Love Of My Brothers


After meeting the Sand Siblings, Naruto goes home and finds a huge surprise waiting, how will he take it when he finds out he still has a family? But Naruto himself is also hiding a secret too, will he or should I say she, find the strength to over come the village, the Exams, and her fears or will everything fall apart?

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Naruto is female in this story so be warned

Chapter 1: Oh… BROTHERS?

Naruto Uzumaki, slowly made his way home after a long and tiring day.

Naruto had sighed deeply and began to think to himself 'Chunin Exams huh? I wonder why Kakashi-Sensei didn't tell us about it…' he sighed again before looking up to the now dimming blue sky that began to take on a deep orange-red color. He felt the cool breeze kick in, that meant that a cold night was coming soon. He sighed once more before looking to the tower thinking to himself '…Tomorrow, I think is the day. I'm so tired of hiding who I really am…'

Naruto stopped and looked to the sky again, he watched as the night stars started coming into view as they were shined softly, he looked around and saw everyone in the streets at this time of the day was almost gone, he waited until he saw the last door of the surrounding houses close before he smiled to himself quickly. He placed his hands up into a T shape and undid the henge that was over himself ever since he could remember. Smoke surround him and the henge undid itself.

Standing where Naruto once was, a girl was now there, twelve years old, short golden wild blonde hair that went just above her shoulders, it was very messy and also it hugged her face, her bangs would had been in her face if not for two red hair clips, even though she looked tomboyish, she was a very pretty girl in her own way. Her blue eyes would have put the sky to shame and her skin looked like the sun itself had kissed her softly. She was the same height though, that didn't change.

She smiled as she closed her eyes and hummed a soft tune from a memory long ago as she began walking home, she had asked the Hokage if he knew the song but he would say that he didnt know, she had no idea where she heard the song for it just popped in her head one day and she would sing to herself whenever she wanted or needed to. Naruto sang out the words that she also knew by heart.

(Song: Tsunaida te ni Kiss wo, From: D. Gray-man, English lyrics)

"So the little infant fell into a deep sleep.
The grey ashes in the flames shining… First one, then two…
Surfaces numerous of your faces

A thousand dreams trickle back to the earth
On the night when the silver eyes were trembling, the shining you was born
Across millions of years, the prayers have already returned back to the earth

I will still continue to pray
Please bestow upon this child your love
Upon our joined hands, leave a gentle kiss…"

Naruto stopped when she realized she was in front of her apartment building. She smiled again before walking up the wooden staircase that led to the upper apartment rooms. She had decided as she had walked home, that she would no longer hide who she was, tomorrow she was going to no longer pretend to be someone she wasnt anymore, she was finally going to be herself. She nodded softly in agreement with herself when she finally reached her door, taking out her keys she opened the door to her apartment and what she saw made her eyes widen.

Naruto's front hall was completly clean! Even those old ramen stains that she believed would never come out she had on the floor were gone! She also thought for sure she had clothes laying around and some bags on the floor when she left that morning, Naruto raised her eyebrow before thinking 'That's weird… Someone cleaned it all up… Iruka-Sensei maybe? If so he did a hell of a job, but hey he finally got those stains out that he's been trying to get rid of since forever.' she shrugged softly before heading to the front room of her small apartment that was to the left. The lights were off and everything was strangly darker than normally, suddenly though she heard something or someone's shuffling behind stuff, alerted she reached for a kunai in her back pocket and with her other hand she reached for the light switch at the side of the wall as she faced the front room, she waited for a moment and then she turned on the lights quickly.

"SURPRISE!" yelled four male voices, Naruto fell back with 'eep' and held onto her heart in shock as she noticed that the people in her house was all male.

She saw the four guys smile, one was smiling a soft smile, while two who looked the same had a big grin, the last one's smile was a soft smirk. Naruto's eyes widened, she pointed to them and she yelled so loud that it could be heard all over Konoha.


Then nothing. The room was silent and still, no one dared to speak, no words were spoken.

The two that looked the same, looked at each other before looking back to the blonde on the floor. "You don't…" said one with a sad face "Like us?" said the other one.

They both pouted and looked like they were about to cry at this fact, they then both fell to their knees and hugged each of her legs chatting out with fake waterfalls of tears "She doesn't like us, she doesn't like us…"

Naruto then yelled out like they were nuts "I don't know you!" she was able pulled them off and scrambled away to the wall behind her.

She took a few breathes before looking at the twins that stared back at her, both had short wild spiky red hair, both of their eyes were a greenish blue. One of them wore a yellow tank top that had the same red swirl Naruto had on her cloths on the front, with blue shinobi pants and shoes, the other one wore a blue shirt with the red Uzumaki swirl on the back, with yellow gloves and blue shinobi pants and shoes, both had forehead protectors with a swirl carved into it and were tied around their necks on red cloths and both were a bit taller than her by the looks of it. They grinned a grin that strangly was almost like the one she had.

Naruto then remembered that these were people in her apartment, people she didnt know, so she held onto her kunai to them and gulped, she was about ready to use it and run out of there in a moments notice. But before the twin boys could say anything, someone hit their heads. She heard that someone say "Stop it you two, she's getting freaked out!" she looked to see both twins have bumps on their heads and glaring at the person behind them.

He was tall, maybe as tall as Kakashi, and by the looks of it the eldest, he had golden blonde hair like hers, but it was more neater instead of wild, his eyes were the same green blue like the twins, he wore a long sleeved yellow shirt that was loose around the neck and had the swirl on the shoulder of the sleeve, he also had on brown shinobi pants with the standard shinobi sandals and he used his forehead protector as a belt buckle.

Her eyes then landed to the last one in her home, he was tall, taller than the eldest looking boy, he had a stoic expression on his face, so it was hard to tell what he was thinking, he had really short spiky red hair and had the same green blue eyes as the others, he wore a white shirt with a with a green vest with the swirl on the back of the vest similar to the Chunin vest but without the collar, and he wasn't wearing the pants, they were different, his forehead protector was tied around his right bicep , he seemed strong yet kind and he reminded Naruto of a Siberian Husky she had the joy of walking during one of her D-Rank missions for some reason.

Naruto stared at them and they stared back before she asked "Who are you people?" she watched the blonde smile brightly, the twins jumped up from the floor and grinned, the tallest boy crossed his arms with a small smile that was very soft, and they all said at the same time "Oh, that's easy! We're your brothers!"


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