A/N: This is the sequel to Midnight Train to Anywhere. I couldn't resist, I had to write one! This prologue is just kind of a quick overview of what's been happening since the last story, and a little bit of what will happen. It's not the most exciting, but it's necessary. It'll get better =) I hope you all like it!

Prologue: Strange Awareness

I stuck my hand in the small, white cardboard box that I had recently found in the kitchen and felt the smooth sensations of rose petals attacking my hand from every direction. I was lying on my bed at Charlie's house in Forks, listening to the rain as it pounded heavily on the roof above my head.

Inside my little box were a handful of crushed, red rose petals, and numerous roses of different colors. Although the roses were starting to wither, they were still beautiful; not only in appearance, but for the memories they held as well. And every rose had its own memory. I absentmindedly ran my hand through the box and thought back to the past few weeks.

It had been a few weeks since Angelo's death, and I was healing. I had returned home not too long ago and I was keeping myself occupied. I worked. I would go out occasionally with Angela, Jessica, or both. And I would spend time with Edward.

There were good things and not so good things about my return to life in Forks. It took awhile to get Charlie to allow Edward near the house again, but in time, things got better in that department. My battle wounds were healing and the nightmares were gone. A lot of the time I was content and tried to keep myself busy. But as the days wore on, I became more and more restless and I couldn't understand why.

Things with Edward had definitely improved and I was opening up to him more and more. But things hadn't returned to the way they had been before he left, at least, not yet. I still held the tiniest of grudges and he was being very careful. We still hadn't kissed. I wasn't sure if this was because I wouldn't let him or because he was afraid of scaring me away.

Part of me secretly wondered if I was afraid to be kissed because what if he left again? I'd be just the way I was before…only worse.

I gently set the box on the floor and rolled over, thinking further. These past few days, I had begun to get odd goose bumps. Forks was a chilly place, but I'd never really gotten goose bumps before, especially not every day, all the time. I would wake up a few times in the middle of the night, not from nightmares, but from some kind of déjà vu feeling, as if I felt something was going to happen. I couldn't understand this odd, strengthened sense of awareness, when a lot of the time, I was barely aware of simple things, such as where I was walking.

It made me wonder if something was going to happen, but I shrugged this off. Victoria was gone, what possible threat could I have left? What more danger could I possibly get myself into?

Sometimes, when I wasn't directly looking at him, I felt Edward's eyes on me, almost as if he knew something, too. But he didn't say anything and I didn't mention it. I wanted life to go on as normally as possible.

I should have known by now that that was almost impossible for me. And that I was in for yet another unexpected adventure.