He hadn't expected the man to… well, he hadn't expected any of this. His normally excellent powers of prediction were collapsing, and his breathing was so ragged that he felt dizzy. He felt exhilarated and shy from having his naked member exposed to the other man, and felt himself getting dangerously close to orgasm with every stroke of Genesis' hand. He was indeed a virgin and had very little stamina, and tried desperately to hold back as he tried to answer Genesis' questions. "I want… I want to get off," the boy stammered, his eyes glossy and half-lidded. "You're making me… making me want to cum," Rufus whimpered, "it—it feels good…" He blushed to the roots of his hair. "I like it..." That hand kept jerking him, and Rufus had trouble speaking, he just wanted it keep going, pumping him, harder, faster. Rufus was so close, too close; "You're doing it too fast, I'm gonna—" Rufus went rigid against the wall as he came in thick, hot spurts, splashing his stomach and chest and Genesis' hand. "Nnnggh," he groaned, collapsing against the wall, panting heavily.

Genesis kept jacking the boy until he was wearing the white hot cum all over his hand. He then caught the youngest Shinra in his arms and kept him from falling. He let him catch his breath. Genesis had almost blown with Rufus, but he'd be damned if that was going to happen, and he'd also be damned if it was going to end like this. "I'm actually disappointed, Mr. Vice President. I thought you could do better than that." Though truthfully he knew the boy really wasn't to blame. He had been untouched by any hand other than his own. "Rufus, we are not finished yet. I do hope you realize that." He took Rufus by the hair, and pushed him downward. "However, since words are something you lack when in such a state, I will give you something else to occupy your mouth with." He watched the young vice president's face, waiting for realization to settle in.

Rufus was dazed, and he felt relieved, but we are not finished yet went through his mind over and over. He looked up at Genesis nervously, the perfect picture of innocence. Shit, Rufus almost looked like a maiden on her wedding night. He raised trembling hands to Genesis' groin and touched him again, feeling around to get an idea of the size, and struggled anxiously, trying to get Genesis' cock out of his pants. After a few tries he became frustrated and embarrassed, and sat back on his heels, almost pouting, as he stared at the floor.

For a moment, Genesis almost felt a pang of pity for the boy. That blush, and those downcast eyes. So beautiful. He was going to make sure he left that pretty, reddened face a mess by the time he was through. If Rufus wanted him to finish what he started, then by Gaia, that was what he was going to do. It also helped that he was getting a lot more out of this than Rufus. Quickly he undid his pants, knowing how frustrating the buckles could be. He moaned when his cock was free of its confines. Rufus had guessed right; Genesis was well-endowed, and the heavy member was standing straight and tall, almost touching his navel. Genesis knew that by the time this was over, the vice president's jaw would be sore and aching. "Look at it, Rufus," he demanded. When the boy's eyes turned to his massive shaft, and he blushed even more—Genesis wasn't even sure how that was possible-he smirked. "Alright, baby." He couldn't resist the pet name. He took hold of his cock and ran it across both of Rufus' cheeks and his mouth. Seeing the size of it compared to the boy's face caused him to wonder if Rufus would even be able to get his lips around it. He would try anyway.

"Now take the tip between your lips and suck... that's right, easy..." Genesis kept his own gaze on Rufus. "Look up at me." He slowly fed the boy inch after inch of his hard cock. He was quivering by the time he got half his length into the vice president's hot sucking mouth.

Rufus looked up at Genesis, but he could barely keep from breaking the man's gaze. This was definitely something he had never done before, and he was terrified of fucking it up somehow. He applied gentle pressure with his lips and moved his tongue gently over the slit, and Rufus was rewarded with a low groan. Encouraged, he tried the move again, and opened his mouth as wide as he could, trying to take more of Genesis, but his jaw was aching and he was having a hard time. He was anxious, but he kept trying, still staring up at Genesis, watching the man's face.

Genesis' head fell back, and his eyes fluttered closed. His face contorted in pure ecstasy. Rufus' efforts were admirable. And seeing the boy's face full of his cock was nothing short of seeing heaven. Rufus' blond hair became Genesis' gripping post as his nails dug into the back of Rufus' head. As much as he wanted to brutally face-fuck the boy, he would be gentle this time with his already stretched and bruised lips. This time... did that mean he was already thinking about a next time? Yeah, he guessed it did. He pumped his hips gently with the blond's sucking mouth, not forcing him to take too much. "Ahhh, fuck…" he moaned. He pushed a little more. "That's right, Rufus." With the way he was already turned on, and the fact that it was Rufus Shinra blowing him, it wasn't long before Genesis's entire body tensed, and he gave one powerful thrust, not concerned at the moment with hurting the boy. He pulled his cock from the boy's mouth and released the entire contents of his sac all over Rufus' pretty face. Genesis had to take a moment to catch his breath. He smirked down at the young vice president. "Next time, I'm sure it will be better."

Rufus' face was a beautiful image that he knew would be burned into his head for a long time. His blond hair was dripping with Genesis' cum, and there were little splatters all over his cheeks and mouth. Underneath the mess Genesis had made was hot, flushed skin, bright blue eyes and long lashes. Rufus shyly looked up at Genesis and then immediately cast his eyes downward again, and he got to his feet without looking at the other man. "Sure, you don't have to go to Junon," he whispered shyly, and went to get a tissue off his desk to wipe off his face. He wasn't sure how he felt about the encounter; it certainly hadn't been the sort of thing he had pictured doing with Tseng. Then again, being jacked off and pinned to the wall had been pretty hot. Either way, he really didn't want to see Genesis much longer, or else he would embarrass himself somehow.

Genesis smiled. Yes, he always got what he wanted. He adjusted his pants and turned to Rufus. "Thank you very much, Mr. Vice President, sir. I'm glad that we could reach an agreement." He bowed deeply, then stood to full height. "Oh, and Mr. Vice President…" He smirked. "It's SOLDIER First Class Rhapsodos." He then strode to the door as if nothing had happened. "Oh, and don't forget to talk to Lazard."